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10 Educational Games for Students – Online Digital Games

The best digital games for students are one of the very important necessities of any classroom. Games no doubt have their own advantages which are going to explore in a few seconds from now. Besides, in the article below, you can find some of the 10 best educational games for students out there.

Why the Best Digital Games For Students?

There is no doubt that the tech industry has revolutionized all the fields of life. However, the education system remains the same. There is the same big classroom steeped with students and a teacher, a big blackboard and a few chalks to write on it. For the same reason, the creativity graph of students has been growing down since forever.

The same students, when graduated, usually fail to fulfill the industrial needs. Thus, they never succeed.

To overcome these upcoming problems, we need to train them from now. So that, when grown up, they can contribute to society and also become who their true potential is.

Moreover, there are countless advantages of games for students which you can discover below.

  1. Motivation: Since kids love playing, playing relevant games in the classroom can help them increase their attention, motivate them, and participate more in set tasks.
  2. Strategy Simulator: Games can help them become good problem solvers and keen on planning.
  3. Competitiveness: Through games, students can compete with each other and participate in class.
  4. Peer Positivity: Games can help students learn to work in a group and be creative.
  5. Knowledge: Since games are engaging and fun, students can learn new information fast and without getting bored or tired.

and much more.

Best Educational Games For Students to Learn Better and Faster

1. ABCMouse

This is an amazing game for students between age 2 to 8. ABCMouse includes fun and interactive games, songs and puzzles to learn math, science and art. Besides, there are more than 850 lessons in ten levels.

As students complete a level, they are motivated to continue learning through ABCMouse’s tickets and reward systems.

Visit ABCMouse

2. Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games today. And the education edition of Minecraft has taken not only learning but also fun and excitement to the next level. With video lessons and project-based challenges, the digital environment of Minecraft promotes creativity, problem-solving skills, and collaboration.

Visit Minecraft Education Edition

3. National Geographic Kids

With National Geographic Kids, you can play, take quizzes, watch video lessons on animals, history and explore native Americans, and much much more. Games such as Funny Fill-Ins and Action and Adventure are fun and exciting to play and also informative.

Visit National Geographic Kids

4. Buzzmath

As obvious from its name, Buzzmath is a game for learning and improving in math. This is for students age between 8 to 13. There are more than 7 thousand activities designed for learning mathematical problems. Thus, it helps the teacher save some time.

Moreover, they can check any students and the entire classroom progress on the go. Besides, teachers can check individual students’ progress and assign them individualized questions using their differentiation tools.

Students complete activities and collect badges by traveling through time in a thrilling adventure along with brilliant minds and mathematicians from the last 2000 years.

And best of all, students can learn in an engaging environment with detailed feedback and on-demand examples.

5. Adventure Academy

At Adventure Academy, an epic learning adventure awaits you. This is an amazing virtual universe for those who are seeking knowledge and adventure both. By signing up, students can get access to hundreds of hours of educational activities focusing on math, art, science, social studies, and much more.

Students can create their own adventure, play with friends, customize their characters, decorate and customize their virtual homes, and explore and unlock more cool and adventurous stuff.

6. Camp Wonderopolis

Camp Wonderopolis is one of the best digital games on this list. With Camp Wonderopolis, you can wonder your way through the woods, mix things up in the visual laboratory, and unleash your wild side in the zoo. All in all, you can learn about six different branches of science and learn about scientific and natural phenomena.

Moreover, Camp Wonderopolis offers:

  1. Camp Wonderopolis-Symphony of Wonder: Here you can learn about math, science, health, instruments, career, history, and culture through six different tracks of wonders.
  2. WonderoCity where you can build your own city that focuses on engineering and construction.
  3. Camp Wonderopolis-Flex Your Wonder: This version is full of fitness and health-related things to learn.
  4. Camp Wonderopolis-Mission to Wonder: You can navigate your way through waterslides, ice cream headaches, watermelons, and hovercrafts as you blast off on your Mission to Wonder and fun (focuses on tech).

7. Gamestar Mechanic

With Gamestar Mechanic, students can design their own games through courses and game based quests. So, students of age between 7 to 14, can take courses, design their own video games, and/or join the community and have fun.

8. Little Academy 2

Simple but cool is this game for kids. You can mix things up and discover something new. For instance, by mixing water and fire, you get steam. This is best for small children to play and learn about the combination of substances.

9. Creativity Express

A very cool site that offers interactive visual arts lessons to students of grades 2 to 8. It can help students promote creative thinking. In addition to 16 creative animated lessons, by signing up, students can get access to the teacher account center.

Moreover, their artists and experts have created an award-winning software called geeART16. This software utilizes a unique blend of animation, creativity, storytelling, and interactive activities with the main focus on empowering kids’ imagination, inner creativity, and critical thinking skills.

10. Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego is so far the best digital game on this list to learn and practice social studies. In this game, you look for the world’s greatest thief around the globe to recover what has been stolen. You will travel around the globe, talk to locals, gather clues, learn about different cultures, and have fun.

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