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How to Handle Common Mistakes in Presentation or Speech Opening

How to Handle Common Mistakes in Presentation or Speech Opening
How to Handle Common Mistakes in Presentation or Speech Opening

How to Handle Common Mistakes in Presentation or Speech Opening

The first words out of your mouth are the most important words of your entire presentation, this is where you have the best opportunity to earn the attention and interest of your audience. We already have discussed five strong openings, in contrast let’s talk about the four worst things that often come flying out of the speaker’s mouth during the all-important first few seconds of a business presentation. In addition check: How to Present a Best Agenda of a Presentation you might find this useful too.

Common Mistakes in Presentation or Speech

  1. Un-original phrases

One of the most surprisingly taboo statements is to say a few tried sentences, here is an example: “Hello, thank you for the warm introduction, it’s really great to be here.” How many times have you heard speakers say something like this?  

An audience tense to mentally check out during first few awkward sentences, instead try this exercise: record the first few minutes of your speech, start by saying few polite words, and then try using the more powerful cold opening technique. Once you see, hear and feel the difference, you will never go back to offering your audience an awkward or insincerity, when you can attract them with power and confidence.

  1. Clearing Your Throat

A second unfortunate way to begin your speech is with clearing your throat, no one wants to hear that especially when that’s the first words out of your mouth. Often people clear their throats as a sign of nervousness, or a bad way to get attention. Make sure that your voice is warmed up before you get on the stage.

  1. Technical Issues

A third terrible way to open your presentation is drying attention to technical insecurities. Hey is this thing on, can you hear me in the back, should I use the mic, I think my voice is pretty strong, what do you think, can you see my slides are okay. This kind of opening commons are extremely disrespectful to the audience. It signals that speaker didn’t bother to do a recheck before the presentation. Don’t waste your audience’s time. Make sure you check your technical issues before your presentation.

  1. Telling a Joke

The fourth and final way that you should avoid opening your speech is with a joke. If your friends and colleagues often tell you that you have a great sense of humor, that’s terrific, but remember there is big difference between having a sense of humor and telling a joke. Displaying your unique sense of humor during your speech can be great, but starting with joke generally bombs. Even if you are a really, truly and supremely funny, please leave jokes to comedians and remember your first words are important. Use a strong cold open technique to immediately capture audience interest.  

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