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10+ Common Mistakes Students Commit While Writing

10+ Common Mistakes Students Commit While Writing
10+ Common Mistakes Students Commit While Writing

Have you ever been scolded by your teacher because of the errors you commit in your homework? Are you disturbed due to committing the same mistake repeatedly? If you have experienced these all, then these tricks are for you. Do you want to improve your writing skills and move ahead by rectifying your errors? If yes, then you have to follow only some essential tips and tricks for it. Firstly, you have to be able to recognize your error, then you can rectify it; otherwise, you will keep committing the same errors. Writing a school report, essay, business report and a blog is not an easy task; therefore, you must have a glance at the mistakes I mention so that you should be able to find out your own mistakes and rectify them. Most of the students are depressed because of this problem but say no more and read this article to improve your writing skills. Students should always be in search of their errors in order to bring improvements the next time they write something. Therefore, we have mentioned some 10 common mistakes students commit while writing so that you get to know and rectify them.

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10+ Common Mistakes Students Commit While Writing

1. Syntax errors

In the English language, a syntax error is known as a grammatical error. It includes (spelling error, punctuation marks, capitalization error, sentence fragment, and run-on.) If you commit one of these mistakes, then try to research their ethics (rules and regulations or usage.) Generally, students have syntax errors more than any other. These types of mistakes are common; therefore, they are mostly neglected.

2. Spelling errors

In this 21st century, everything is under the control of technology. Students depend on social media the most; therefore, they use short cut forms in their texts, speech, and stories which has increased the spelling errors in writing. The majority of the students believe that in a short form they can convey their message in a better and clear way; in fact, they have no idea that they are creating a problem for themselves. Social media has made us lazier in a way that we have everything ready-made. In social media, we have to autocorrect which corrects our spelling errors but what if you have a writing test? Spelling errors are neglected because it has become very common but again we have to rectify them.

3. Punctuation marks

Another common mistake, which students neglect while writing, is punctuation marks. Following the rules of punctuation marks seem very difficult because it has several complicated rules and regulations that’s why students skip it. On the other hand, punctuation marks show our ugly writing clear and comprehensible.

4. Capitalization

One of the most usual errors that students commit is capitalization in their writing. Although capitalization is very essential for the best writing, but students don’t realize. There are several rules for capitalization too. It is also counted as one of the common errors although it is very complicated.

5. Sentence fragment

A fragment is a piece of a complete sentence that is punctuated like a complete sentence. It is counted among the common errors because it conveys the message of the sentence in an incomplete manner to the reader. For instance; walking to the store. She saw a car accident. In this sentence, the sentence is punctuated but the sentence has remained incomplete that’s why it is called a sentence fragment.

6. Run-on

A run-on is a complete sentence which is whether not punctuated or is mispunctuated. We have two types of run-on. The first one, the fused sentence, is the sentence that is written without punctuation at all. For instance; I was happy for him, therefore, I hugged him. In this sentence, there no punctuation used and that is the error students mostly commit. Another type, the comma splice, occurs when the sentence is mispunctuated. For instance; I was happy for him; I hugged him. In this sentence, the punctuation mark is not used in the correct way. They both are the kind of errors students make while do write their assignments.

7. Semantic errors

Sometimes, students write in a way that the sentence’s syntax structure is flawless but the sentence doesn’t give any sense or logic. A sentence that doesn’t give logical meaning or be senseless is called semantic error. Students write sentences like; my mother’s white cat is black color. The sentence is grammatically valid but logically inaccurate or it doesn’t give any sense; therefore, it is counted as an error.

8. Homonym (echo words)

Sometimes, students get confuse between some words which sound the same; therefore, they commit errors. A group of words that have a similar sound but their meaning and spelling differ is called homonym. Actually, homonyms sound the same which creates confusion in the mind of the writer, and then the writer commits an error. Differentiating between these types of words is not an easy task. There are some words like; (flower and flour), (to and too), (so and sow). It is the most difficult one to pass because it can confuse anyone in writing.

9. Indigent cohesion

Coherence is the relevance of the paragraphs that need to be linked together in order to avoid committing errors. Generally, students find writing difficult because they can’t relate their ideas according to the title given to them. It is counted as an error when we are writing something out of the title’s boundary. If our paragraph’s coherence is indigent, then it is an error because nothing is clear for the reader.

10. Untidiness

Do writing neatly decrease our errors? Mainly, in writing, we have to follow two things. Firstly, share your ideas clearly and the second one is to make your ideas clear for the reader by writing neatly. If we start writing neatly, then our mind can be able to concentrate on writing better. If you don’t write neatly, then you will not be able to expect a good remark because it will be counted as an error. The more you write carelessly, the more you will commit errors.

11. Incorrect usage of a word

A word has a different nature with different usage. If we use a word in an incorrect way, then it will be like killing the police instead of the criminal; therefore, everything is best in its own position. For instance; the word (tidiness) is a noun but some students use it as an adjective or adverb in the sentence; therefore, it is an error in the English language.

Every writer wants to improve and rectify their errors if the writer follows the rules of each grammar and recognize their errors then they will not commit the same error again. In this way, they can bring improvements in their writing skills. These were all the 10 common mistakes students commit without realizing, what do you think which else errors do students commit. What else have I missed to mention? Please feel free to write your feedback in the comment section below.

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