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Step by Step Anchoring Script For School/College Function

An anchorman or anchorwoman or simply an anchor is a person who presents or hosts a program or function on the stage, on television, or on the internet. The whole program or function is controlled by the anchor. Now if you are selected as an anchor for your school or college and you are searching for the best lines to start and end your program, then you are in the right place. Let’s dive into the article below where I am going to tell you the step by step anchoring script for school/college function.

Step by Step Anchoring Script For School/College Function

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How to Start the Function

Commencement of the function

Good (morning/afternoon/evening)everyone! Welcome to the (School’s / college’s name) event. I am (your name) and my co-host (host 2 name). We are very glad that we are today’s hosts for this special occasion.

Welcome the Audience and guests

Let’s begin our program by a warm and wholehearted welcome to honorable guests, respected parents, all the staff members of (School’s/college’s name) and dear students. Today, your presence has enlightened our gathering and added more significance to our event. Today we have gathered here for (Event’s purpose) Ex: annual prize distribution.

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Welcome Note 2

Good morning/evening/afternoon to all dignitaries, guests, and delegates with great joy and immense exultation. I feel privileged to extend my warm welcome to all presented here for the celebration of Emerge 2024. It has become a regular aspect and part of [insert name of your academy]. Academical program to organize this emerging symposium which precedes the college day function since 2007.

Now, I invite Guests to today’s function with a request to come on to position and occupy the distinguished chair.

I invite [insert name of the guest] the chairperson of the __________ to please come onto the stage.

Welcome Note 3

Well, my first and foremost duty, on behalf of the Principal, teaching staff, and students to welcome you all at today’s function. We are honored to have you all with us. The honorable chief guest his excellency Mr. [name]. Sir, you hardly need any introduction, you have made all of us proud of your achievements and numerous capacities in the term of serving our society

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Lamp Lighting or Other Custom (National Anthem)

When I understood and accepted my own mistakes. I was consumed by my own light.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. [Martin Luther King, Jr.]

In the flush of love’s light, we dare be brave And suddenly we see that love costs all we are and will ever be. Yet, it is only love that sets us free. [Maya Angelou]

Now, I would like to call on the stage the respected Principal Mr. [name], and our honorable chief guest Mr. [name] for lamp lighting. Please give them a big round of applause to come up on the stage.

Calling the Principal for a Welcome Speech

Anchoring Script for Orientation Day

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.

Now the person who has consumed himself to change society and light the darkness in the life of your children, the principal of [Name of school/college] Mr. [name] is requested to come on the stage and address the audience.

Please a big round of applause for Mr.[name] to be present on the stage.

[After the speech] Thank you so much, sir/ Mam, that was indeed motivating and extremely informative. We are so honored and privileged to have you amongst us as team dignitaries whom we would like to appreciate now.

Appreciation of Participants: Before we call the performers upon the stage, we would like to acknowledge the hard work and efforts of all the faculty members, students and administration who made this event possible by contributing and preparing day and night. Surely, your dedication will not go unnoticed.

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Calling Students For Performance

A good teacher will appreciate the good qualities of his students. If one good quality is allowed to emerge, a world of good qualities will emerge from that one.

Our students have brilliant qualities and talents to show to you. Without waiting any longer put your hands together for students of class [class name] to come up on the stage and show us what they have prepared for today.

Encouraging Audience encouragement: Today, our performers have prepared a lot for you guys. Therefore, they need your appreciation and involvement while they perform. Your energy makes all the difference. Cheer them up and show your support for our talented performers. Next, we have a group of beautiful and butterflies’ performance. Put your hands together for them……

Calling Students for a Performance

The good teacher makes the poor student good and the good student superior and in this way, our faculty members have been consuming themselves to light the way for your children.

Now you will witness another sensational performance by class [class name] Please welcome the dance group to come on the stage and show us their dance skill. A big round of applause for them to come on the stage

Song Performance

Sometimes it only takes one good song to bring back thousands of good, old memories. Are you all excited to listen to a brilliant song by one of our students? Hence, let’s enjoy the song by [singer name].

Sentences to Praise Students

  • I am proud of you.
  • I love how you did that.
  • Spectacular! You are darling.
  • Wow! way to go. Super, you’re special.
  • Looking good, you are on top of it.
  • You are fantastic, you are on your way.
  • You are catching on, now you have got it.
  • No one can stop you from doing your best.
  • You are precious, a great discovery.
  • You mean a lot to me, you make me happy.
  • Outstanding performance, you are a good friend.
  • You make me laugh, you brighten my day.
  • You are a treasure, you are wonderful.
  • What an imagination, what a good listener.
  • You have got your brain in gear today.
  • You are getting better and better every day.

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Motivational Quotes for Students

Step by Step Anchoring Script For School/College Function
Step by Step Anchoring Script For School/College Function
  • Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them
  • Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.
  • I find that the harder I work the more luck I seem to have Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
  • Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.
  • The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?
  • Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.
  • The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.
  • You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes and you can steer yourself away direction you choose.
  • Mistakes are proof that you are trying.
  • Unsuccessful people make decisions based on their current situations. Successful people make decisions based on where they want to be.
  • Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. Don’t quit.

Some Funny and Entertaining Script

To entertain the audience and bring amusement the anchors can have fun and add some sense of humor. You can say some funny lines which you think will entertain the audience. Below the lines are as an illustration:

  • I wish I had a delete button in my life. To delete some people, some memories, and some feelings.
  • I don’t have time to hate the people who hate me because I’m busy loving the people who love me.
  • I know who I am, you have no need to explain.
  • Every weekend I do what I love most, absolutely nothing.
  • That awkward moment when you’ve said “what” three times, so you just say “oh, year..” even though you have no idea what they said.
  • At night, I can’t sleep. In the morning, I can’t wake up.
  • I love finding money in my clothes. It’s like a gift to me from me.
  • Please God if you can’t make me slim make my friends FAT.
  • The best way to teach your kids about taxes is by eating 30 percent of their ice cream.

Prize Distribution Script

Step by Step Anchoring Script For School/College Function
Step by Step Anchoring Script For School/College Function

Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion someday.

We have champions who presented their talent in front of such a big audience. Let’s have a big round of applause for all participants in all categories.

To present the award of position holders/ participants I request [name of teacher/principal/guest] to be on the stage.

Prize Distribution Script 2

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the time we acknowledge the talent of our position holders, the position holders who have been struggling, and facing many challenges and difficulties to be pioneers. That’s all because of their perseverance, constancy, and immovability that they are selected as champions. Ladies and gentlemen to felicitate the prize of position holders I would like to call the great personality (insert the name here) to come on the stage to distribute the award to position holders, please give him a big hand.

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Ladies and gentlemen, your presence made this day a memorable day. Thank you for listening, for inspiration, for encouragement, for being here, and most importantly for giving your time and making your presence.

Thank you. You are a wonderful audience and we hope that we have been a good host equally. Once again thanks to the hard work that all the team members have done: teachers, students, organizers, and every team member to make this possible, and what you witnessed was really their efforts and hard work.

Our staff members have arranged the refreshments for guests and teachers as well as for students and parents. Please get your chairs in the hall.

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The step by step anchoring script for school/college function in this article is to just give you an idea of a clue about an event at school/college or university. You can get information from these scripts and change it according to your style. Comment for more step by step anchoring script for school/college function or any other event.

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