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How to Make Your Students Understand The Lesson – 10 Helpful Tips

How to Make Your Students Understand The Lesson
How to Make Your Students Understand The Lesson

Have you ever been a tutor or teacher in any school? If you are a teacher, then you know that making a student perceive a lesson is not an easy task at all. Being a teacher, you must be able to get your students’ needs. And do they really understand what you teach or not? Therefore, every teacher or tutor should know tips and tricks to make the lessons interesting and easy to understand according to the students’ needs.

I am writing this article for those teachers who struggle with some students. With the help of this article, even experienced teacher, tutors and professors can get to know about some new techniques to interact with their students and make lessons easier for them to understand.

Sometimes, teaching seems easier than talking to others but teaching is not only standing in front of the classroom and talking constantly. In fact, it is like covering almost 5 to 6 hours of the students and inspiring them by your teaching methods. But the real result comes out after you examine each and every student in the test days. Then you will realize how much teaching is difficult than it really seems.

Before failing the students, teachers must once think that how to make them interested in learning and how to make them comprehend the way you teach them. But sometimes teachers misunderstand the students, they think that they are failed because they have not studied for the test. In fact, the teacher might not have taught them well. The best method of knowing whether your students have understood the lessons is to ask them questions about their own methods.

In this article, I have brought you some tips and tricks to make your students perceive your lessons easily. Here is what you should do to make sure that you are a good teacher and an inspiration for your students. So let’s have a quick glance at them one by one as follows:

How to Make Your Students Understand The Lesson

1. Explain the Lesson Many Times if Required

If you know that by repeating the same lesson several times is beneficial for your students, then move on. Go for it because by explaining several times even the laziest student can also perceive your lessons. But if it seems that it is not working, then go for another method. Mostly, some of the students don’t comprehend quickly because they might be the ones who realize a lot. Or might learn in a different way. Don’t lose hope and continue explaining for them as many times as they want because by moving on without perceiving the basics will be difficult for a student.

2. Teach in Different Methods

Always try to use varying ways in order to make your students understand better. The teachers who ask students for different methods of teaching are always successful in making students learn quickly. On the other hand, you can make projects like presentations and lectures which include music that is mostly preferred by professionals.

You can even ask some ideas from your students too. Because they might give you better suggestions regarding their problems. If you are showing any video related to your lesson, then make a note of the same video and provide them to your students to understand better. Or you can tell stories to them related to the lesson. Your students can learn and as well as It will get very interesting for them too. So there are various methods to explain the lesson and make your students understand.

A teacher must be able to read the mind of his/her students like a book to get to know which method is the best for them.

3. Explain Briefly

Sometimes, teachers talk a lot that they get out of the words, then at that time you need to make it brief and short for your students. If you are a valuable teacher, then you have to practice this one. Because by explaining your words in a lengthy manner can make the lesson way more complicated than before.

Therefore, try to use some transitions between your sentences in order to make your statement shorter and comprehensive for your students. Explaining for a long period of time can make your speech boring which can definitely lead to misunderstandings of students and bad outcomes. The shorter the better.

4. Ask Students Questions

Asking quizzes and questions related to the topic can force the students to concentrate more on finding the answers out of the lesson therefore, asking questions before starting the lesson is proved to be effective. You can ask questions after concluding the lesson too. And the second time you ask them questions will show their comprehension to you. If they are not answering, then don’t taunt them because they will lose the little interest that they had found in the lesson. Than ever after they will never be able to study and that is the reason that they don’t understand sometimes.

5. Speak Gradually or Slowly

Make it your habit because most of the students need time to understand and practice the same thing in their own way. Don’t speak quickly because as I told before that students need time to comprehend what the teacher said. Some of the teachers finish the lengthy lesson within just 10 minutes and it is not a proper way to make them understand. In fact, they get more confused than before. Try to explain in a better way but in a slower manner and make sure to make them understand.

6. Ask Students to Summarize the Lesson

Summarizing is the best trick of knowing whether someone has understood the lesson or not. So, therefore, try to ask your students to make a summary of the lesson you have taught them to come to know that whether they have perceived anything out of the lesson or not. With the help of that you can find your mistakes and can find out another method of teaching them. Always try to involve your students in the class whether it is by asking them for writing a summary of the lesson or by revealing their opinions on the topic orally. The only matter is knowing their weakness and that is all for a teacher.

7. Revise the Previous Classes Lessons

This method is for those students who forget everything very quickly therefore, try to apply this method to your students and see the magic. Mostly, the lessons of each class are linked with each other like a chain that’s why if one forgets the previous one then there is no going back therefore, teachers must revise them back for students. And the most important thing is that they should explain it in a simpler way so that the students should not miss anything else again.

The biggest sacrifice goes to the teachers and they have to do so otherwise, then who will be responsible for the upcoming tomorrow. Of course the teacher that’s why they have to revise some important points for the students again.

8. Get Feedback From Your Students

Sometimes, being a teacher you ought to listen to the comments your students make for your teaching methods. You should teach them and record each of your methods and then ask your students questions like which one was easier for you to understand the lesson better? Or why do you all think that suppose the second one was a better method to teach you all? And something like this can make your students express their own opinions and let you know how they can understand better. And in which method they can perceive better.

9. Play Effective Games

Mostly, students like playing games but you should play games that should teach them something and involve them in participating in the class. Give them the confidence that they need. Most of the students don’t understand the lessons because the teacher continuously teaches them and don’t take any break at all. Therefore, they get confused and don’t learn anything. Besides that, they lose interest in studying. That’s why they need some refreshments too.

10. Study Their Family Background

Sometimes, for reading the mind of the students you need to get to know about their habits, status, and family members. Try to be in contact with their family members because collecting information about each and every student is the teacher’s job. Some of the students don’t understand the lesson because they might have very strict family members or might live in a very disturbing place. If someone doesn’t have peace of mind then there might be family problems that’s why a student’s mind is disturbed. That’s why he/she can not concentrate on his/her studies better.

Being a teacher is very difficult because you ought to have information about each and every student. Otherwise, the answer to all the questions like: why don’t they study? Or why they don’t perceive anything? It will be very difficult for the teacher to give. Therefore, teachers have a lot of responsibilities.

What do you think about this article? What do you think about how a teacher should treat a student who does not perceive anything? In addition, please feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below. 


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Josué Mpindu December 22, 2022 at 6:16 am

Good afternoon. I’m Joshua from Dr Congo.
As far as I’m concerned, I think that a teacher should repeat many times the lesson to help lazy students understand. Also, revising the previous lesson can be effective for students to refresh their minds if they give the impression of forgetting the lesson seen before. And the last best method for me is to speak gradually or slowly in order to allow every student to perceive your lesson very well.
But if despite of that they still don’t understand, so I don’t know what to do. A teacher os also a human, he can’t do the impossible. And again something very important, all teacher don’t have the same level and the same capacities. All teachers cannot adapt to all methods.


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