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25 Important Rules For Students in School

25 Important Rules For Students in School
25 Important Rules For Students in School

Rules are the most important factor for every school, college or university. The first major factor of importance of school rules is that it enables students to remain focused and most likely excel in their education. School rules help maintain discipline by ensuring that the students are aware of how to behave and students are always aware of what they are supposed to do within the school compound. Below we have mentioned important rules for students in school which are must to be followed by students to keep order and create a safe and calm environment for everyone in the school.

25 Important Rules For Students in School

1. Students must be present in the academy premises at least 5 minutes before the warning bell is rung for their classes.

2. A student cannot leave the academy without informing the administrator in between teaching hour or class timing. And permission to leave the center early may be granted only for special cases.

3. Using mobile phone, tablet or laptop while in the class is only allowed for official use. As an illustration, using talking dictionary.

4. No personal relations or friends are allowed to visit a student during the class. In case of any significant matter, the visitor can meet a student at the discretion and satisfaction of the administration.

5. All the class/homework given to the students must be properly completed and given to the teacher on time.

6. Students have to speak English within the premises of the school. Any student communicating in any other language is intolerable and disciplinary action may be initiated against him/her. Only lower classes students are exempted from this rule.

7.  If a student has more than 3 days absences within a month without sending any application can’t appear in exams.

8. Students have to maintain cleanliness and keep clean the premises of the academy nor any pencil marks, scratches etc made by students. Any damage caused due to the carelessness of the students will be punished with an appropriate fine.

9. Students must display his/her card within the premises of the academy. Laxity of any student on this part will cause the marks deduction.

10. Students must be punctual for the class. Students who are late for the class are subjected to late coming procedures which include a permission slip before they are allowed to the class.

11. Students are not allowed to attend the class without admission slip given from office of the school.

12. Consumption of food and any kind of drinks are prohibited in the classroom.

13. The use of tobacco products is strictly prohibited within the premises of the school.

14. Students have to make their presence on exam days. And if any student remains absent no chance will be given to take the test.

15. Students are not permitted to bring electronic games, toys, Walkman, sports equipment, radios, headphones, beepers, pagers, or cellular phones.

16. Appropriate clothes are required for all students and they are not allowed to come with slippers, shorts or sports jacket/trousers.

17. Motorbikes must be switched off when entering the center.

18. Any misbehaving or violation of school discipline will be dealt by the disciplinary committee and in extreme cases may lead to expulsion from the school.

19. It is compulsory to bring all needed materials such as school-issued card, books, notebook, pen or pencil to school every day. Not bringing those materials you won’t be allowed into the school premises.

20. New students or students not having the card, must submit their pictures with the name, father name and student number written on the backside of the picture within the first week of the term.

21. No student will remain on the campus after the bell has been rung for the classes or in the classroom after the last bell has been rung.

22. No personal relations or friends are allowed to come with a student and attend the class.

23. Students should avoid confrontations, fighting, profanity, and harassment.

24. While taking admission the result card must be shown to the administration.

25.  Any interpretation, amendment relaxation, cancellation etc to the above important rules for students in school or any other rule, regulation is the sole right of the management and is binding on all the students in the academy.

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