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Best Personal Statement Examples

If you are applying to a college or university, you will need to write a personal statement. Though writing a personal statement seems daunting and time-consuming, the best ones always start with the subject’s life experiences. These moments can be anything from everyday routine to a memorable visit to your favorite place which makes it easier to write. Still, if you are facing difficulty in writing a personal statement, here are some of the best personal statement examples you can take inspiration from.

What is a Personal Statement?

Before we dive into the pool of some best personal statement examples for you, we shall learn what a personal statement example is. A personal statement is a type of essay that you have to write when you want to apply for any college/university or any scholarship program. So, it is the best opportunity to show the admission committee who you really are and how you are good enough to fit into the position that you are applying for.

The Best Personal Statement Writing Guide

Why Do You Need a Personal Statement?

Personal statements are becoming more important now than before. Most colleges require their new students to write a comprehensive and strong personal statement if they want to secure a seat in their university or college. It shows that who the student is on a personal level is equally or even more important than their high school results and test scores.

So, we can say that a personal statement is one of the most fundamental requirements of college or university admission. Besides, this is a great chance for the admission committee to learn about you outside of your grades and application.

How to Write a Strong Personal Statement – What Should You Write in Your Personal Statement

Best Personal Statement Examples

If you are applying to college, you will indeed need to write a personal statement. Therefore, we have some best personal statement examples for you to take inspiration from.

Best Personal Statement Examples: “Architecture and Planning”

I have always been highly interested in the real estate and construction industries. Because I spent nearly two years going to a building site every weekend to watch how the development of my parents’ new house was going. By then I was only 10.

I have always been a very practical person with the aspiration to work in the construction sector. One of my first memories is of helping my father build my tree home in the backyard. Besides, I gained insight into how a business is managed during my six-week working on a construction site near my home in 2006.

I am certain that I want to major in architecture or planning because it will allow me to combine my best qualities. For instance, my interest in practical art and design and especially how light and space are arranged. Other than that, my enthusiasm for addressing real-world problems and my ability to collaborate with others. All in all, I want to explore the world, encounter different cultures, and extend my horizons.

In light of this, having a range of adaptable skills and knowledge will be crucial in the future. My goal is to attend college and get a degree in either architecture or planning and transportation.

In addition to academics, football, piano lessons, and poetry writing are just a few of my interests and pastimes. So, in my downtime, I like to play different sports and practice piano. And I have always been the head of my football team at school.

And I think that I can not find a better school than the “name of the university” to help me grow and achieve my goals.

Best Personal Statement Examples: “Special Education Field”

It’s challenging to recall my childhood aspirations. My dreams were always evolving and altering. I’ve had several career aspirations throughout the years, including astronaut, artist, and train conductor. Thomas the Train, I’m grateful. But I can still recall the precise second I made the decision to become a special education teacher.

Adam, my younger brother, is 12 years younger than me.

Therefore, I actively participated in all aspects of raising him. So our brother-sister relationship is a little off. I have always watched him develop and looked out for him. I was the first to observe that reading was considerably more difficult for him than it should be, as a result. My parents first exerted every effort to ensure his success. Everything failed.

My brother eventually received a serious learning disability diagnosis. It was sometimes agonizing to watch him struggle with reading. I began volunteering in his special education class because I was his sister and guardian. I eventually came to respect his special education instructors’ tenacity and recognize the challenges of instructing students who had learning issues.

Each child’s learning journey is distinctive and special, just as they are. I was certain I wanted to work with special needs students as I started my freshman year of high school. So, I volunteered in the special education classroom during my time in high school to gain as much first-hand experience with the kids as I could.

Also, I started actively investigating various models and styles of learning. My purpose was to test out a few during my tutoring sessions to discover which ones worked best. I actively tutor special needs kids in and around my community while maintaining a 3.8-grade point average.

To encourage more students to participate, I even founded a club. In addition, I began taking college courses in my final year of high school to better prepare myself for the challenges that college would offer.

Although I am aware that focusing on special education in college will be challenging, I look forward to the challenges that my degree will bring to teaching and classroom management. To assist kids like my brother in succeeding, I hope to become a pioneer in the field of special education.

Typical Mistakes in Personal Statement Writing You Should Avoid

Best Personal Statement Examples: “Arts”

An artistic journey is traveling along a never-ending route. You can never see everything there is to see or learn everything there is to know.

Ten years down that road, you’ll still be learning new things. Or being inspired by the most mundane of things. And challenging the media we are exposed to, whether it be the storefront display, the arrangement of a room, or even the contours of a shoe.

For those of us who make art a profession or pastime, it is a passion and a way of life. We all perceive the environment in different ways. And whenever I take a moment to look around me, thoughts about my tangible surroundings begin to race through my head.

I believe that art will serve as a compass for my future. I’d like to think that after earning my degree, I’ll continue my research in the area I’ve selected. Besides, I will pursue painting as a profession. So, it is unimaginable to me to think about an environment that is not tied to a creative and imaginative community.

I think students of art truly put their hearts and souls into their work. Besides they push themselves to the limit since art is a passion for those who choose to study it.

I found myself doing more work than was required throughout my portfolio course simply out of delight and curiosity. Because I was so engrossed in combining and playing with colors, textures, light, and new materials and effects.

I presently work in retail. And whenever I have the chance to work on an art project for the job, such as producing advertisements for shop displays or window dressing, I leap at the chance.

I enjoy doing individual commission work, which is what I do. I enjoy always having a project to work on. This gives me direction, objectives, and a vehicle for my original thoughts. After being exposed to all the disciplines and variety in the creative world, I believe that fashion has evolved into my primary passion. Thus, I’m taking a part-time study in it.

Although I enjoy the creative process, I find that creating a finished product with my hands is the most satisfying. It is safe to say that ever since I was a little child, art has played a significant role in my life. I loved creating the sets and costumes for school plays to dressing my dolls.

Besides, I also find enormous inspiration and enjoyment in attending live performances by bands.

I have a lot of respect for anyone who shares their talent and gift with the rest of the world. Because I view music in the same way that I view art. As a collection of straightforward riffs and beats that are all put together at different timing and order to create a piece of work delivered with passion and energy.

The same is true for me when it comes to film and photography. The purpose of this is to show the viewer how you see things by taking a still photograph that could otherwise seem so mundane. Then, making it appear in a new light.

I decided to study abroad in order to meet new people, learn about a new culture, alter my surroundings, and get out of my comfort zone. Because I believe most individuals tend to produce their best work when they are out of their comfort.

Best Personal Statement Examples: “Engineering”

I had a fascination with flying as a child. I observed birds flying for hours, noticing how their wing angles influenced their flight paths. Then, I would waste print papers from my Dad’s library to make paper airplanes to experiment with wing angles.

The intensity of this preoccupation peaked one day. I chose to fly.

I constructed a plane using a wooden clothes rack, blankets, and trash bags for the parachutes. The first flight, as you may imagine, wasn’t very successful. The world came crashing down around me as I slammed onto the bed, sending pieces of wood flying everywhere, after being in the air for a good second.

My initial thoughts, even as a young child of five, weren’t about the bloody scratches that covered my body. Why weren’t the wings able to fly like a bird’s? How does hitting a soft object cause my frame to fracture? Why weren’t the parachutes opening properly? Above all, why didn’t I fly?

As I got older, my innate urge to figure out why sparked an interest in problem-solving, which allowed my one and only passion for flying to transform into a lifelong love of engineering.

I started pushing my academic limits by enrolling in the most difficult STEM classes available. By the conclusion of my junior year, I had taken every scientific and math course that was offered. In addition, because I am the brightest student in my grade level. So, I had access to cutting-edge research.

As a result, I had an inherent understanding of subjects like differential equation modeling and protein activity in the brain by the time I was in high school. These helped me build a solid science and math foundation to go along with my enthusiasm for engineering.

I also decided to take the engineering pathway at my school. By recognizing and utilizing each member’s strengths to achieve the greatest output, I was able to hone my leadership abilities as a team leader. I wanted the design to be collaborative and not just one person’s thoughts. So, I frequently questioned whether each design choice was the best one during large group initiatives like creating a hovercraft. I did so by playing both the president and the devil’s advocate. This led to a more effective model that functioned notably better than our original prototype.

The issues that have an influence on the real world were what I focused on most. I created a water purification system. This was a combination of carbon nanotube filters with shock electrodialysis to both desalinate and purify water more effectively and affordably than conventional plants. It was mainly inspired by the water crisis in India.

As I worked on projects, I was able to witness the engineering’s sheer strength as an imaginary concept become shaped. I was spending the majority of my days trying to figure out why things were happening. Simultaneously, I was looking for solutions to common problems. I am fascinated by engineering’s capacity to consistently provide better solutions to each issue in a world that increasingly values a single solution.

Since that first flight thirteen years ago, I still haven’t mastered actual human flight. This would have been a catastrophic failure for my five-year-old self. But I still have the great curiosity I discovered in myself that day. The promise and practicality of engineering have kept me motivated. Besides, it also forces me to push myself to solve ever-more challenging issues.

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