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How to Write an Argumentative Essay in English

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing that further explains the claims made in the thesis statement. The points explained in the paragraphs are evidence and fact-based. For anyone wondering how to write an argumentative essay, this is a systematic guide for you.

Argumentative essays are mostly written to persuade the reader of the other point of view to let them know your side of the argument. You explain the arguments with facts and let the readers choose for themselves.

Besides giving logical reasoning, it’s also important in which structure you write your essay. Below we will help to structure your essay with helpful techniques.

When to Write an Argumentative Essay

You might face the challenge to write an argumentative essay in different phases of your academic life, your high school teacher may assign you to write an essay asking you to support one of the two arguments.

You will also write papers at university, which will be research-based papers, writing an argumentative essay will help to learn evidence-based writing improving your academic skills. Your essays should always explain your points and as well explain to the reader how your point of argument the essay is more logical.

For example, if you write about “The change brought by the internet in our lives whether positive or negative.”

Remember to explain the change brought by the internet with facts and whether you think the change is positive or negative, also don’t write what you think and feel emotional about the internet.

Argumentative Essay Structures and When to Use Them

You must know how to define your findings in an argumentative essay. There are three major approaches to how to structure your essay.


The classical structure is also known as Aristotelian is the default structure type; the arguments made in this type of essay are straightforward and concise. It is most useful when the readers are unaware of the facts or don’t have a strong point of view as it explains the facts only. While approaching the essay with the classical method you explain your points in the following method.

  1. Introduce the main argument
  2. State your perspective and evidence
  3. Disapprove the opposing point
  4. Conclude your essay


Toulmin structure is a common approach when writing an essay, it is a polarizing structure where you argue about both of the positions but particularly to explain your argument and let the readers know that you have considered their perspective as well.

The Toulmin structure also consists of four steps:

  1. Introduce your argument
  2. Provide evidence
  3. Explain how the evidence supports your argument
  4. Discuss rebuttal: letting the readers know that you have considered their point of view


The Rogerian structure is a middle approach, you appreciate the opposing argument. It is also a polarizing method but rather than presenting one side, it provides a neutral ground. The steps to the Rogerian approach are:

  1. Introduce your argument
  2. Appreciate the opposing side’s argument
  3. Present your points and explain your stance
  4. Combine both perspectives: suggest compromise for the beneficial arguments of each side

The Structure of an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays have to straight to the point explaining the arguments with evidence and facts rather than arguing with emotions in the essay.

Before you start writing an authentic essay, it is necessary to outline the essay so that your arguments must be in a flow, so it’s easy for the readers to understand. After outlining your essay you should write it in the following structure:

Thesis Statement

The thesis is the short statement in your introductory paragraph, it is an overview of what will you argue about in your essay and gives the reader a mind map of the essay.

When writing the thesis statement keep in mind to engage the reader’s attention by raising a question that you answer with the thesis statement. For example, “Has the rise of the internet had a positive effect on youth?” and then state the answer “The internet has helped the educational systems evolve drastically.”

After doing so state a contrasting belief in the statement,” however some people still argue about the negative impacts of the internet on students while we believe it has built a better learning environment by giving the students exposure to different perspectives.” This way you can explain why your stance is credible.

Then to support your stance with another statement that explains it further,” it has built a better learning environment by giving students exposure to different perspectives and that is also easy to access with a variety of means.” It is a helpful way to give your readers an introduction to your arguments.

The Body

(Building Your Argument)

Once you write a thesis statement and decide what you will argue about, you should then prove your arguments with evidence and reasons to persuade your readers to think about your stance.

If you are writing, a five-paragraph essay then three out of five paragraphs of your essay will be the body of the essay.

When writing each paragraph remember to write the topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph then provide the evidence that supports your topic sentence and also illustrate how the evidence supports your arguments.

While writing the paragraphs refute the opposing perspective with the evidence that you have provided to support your arguments. End the paragraph by concisely explaining the argument the author has made in the paragraph.

Some tips to remember while writing the paragraph;

  • When you write the paragraph, remember that while you refute and criticize the opposing person’s perspective you have chosen respectful words, as your essay doesn’t have to be aggressive.
  • Also, remember to re-check whatever you write to avoid any typos or grammatical mistakes as they ruin the flow of your writing.

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Conclusion of the Essay

You put an end to an argumentative essay by writing a conclusion that summarizes the important arguments made in the body paragraphs; you do not need to introduce any new arguments here.

Nevertheless, the writer might explain the strong or the weak points of the argument in longer essays or sometimes writers might explain how they feel about the topic personally.


Once you have the essay beautifully written and structured in front of you, keep in mind that you are not done yet.

  • Re-read the whole essay analyzing the structure of the essay, the structure of paragraphs and arguments must be inflow so that it is easier for the readers to understand.
  • Also, revise the sentences and correct the grammar errors if any so that the readers don’t doubt the credibility of your essay.
  • Provide more evidence if you feel that your arguments don’t explain enough, also cite the sources you have collected the data from.

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