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5 Recommended Online Plagiarism Checker Tools for University Students

How to avoid plagiarism in a research paper?

Online plagiarism checker tools are the most practical tools for university students to check the originality of their paperwork. Back in time, plagiarism checkers were typically detecting only copy-pasted text from the web. 

Now, nearly every online duplication detector uses advanced technology that easily scans paper for even slightly copied, and paraphrased text. 

Why do university students need to use plagiarism checkers?

Copying someone else’s work and passing it off as your own is a serious felony in the academic community. 

The best approach to steer clear of plagiarism offenses is attributing quotes, paraphrasing the borrowed text, and avoiding direct copy-pasting of the text from the internet. 

Cross-checking the facts and figures on trusted websites is another way to avoid plagiarism. In the last, passing your paper through an online plagiarism detection tool will tell if your piece of paper is original and worth of highest grade or not. 

Moreover, when plagiarism is caught by the best plagiarism checker, students and researchers put their repute on the line and may get expelled or terminated from their respective institutes. 

Students should use these free services and check their work because; 

  • The open plagiarism checkers cleverly scan your paper and check duplication comprehensively. 
  • It flags the copied content for easier elimination 
  • An excellent plagiarism checker offers the percentage of matched sources accurately
  • Advanced plagiarism checker can also detect the rephrased content
  • Passing your paper through a plagiarism checker before submission shows the honest intentions of the students

 5 Plagiarism checkers for university students

Head below to our 5 top picks for online plagiarism checker tools for university students. 

1. Plagiarism Checker by Editpad

Editpad.org Plagiarism Checker starts off the list of best plagiarism checker tools for university students. 

This plagiarism checker has recently been launched to scan your papers for analyzing various types of plagiarism without wasting your time. 

Simply enter the text into this checker and verify the ReCaptcha and enter ‘’CHECK PLAGIARISM’’. The ease of use and accuracy in results makes this plagiarism checker a trustworthy source for pupils around the globe. 

This clearly shows the result in form of the percentage of unique and plagiarized content. 

Another worth mentioning feature of this plagiarism checker is that it guarantees text privacy and security because many online programs lack this feature and steal the student’s work. 

Text length: 

The maximum length of the text that this can check for free is 1000 words, making it an ideal tool for checking long essays, thesis, research papers, and other assignments. 

Acceptable formats: 

You can directly upload the various file formats into its databases such as doc, Docx, pdf, and txt. Also, it accepts direct copy-pasting. 

Pros of Editpad.org Plagiarism Checker 

  • Free to use for 1000 words
  • Gives plagiarism results in the percentage of plagiarized and unique content. 
  • Provides accurate matched sources 
  • Uses deep search technology to find similarities 
  • The plagiarism report is downloadable
  • Checks plagiarism in multiple languages  

Cons of Editpad.org Plagiarism Checker 

  • Misleading and distracting user interface

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2. Check plagiarism

Check-plagiarism is the only plagiarism checker in the list that checks 2000 words for duplication errors at once. 

This unique feature makes this tool famous and one of the favorites among university students. You excel in your academic grades without investing energy and money, there is no reason not to use this free service. 

Using deep search technology, this platform indicates that your academic papers are original and integrate to lead you to better and higher scores. 

Using this tool is a no-brainer, all you have to do is upload a text file in any format like Docx, doc, pdf, and text or copy-paste it from the source. 

Solve the ReCaptcha and tab on ‘’ CHECK PLAGIARISM’’. 

Here are the results; 

The results were legit and showed the exact matched source, indicating the accuracy of the tool. 

Text length: 

This plagiarism checker checks 2000 words at once for free. 

Acceptable formats: 

This free plagiarism checking service accepts different file formats including Docx, doc, pdf, and txt. 

Pros of Check-plagiarism

  • Lifetime free plagiarism checker
  • Offers other useful tools for students such as summarizer, paraphraser, grammar checker, and citation generator
  • Secures your data and privacy 
  • Plagiarism APIs directly check your copied content from your server
  • 400,000 plus happy customers 

Cons of Check-plagiarism

  • Distractive user interface

3. Plagiarism checker by Plagium 

Plagium is a go-to option for an accurate and speedy plagiarism checker tool. This plagiarism detector can scan your paper for free up to 1000 characters in just seconds. 

In these few moments, plagium will use the quick search technology to find the similarities in the paper and generates comprehensive results in percentage. 

When we checked the tool performance by directly copying the text in the input.

These were the results;

The copied source was the same as where we took the text, meaning that the results were 100 percent accurate. 

University students will fall in love with this free comparison checker to ensure the originality of small chunks of paper with a flick of a switch. 

For a deep search, you have to sign in. 

Text length:

Plagium is a free service that lets you check 1000 characters for free. 

Google Docs Add-on: 

It recently launched the latest Google Docs adds-on feature to analyze your work for plagiarism side by side while you write. This feature is only useable for premium users. 

Acceptable formats: 

This plagiarism checker’s regular version only requires direct copy-pasting for checking the plagiarism. Its premium program accepts different file formats such as MS Word, PDF, and native text. 

Pros of using plagium 

  • Widely accessible plagiarism checker for university students
  • Multi-lingual support lets you check the text in different languages
  • The percentage of compared sources makes it a trustworthy tool 
  • Quick and effective plagiarism detection tool
  • Google Docs add-on helps in checking your work alongside writing it

Cons of plagium 

  • Limited characters for free usage
  • Deep search scanning is only for premium users

Pricing plans 

Plagium offers you to pick between three plans: Quick Search, Deep Search, and File Search. 

The quick search plan is free while the other two plans charge you $0.08 and $0.005 per page respectively. 

4. EasyBib 

EasyBib is a lesser-known but effective proofreading program for students to check grammar issues, and plagiarism, and help in creating citations in different format styles to make your assignments, essays, thesis, and research papers exceptional. 

As a matter of fact, this great academic proofreader has an impressive 4.9/5 rating, making it the most trusted and user-satisfying copyright checker. 

You can only start using this plagiarism checker after signing up. It will ask for some personal details such as whether you are a student or a teacher. After that, you are directed to a 3-day free trial navigation process to use this tool.

Though it serves as an all-in-one writing assistance tool for students, it is a great package for university students. Along with plagiarism, it also checks your paperwork for grammar mistakes and expert checks. 

It all boils down to the fact that its plagiarism checker is only best for students who are hunting for an affordable plagirism checker with some additional proofreading tools. 

Pros of EasyBib

Excellent plagiarism checker with an accurate report

Its citation generator helps avoid plagiarism

Easy to use tool with ultra-fast processing 

Cons of EasyBib

Long and tedious signup process 

The free trial period is simply too limited 

Pricing plans 

It usually offers two plans including EasyBib Plus and EasyBib Study that costs you $9.95 and $19.95 per month respectively. 

5. Paper Rater 

Unlike EasyBib, Paper Rater is an easy-to-use plagiarism checker without any sign-up and registration process. So, if you are looking for ease of use, it is best to try Paper Rater out. 

To offer more comprehensive and intricate results, it uses Deep Search technology to flag all duplicate sentences and paragraphs. 

The highlighted text that renders plagiarism matched the source with 100 percent accuracy. 

Paper Rater is an impressive AI-based plagiarism checker for students to avoid conscious, subconscious, and accidental plagiarism in just a few seconds. 

Text length: 

Its free version can check up to 3000 words in one run and its premium can check up to 6000 words at once. 

Acceptable text formats: 

You can upload MS word, pdf, and plain text files or direct copy-pasting into its input box. 

Pros of Paper Rater

  • Retrieve results at a lightning-fast speed 
  • It also offers a grammar spell checker 
  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • No sign-up and registration process 
  • Accurate match sources 

Cons of Paper Rater 

  • Misleading and distracting software 
  • Not a good option for corporative writing tasks 

The Final Words

Being a university student, you are always on the edge of committing plagiarism. Therefore, they are always on the hunt for advanced methods of detecting and resolving this unwanted malpractice. 

This is the time they need a plagiarism checker to make their writing tasks original and authentic. 

Above are some recommended plagiarism checkers for university students that generate accurate plagiarism reports so that you can stay away from plagiarism penalties such as bad repute and long-term suspension, probation, or sometimes expulsion. 

So, make sure to pass your academic work through one of these plagiarism checkers before submitting it to your teachers. 

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