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Best Ways to Reduce Stress Before an Exam

Are you worried before taking an exam and have stress? Indeed, this is what most students suffer before an exam. Remember if you are having stress before an exam it just takes away your energy and puts more pressure on you. In this article, I am going to talk about the 8 best ways to reduce stress before an exam.

Best Ways to Reduce Stress Before an Exam

1. Take Home Preparation Tests

Take some practice tests before the actual test at home because if you take 3 or 4 practice tests at home, they would give you an idea of what you are about to score on real tests like TOFEL or IELTS. If you score a good mark on the practice test, you would score well in the real exam too. Take home preparation tests until you are convinced with your score, in addition, this would you reduce your stress too.

2. Sleep Well Before the Exam

If you have a couple of days left before the exam, there is no point in learning new vocabulary, there is no point in watching more videos about geography or biology. The only thing that will make sense in the last few days before the test is to learn the templates just memorize them and have them in your head. So, remember to sleep well before the test to help yourself mentally prepare for the test.

3. Try Not to Stress out Before The Exam

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It’s very important that a couple of days before the exam don’t stress out too much. Just surround yourself with the English language because if you are in a non-English speaking environment, your brain takes time to switch from one language to another. Just listen to an English language song, this would help you go into English language mode.

4. The Test Measures Your Ability

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Indeed, the test measures your ability to speak, use, and learn English and there won’t be any surprises. If you are a good English language speaker, it’s almost impossible that you won’t be able to get a good mark in TOFEL or IELTS. All it takes is just getting acquainted with the test structure and you might not know the structure of the test but that is why you prepare before the test. Remember when taking a TOFEL or IELTS test it doesn’t define your life, it doesn’t define who you are but it just measures your ability to speak English. This test is not once in a lifetime chance and you can take the test as many times as you want.

5. Learn How to Breath

This tip helps you anytime you get anxious and indeed, there are a lot of things that happen in your life and you get anxious. Remember to maintain the optimal level of anxiety happiness, never to be happy and never to be sad. Basically, the right breath is when you breathe into your belly below your diaphragm, not the chest breath. Breath with your belly, expanding your belly, and try breathing out for 6 seconds and breathing for 4 seconds. This also helps you calm down.

If you are struggling to go to bed before your exam, breath and count to 6 and hold your breath and count to 6 and breath out and count to 6 and repeat this for 3 to 4 times. Remember not to use it before the exam and not to use it during the exam because this practice actually takes some oxygen from your brain and helps it relax.

6. Stop Taking Mock Exams a Couple of Days Before the Test

In terms of doing mock exams at home, it’s good to stop taking them a couple of days before the test because the test is really intense and if you come to the test stressed out having done a lot of mock exams recently in the past 48 hours you are going to be exhausted. Remember, in the last couple of days it’s all about your mental state, you won’t be able to go one level up with your English or whatever exam you take. Instead, you need to rest and you need to come into this mindset to do your best and look forward to the test.

7. Drink Tea

If you are too anxious, drink chamomile tea, mint tea, or fennel tea. You can also take magnesium which is kind of milder on your body.

8. Practice Your Tunnel Vision

During the exam you just see people taking the same exam, you would see others finish their exam before you, instead of focusing on your test your thoughts are all over the place. Tunnel vision means focusing on your own test, measuring your own progress watching your own time, and not comparing yourself to others because it doesn’t mean how others perform and you score individually.

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