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How to Write Excellent Body Paragraphs of an Essay

How to Write Excellent Body Paragraphs of an Essay
How to Write Excellent Body Paragraphs of an Essay

The body is very important part of an Essay. Because whatever you say in the thesis it doesn’t make it true, it just means you believe it’s true. It’s just like saying “I am a millionaire” First thing you are going to say is prove it and show the money. So, this is the part of the essay that you are supposed to explain, describe or argue the topic of how you are a millionaire. The method of how to write an excellent body paragraphs of an essay is explained below.

How to Write Excellent Body Paragraphs of an Essay

In the body of an essay all the main ideas you have already mentioned in the introduction of your essay comes to fruition. The topic you are writing about must now be explained, described and argued.

Each main idea that you wrote in your thesis or outline will become one of the body paragraphs. If you had three or four main ideas, you will have three or four body paragraphs. Moreover, in the body, you are going to prove and write the main reasons in the supporting ideas.

What Should You Write in Each body Paragraph?

3 Main Reasons: when you look at your thesis, suppose you said I am a millionaire, in the body, you are going to prove how you are a millionaire with reasons, and it’s a good idea to write three main reasons to prove your statement in the thesis.

Supporting Ideas: When you write your main reasons, it doesn’t mean it’s true. What you need to do is write other things that support the main reasons. And it’s recommended to write three supporting ideas to make the main reason true.

Try to write each of your body paragraphs in this method before concluding your essay body.

When you wrote three main reasons with three supporting ideas in each paragraph of your essay body to prove your main ideas you already have mentioned in your thesis, now this is the time to conclude your essay with an effective concluding paragraph.

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