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How to Change Your Accent And Speak Like a Native English Speaker

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How to Change Your Accent And Speak Like a Native English Speaker

Speaking is one of the most important parts of language skills. As we need skills for driving a car, cooking, drawing, and riding a horse. Similarly, we need to have some skills for speaking like a native speaker. But skill is not the only thing that we need, in fact, we have to follow some basic rules for it too. The following 8 tips will help you how to change your accent and speak like a native English speaker.

Indeed, the most important and great way that can help one improve the speaking skill is talking to native speakers and keep practicing. As it is said that the best way to become a good writer is to keep writing. Similarly, a great way to sound like a native English speaker is to keep practicing and having conversations with others in English.

In addition, keep following the tips I have brought in this article to help you change your accent and sound like a native English speaker. So let’s start without wasting any time and keep following the steps as follow:

1. Practice Speaking and thinking in English

While having a conversation in your own language, you feel comfortable and relaxed, but when speaking in any other language rather than your own language, you might have some anxiety. That’s the lack of practice. The more you keep practicing and speaking in English daily, the more you will feel comfortable and relaxed in having a conversation. Always think in English and make a daily schedule to practice your speaking in English.

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2. Make use of the technology

As we all know that almost every individual has a smartphone which is a good learning tool. Technology has developed a lot even more than our imaginations. While practicing your speaking in English, use your mobile phone for recording your voice and check out your pronunciation or accent every single day. Rectify your mistakes while listening to the recording and keep improving yourself and again you have to make it apart of your daily routine.

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3. Make sure to sound clear

In order to sound exactly like a native English speaker, then you have to make sure that your words are as clear as the native speakers. Because how you say or sound is more important than what you say to someone. Therefore try to improve your clarity and sound relaxed and stress-free. When you improve your clarity of words, then it can help you speak fluently like native speakers.

4. Mimic the native speakers

If your whole focus is on your accent or pronunciation, then keep imitating any one of the native speakers. Imitation means to talk or do the way someone does. So I recommend you to mimic the native speakers. The way they express their words with rising and falling their voice. The way they emphasize and put stress on each word. I know that imitating someone is really difficult, but for learning something we have to sacrifice something.

5. Practice and keep practicing

As we have always heard that keep practicing and work harder than before. We all know that hard work pays off, so never give up and keep in mind that practice is the only way to succeed and approaching our goals. So try to make yourself mentally prepared for the great and big achievement of your life in case you want. So it is all up to you, practice and practice until you are satisfied.

6. Memorize most used phrases and slang

Native speakers use a lot of phrases and slangs daily in their conversations. Do try to pronounce the way, they do. One of the most used slang is for instance: Wanna(want to), gonna( going to), and hang out( spend time together). it is highly recommended for the ones who want to sound like native speakers to learn most used phrases and slang used in daily conversation by native speakers.

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7. Watch movies

One of the most effective ways to improve speaking is by watching English movies. When it comes to the imitation of a native speaker, then I think most of the people would like to imitate the actors. Don’t they? Most of the people get inspired by the actors, that’s why I think watching their movies and then imitating them is not a bad idea at all. If you will start imitating them, then you will be able to speak like a native speaker. Watch movies and see how they pronounce each word and how do they sound.

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8. Memorize vocabularies

Sometimes the native speakers use vocabulary in their daily conversations which sounds really great and real. If you are the one who wants to sound like a native English speaker, then try to memorize some most-used vocabulary in your daily conversations. I know that vocabularies are really tough and memorizing them is not an easy task. Therefore, I recommend you to get help from a dictionary in order to sound like a native English speaker.

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That is all about top methods to help you change your accent and speak like a native English speaker. By following these steps, you will be able to sound like a native English speaker.

What do you think about this title? What else have I missed to mention in this article? Do you know about any other tips that should help others sound like a native English speaker? If you know, then please feel free to share your feedback and ideas with us in the comments section below. And stay tuned for more articles and updates.

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