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How to Use Podcasts to Learn English as a Second Language – 8 Tips

How to Use Podcasts to learn English as a Second Language
How to Use Podcasts to learn English as a Second Language

Have you ever decided that you will learn English with the help of podcasts and want to know the best methods to use it like a pro? Podcasts are the most amazing method to improve English if you follow some possible tips and tricks for speaking like a native speaker. Indeed, podcasts can be an important tool to help you learn English easily and quickly. The article below I have brought you some tips and tricks to help you learn English with the help of podcasts.

Here are our favorite methods to use podcasts to learn English like a boss. Remember that everything is possible because impossible itself says that I am possible. You can learn any language you want with the help of podcasts. So let’s have a quick glance at them step-by-step as follow:

How to Use Podcasts to Learn English as a Second Language

1. First Listen Then Speak

learn the way a child learns. They listen first and then act upon that. Have you ever thought that how infants learn their mothers’ language? Even they don’t talk for 9 months till 1 year. They just listen to their parents and their surroundings. They always listen to the sounds around them even they don’t say a single word but yet they learn their language in just a year. Amazing, that’s because they listen more than they talk. Therefore, it is always said that listen more and speak less. A good writer or speaker is a good listener. We know that what you want to learn is way harder than a baby’s language but try to first build your foundation then move ahead by speaking and writing that language. Do use this technique that babies use when they are newly born. It really works.

2. Make Listening Podcasts Your Daily Routine

Do you know that our dreams and habits are the real things behind our success? You don’t have to study years for learning a language, in fact, you have to make a timetable for yourself and study that subject or language daily. It is like your school subjects. When you study every subject daily then you don’t face any problem in exam days. But when you study all night before the examination day then you will definitely fail in school.

The same is the problem with learning a language. Don’t bring pressure on your brain otherwise, you will never learn anything. A podcast is an easy method to learn English just by listening to it for 10 minutes daily on the bus too. So make it part of your daily routine if you want to learn any language.

3. Write Down While Listening

Most of the students learn by taking notes therefore, if you are one of them, then try to note them down while you are listening to a podcast. It has been proved that the more we focus and concentrate on listening to native speakers the more we can learn. First, listen, write it down, and then speak. By writing it down, you can remember the keywords of a language and then can learn it easily. With the help of writing, you can learn new words and phrases to use them while you are talking to a native speaker. Therefore, you need to write it down.

4. Change Your Grammar Book

Are you using the same grammar book every time and learn the same thing repeatedly? Ain’t you fed up with it? Do you want to read a new book? Some of the words and phrases of your book might be used repeatedly by you in fact, people used them 10 years ago. So now they might look so vulgar and old fashioned ones therefore, you need to listen to podcasts in order to pick up new words and vocabularies from it and use them in your daily conversations.

Try to learn new words with the help of listening to podcasts. If you want to sound like a native speaker and want to learn modern English, listening to podcasts will help you a lot and flourish your English.

5. Make a Vocabulary List

Listen to the podcast and then write down the new vocabularies they use in it. A student who really wants to learn a language must have a book of vocabulary and phrases because, with the help of practicing them, he can have a good conversation with native speakers too. While listening to podcast try to practice it for a few weeks then you will see the outcome. Organize the new words or vocabularies in your book, that you have learned while listening to a podcast. Make a list of them and then practice them every day.

6. Summarize What You Listen

Make a summary of what you heard in podcast. Do you agree with whatever they said? What new things did you learn from that? What was the main point of the podcast? Try to paraphrase the words which were used in the podcast. Never copy the original texts Otherwise, you will never be able to learn English completely.

Why summarizing is essential? Firstly, it is all about what you comprehended while listening to it. If you can summarize the whole story then it means that you have understood everything. Secondly, you can use the new vocabulary and phrases and it can be a practice for you to examine yourself how well have you learned. Therefore, it is important to summarize something you hear.

7. Make English your Language

Do you get afraid of speaking in front of a native speaker? Does your mind go empty while you have a conversation with a native speaker? If you are not used to hearing English then think as if it is your mother’s language and you are talking to your sibling. Never panic while talking to a native speaker because that can make you lose your confidence. But you shouldn’t lose your confidence because that is the part of your learning process. Before learning something, you need to have self-confidence and think as if it is your own language then you can understand. And this is possible only when you listen to podcasts.

8. Use Vocabularies and Words in Your Conversation

Do you know which vocabulary native English speakers use in particular situations? How do they use and express them? Which words do they use for greeting and which other words for celebration? You might have no idea but matters not because you will learn just by listening to podcasts. Use the phrases and words you might have heard in an English movie. That will sound amazing.

The podcast is the best tool to help you learn English like a pro. Do you want to speak like a native English speaker? So listen to podcasts in order to speak like a native speaker. Do you agree with what I have written in this article? What do you know how can we learn English by listening to podcasts? What else have I missed to mention in this article? Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below. 

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