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Paragraph Writing

Paragraph Writing
Paragraph Writing

Paragraph Writing

Paragraph writing is the base of essay writing, therefore, essential to good writing. Learning how to write a good paragraph can be challenging since you know the four essential elements of paragraph writing and how each element contributes to the whole. Read the guidelines below and learn how to write a great paragraph.

What is a Paragraph?
A paragraph is the number of sentences grouped together and relating to one topic; a group of related sentences that develop single point.
A paragraph may contain one sentence or many sentences, there is no specific length of a paragraph.

How to Write a Paragraph
1)Topic/ Theme/ Subject of the Paragraph
The topic of the sentence is generally expressed in the one sentence the very first sentence of the paragraph. This sentence is called topical sentence of the paragraph because it states the topic of the paragraph.
1. The gentleman is the one who never inflicts pain.
2. The road is one of the great fundamental needs of mankind.
3. Poetry is the language of imaginations and passions.
In the above examples the topic of the paragraph is clearly stated. The first paragraph will be about the gentleman, the second about the roads and the third about poetry.

2) Order:
The second and general principle of writing a paragraph is the Order of thoughts, explanations, logics and reasons. The events must be related in the order of their occurrence, and all the ideas should be connected with the leading ideas and arranged according to their importance.

3) Variety
Variety means a paragraph should not be the same length always, there should be changes in the lengths of the paragraphs.

4) The concluding sentence;
The last sentence of the paragraph known as concluding sentence reflects back the idea of the topic sentence.

Sample Paragraphs:

1) The road is the great fundamental needs of mankind. Not only is the Road one of the great human needs because it is fundamental for social existence, but also because its varied effects appear in every department of the state. It is the road which determines the sites of many cities and growth and nourishment of all. It is the road which controls the development of any city. Further, It is the road which is channel to all trade. Thus the roads moves and controls all history and is the fundamental requirement of the human beings.

2) Poetry is the language of imaginations and the passions. It relates to whatever gives immediate pleasure or pain to human mind. Poetry is the universal language which the hearts holds with nature and itself. He who has a contempt for poetry cannot have much respect for himself, or for anything else. Whenever these is a sense of beauty, or power, or harmony, as in the motion of a wave of sea, in the growth of flower, there is poetry in its birth.

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