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Sample Memo Form

Sample Memo Form
Sample Memo Form

Memos are mainly used for inter-office, institutional or organizational communication; however, increasingly, the memo letter format is being used for formal, external communications as well as in informal, internal communications. If the memo is used for inter-office purposes, leave out the “Dear” salutation and the “Yours truly” complimentary closure, and initial the memo to the right of your name. Check out the sample memo form below.

Sample Memo Form

Eexample of Memo Format

SUBJECT: Sophia Hawkins, Fashion Director, Kuku Designs
Pat Klodowsky, Editor, BeeBop Magazine
January 24, 2017
Fashion shoot on January 3, 2017

Dear Sophia:
It was great talking to you on the phone the other day, and I want to confirm the arrangements we made for the fashion shoot.
As we briefly discussed, the shoot will feature all of your upcoming Spring Kuku Designs collection, and we will be using the Central Park Zoo for our location. We are supplying all models, props and equipment, and we will be picking up all clothing from you on January 25 — a list of which you will be sending me this week (as we arranged).

I will call you as soon as I receive your clothing list. At that time, I would love for us to have lunch together. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours truly,
(Just use your signature here, since your name is listed above.)
cc: Max Photo Inc.
Encl: Detailed location site for shooting


Remember to proofread your letter for these items:
Spelling of the receiver’s name;
Spelling of the receiver’s place of business;
Spelling elsewhere — including your own name and firm;
Correct typing throughout;
Correct dates;
Subject-verb agreement;
Pronoun reference;
Noun-pronoun agreement;


Did you type in a dateline to validate the letter as a record?
Did you place a colon after the salutation?
Did you place a comma after the complimentary close?
Did you sign the letter below the complimentary close?
Did you initial or sign the memo to the right of your name?

Note: Please note, if you are using company letterhead, type the second and all subsequent pages on blank paper with the recipient’s name and the page number in the upper left-hand corner. You can also include the date, but this is not mandatory. For example:

Dr. Paula Mott
Page 2
Feb 2, 2017

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