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How to Learn English by Watching Movies – Best Ways

How to Learn English by Watching Movies
How to Learn English by Watching Movies

Are you finding ways to learn the English Language? Have you tried all the possible ways?  maybe you have missed one important thing which has a very essential role in learning the English Language which is watching English movies. Who doesn’t love to watch movies? For many people watching movies is the best way to spend quality time. So can’t it be a good way to learn something new? 

If you are an English learner, then watching movies is not just for fun, but also for speaking English fluently. 
And that is you can learn English by watching movies easily. Perhaps, you are wondering if you can learn English by watching movies. Watching movies is fun, right?

How can you learn English while having fun while watching movies? You might think that by watching movies, your full concentration will be in the movie. It is somehow right, but by practicing this method you will start learning too. 

Why should you learn English by watching movies instead of reading books or textbooks?

The answers to all these questions, I have brought some tips and tricks to help you learn English by just watching movies. Let’s have a quick look at all of them step by step as follow:

How to Learn English by Watching Movies

Select movies according to your English level

A mistake that most of the beginners do is that they watch movies like Harry Potter and Titanic. If you are a beginner, then start watching cartoons and animations. The main reason for watching cartoons and animations is that the English level is very friendly and easy to perceive. Cartoons are favorite of everyone so while watching them turn on the subtitles and most of the people can even understand them by their expressions too.

If you a beginner and recently have started learning English then watch cartoons and animations with English subtitles.

Watch movies with subtitles

If you are a beginner, then start watching movies with subtitles in the English language. It will help you perceive each word and make you interested in learning English. Have you ever thought that why are movies translated in different languages? The reason is that it should be watched by different people with different spoken languages. And more importantly, they should learn their language.

My trick is that you should watch the movie twice. The first time, you should watch with subtitles. But the second time, you should turn off the subtitles and then try to understand in the English Language. This way, you can know how much you have learned.

Download a dictionary app

While you are watching a movie, you might come across some words or phrases that you don’t know the meaning. Then at that time, you can search for them in the dictionary and can perceive the movie easily.

People say that what you watch is more effective than what you read. It is true when you watch a movie, you remember each and every scene of it till years but you forget a single word by reading books. So search for the words you don’t understand, then you will never forget the meaning.

Practice what you have learned

While you are watching a movie, you should start saying the same words after the characters so that you should learn how to pronounce each word.

If you are a native speaker and want to learn more, then I recommend you to watch movies like Harry Potter, Titanic, and Lord of the rings. They are the most prominent English movies and you can watch them with subtitles.

Maybe you will like the characters too and start repeating words after them. Actually it will be very good for your learning process. I remember when I used to be a student, my teachers used to say that watch English movies so that your speaking and level of thinking should be fluent. Now I recommend it to you. By practicing what you have watched will Make your pronunciation better.

Repeat your favorite parts

Sometimes, people find some words and phrases cool in the movie. So if you are one of those people that want to sound like an actor, then repeat that part and listen to the real English accent. By repeating some parts, we can remember and learn them. Therefore, repeat your favorite parts so that you should be able to learn a single word out of it.

Write down the phrases and vocabularies

When you hear some new words or phrases write them down on a notebook so that you should search their meanings and can use them while speaking. When you note new words or phrases, use them in your daily conversation and practice using them in different forms.

You should have an aim

Most of the students watch movies just for fun but besides that, if you are willing to learn English, then you must have an aim so that you shouldn’t watch it just for fun but for learning too.

You should have an aim like, today I will learn 20 vocabulary or phrases, this way you will move on to quench your thirst by approaching your aim. When you set an aim for yourself, you will do anything for approaching it. That is how you will learn something different. 

What other ways we can use to learn English from watching movies? Please feel free to share your feedback with us in the comments section below.

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