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8 Great Tips to Learn the English Language Through Music and Songs

8 Great Tips to Learn the English Language Through Music and Songs
8 Great Tips to Learn the English Language Through Music and Songs

Is it possible to learn the English Language through music or listening to songs? Of course, you can. Listening to English songs is a really effective method for improving your English. It is because every individual loves listening to songs and it is what gives us the strength to focus more on what we want and besides that enjoy listening to it and feel the lyrics.

But have you ever thought that how much will you learn from listening to your favorite English songs? Studies show that children who listen to songs before the age of seven, are most likely to develop a good speaking skill plus they learn vocabulary, new words and will develop a great sense of grammar. Therefore, in this article, I will help you improve your English speaking by listening to songs and the steps you have to follow to achieve the result you want. So let the music play…..
Let’s try something new and start without wasting any time as follow:

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8 Great Tips to Learn the English Language Through Music and Songs

1. Choose the song you like

You might think that this step is so easy and obvious, but it is not because many people fail at this step. And the reason is that they either listen to the trending songs on YouTube or pop songs. For learning English through music, you have to pick up the songs you like to hear and you can feel their lyrics. Songs that you want to listen to a hundred times. So in this way, you will want to listen again and again and learn words from it.

2. Choose a song with clear lyrics

Studies show that hip hop songs have a higher impact on learning the English language than pop music. Because hip hop music has a clear lyric in which every single word and vocabulary is clear for the listener. And its word can help the listener use in daily conversations too. On the other hand, pop music is as complicated as mathematic equations. You all know that in pop music how fast they sing that’s why every word is unclear for the listener. So it’s better to choose hip hop songs with clear lyrics.

3. Search for the lyrics

If you can’t understand what the singer is saying in the song, then search for its lyric. Or if you find any vocabulary or new word unfamiliar and don’t know the meaning, then you can look for its lyrics. Lyrics are the written form of the songs. And with the help of it, anyone can sing and learn the English Language easily. You can find the lyrics of English songs in Genuis, it is a website where every singer writes down their songs’ lyrics for their fans. Isn’t it too cool?

4. Take help from dictionary

When you find some unfamiliar and difficult words from the lyrics of the song, then try to find out the meaning of them from a dictionary. Dictionary is an amazing app for improving the English language and your English fluency. Besides the lyrics of the song, you have to make searching from the dictionary a habit. That’s how you can learn and improve your English speaking skills.

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5. Find the right music resources

We all know that there are several songs available on YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora. But apart from them, you have to find some right resources for listening to the original song and learn from it. It is important because nowadays people make a cover of the original songs and bring some to them too. That’s why we have to find out the real ones from the right resources. You can check out some other music resources like language Zen, LyricsGaps, and LyricsTraning.

6. Sing along

Singing along means that you should sing aloud with the singer regardless of how you sound. It doesn’t matter how you sound, but your comprehension of the song really matters. So I think the best way to learn the pronunciation of the words and vocabulary is singing along with the singer. It is similarly the way we do at school. At school, teachers read and we read aloud after the teacher. Similarly, we have to do while listening to the song in case we want to learn the English Language.

7. Try to memorize the song

The most difficult step is to memorize the song without looking at its lyrics. And I think it is as helpful as it is difficult because memorizing is good for our mind. Learning is the process which has started at school, so can’t you make your mind your school? It is the same as your school subjects. The way students memorize the lessons and pass the exam. Do the same memorize the song and then sing without looking at its lyrics. That’s how you will be able to learn English and pass its exam.

8. Don’t go for the next song until you learn

It is obvious that until you don’t learn something, you should not skip that part and jump to the next. Most people skip this step. They think that once they listen to the song is enough, but actually listening to the song is just the rehearsal of learning it. Learning is different from enjoying. So be careful while listening to the song, don’t listen for fun and enjoyment. In fact, listen to learn the English Language. While going to the next song, make sure that you have learned pretty much from the previous one so that you can learn new words from the new song.

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We all know that listening to English songs is one of the most effective ways of learning and improving our speaking skills. That’s why learning the English language through music is not a bad idea at all. In fact, it is really helpful for beginners. If you enjoy listening to songs, then these tips are not difficult for you to follow.

What do you think about this title? What else have I missed to mention in this article? Do you guys know about any other tip to help you learn the English language through music? If you know, then please feel free to share your feedback and thoughts with us in the comments section below. And stay tuned for more articles and updates.

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