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Anchoring Script in English for Result Day Event at School, College or University

At the end of every term or year, you may have a function for result day, indeed the whole function depends on the script and anchors who are going to handle the whole program. You must know how to strongly open the presentation, introduce your agenda and avoid committing any mistakes in your presentation. I recommend you to check and read the following 3 articles which will be beneficial before checking the anchoring script in English.

Anchoring Script in English for Result Day

Sample Script 1:


Host 1: Good [morning/afternoon/evening], parents, students, teachers, and esteemed visitors, says host one! Greetings and salutations on this day of great expectation, excitement, and a hint of anxiety—the [School/College Name] Result Day Function. Together with me is the amazing [Co-Host’s Name], and my name is [Your Name].

Host 2: [Your Name] definitely! Today is about more than simply grades and test results; it’s about honouring our exceptional kids’ accomplishments, commitment, and hard work. Now let’s celebrate Result Day, which is an exciting occasion!

Acknowledging the Significance:

Host 1: Let’s first recognise the importance of this day before revealing the findings. It is the result of our students’ tireless work, assisted by the direction and mentorship of our committed teachers.

Host 2: And let’s not overlook the parents, who have supported and encouraged us during our academic journey. Your resolute assistance has been important in creating the accomplishment we commemorate today.

Introduction of Special Guests:

Host 1: We’re joined by a few notable guests to provide even more special touches to this day. Would you please give [Guest 1], [Guest 2], and [Guest 3] a hearty round of applause? We are appreciative of your attendance.
(Claps for distinguished visitors)

Unveiling the Results:

Host 2: It’s finally here—the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The results are in, the envelopes are sealed, and the excitement is evident. Let’s get [Principal’s Name] on stage so we can announce the outcomes!
(The principal, or another selected individual, opens the envelopes and declares the outcomes.)
Host 1: I would like to congratulate all of the kids on their outstanding accomplishments! Let us give them a hearty cheer! (Students applaud.)

Acknowledging Achievements:

Host 2: As we celebrate, let’s take time to recognise the children who have shown leadership, innovation, and sportsmanship this year in addition to their academic excellence.

Host 1: Every single one of you deserves praise for your perseverance and commitment, regardless of whether you’ve improved in areas you’ve worked hard on or aced your examinations.
Student Remarks:

Host 2: Let’s hear from one of our exceptional students now. We would like to invite [Student’s Name] to talk a little bit about the experience and the lessons discovered.
(Speech given by the student)

Acknowledging Teachers:

Host 1: A group of committed professors is the reason behind every accomplished pupil. Let’s give thanks to the professors who have been instrumental in molding our students’ brains and destinies.
(Teacher applause.)

Distribution of Certificates:

Host 2: Let’s go to the certificate presentation ceremony so that we can formally acknowledge the accomplishments of our pupils. We would like your help [Principal’s Name] to give the certificates.
(Students get their certificates amidst clapping and cheering.)


Host 1: Let’s continue the celebration, thankfulness, and inspiration as we come to an end for this Result Day Function. Once again, congrats to the kids! I would also like to thank everyone who has participated in this educational adventure.

Host 2: Sending out best wishes for each student’s future achievements. May everyone of you soar to new heights and bring us great joy! I’m grateful. Have a great [morning/afternoon/evening]!
(Cheers and applause as the event comes to an end)

Sample Script 2:

Comparing Script for Independence Day at School

1st Anchor

To start with the greatest name of Almighty Allah. Most gracious and merciful, whose bounties are unbounded, whose benevolence is everlasting, whose blessings are uncountable, whose being is eternal, whose mercy is unlimited, whose provisions are un-ending, whose Love is our life, whose worship is our faith. A warm good afternoon/evening/morning to all of you present here. Moreover, you can begin with these opening lines by clicking here: Commencement of anchoring.
I (insert 1st anchor name) with my colleague (insert 2nd anchor name) on behalf of the whole teaching staff welcoming you all to result in the distribution of (insert the term), thank you all for being here. 

Sample Opening:
To start with the greatest name of God.
Who created the universe, the sun, the moon…
Who runs the rivers and lakes, who runs the clouds full of rain?
We should be so proud when we shout it to him out loud.
Who sparkles stars in the sky.
O, Lord! You helped us to pray five times.
We ask you to protect us against evils and crimes.
To start the function with the recitation of the Holy Quran I would like to call (insert name of reciter) upon the stage for the recitation of some holy verses of the Quran.

2nd Anchor

God Protect me and guide me to your love and mercy.
Ya Allah doesn’t deprive me of beholding your beauty, O my Lord accept this, please.
There is nothing in my heart except Allah.
He came to the world to teach us and gave us a lesson on how to survive in the world. He restrained us from bad activities and gave us a lesson to speak the truth and never hesitate to say it in front of anyone, we can be successful if we follow his preachers and it is routine work.
To give a tribute to our holy prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SAWW) I would like to call (name of naat reciter)

1st Anchor

We once had a teacher and a teacher of teachers. Who changed the world for the better and made us better creatures, he was Mohammad (P.B.U.H) Mohammad’s mercy upon mankind, teacher of all mankind.
Ladies and Gentleman: this evening today has brought within its preview of flawless festivities and exciting enjoyment.
Keeping in the mood, I would like to welcome our honorable chief guest (insert name of chief guest).
Their Excellency, the president of the session ( insert name ). A worthy panel of juries.

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2nd Anchor

I would particularly take note of the presence of our guests, parents, and guardians present on this occasion. Who has taken their precious time to watch our contestants and who are in with talent. We whole heartily welcome you all on behalf of the admin’s family.
All the staff members and students participating or helping in backstage have put in their best efforts to make this occasion a dream come true. And we are sure that you all will enthuse them with a whole round of applause.
(Welcome Tableau if you have)
Ladies and Gentlemen: to honor our precious guests, the students have made a welcome tableau, so please give a big hand for them to be present here.

2nd Anchor

(If you have inaugurated any contest among the students like debate, showing your talent, new casting, and so on, you can introduce it to the audience initially then say the opening points then call the contestants.

1st Anchor And 2nd Anchor

Result Distribution

Now it is the time we acknowledge the talent of students ‘prize distribution of classes,’ I request Sir/ Ms to come over here and present the award of position holders. Please put your hands together for him/her to be present here.

(2nd Tableau) (any entertaining performance)
I see some turbulence around here.
To alter your impression and bring excitement, I would like to call the participants of (insert name of the game/ competition) to come here on the stage. Well, now hold your breath and give a big hand for the performers to come over here.

1st Anchor

Award Distribution (Here you can call a person to give away the awards for students)
yesterday was a dream, and tomorrow is a vision, but a day well lived makes every day a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. So cross your fingers, throw your tension, and lead yourself to win.
Now  I would like to call the star of the occasion and management to come over here and appreciate our fellows with appreciation awards, of course, he is (insert name of the presenter). Please give him a big hand to be present here on the stage.

(2nd Anchor)

(here you can call the director to have a discourse with the audience)
Ladies and gentlemen: here I would like to call the head of the management the director/principal of (insert name of the academy) to honor the affords they have done as a team, please give him/her a big hand to be present here.

The anchoring script in English mentioned here is the most applicable anchoring script in English you may use in the result day function or any other special occasion. Hope this anchoring script will be helpful and useful, for more inquiries please leave a comment below.

Despite, having a good anchoring script if you can’t speak clearly and confidently your script will be ineffective. Below I have added an article that will help you to give a good presentation. Moreover, you will find top tips to write a good presentation. Just click on the links given below. And don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comment box below. We are doing our best to provide you with the best articles. Simply, comment what you look for in the comment box below. So on, we will provide as soon as possible.


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