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Common English Idioms Used in Daily Conversation

Common English Idioms Used in Daily Conversation

Have you ever wondered why you can’t sound like a native English speaker? It is, of course, all because you don’t have any idea about common idioms and phrases that native speakers use daily in their conversations. In this article, you will find some common English idioms used in daily conversation by native speakers.

What is an idiom?

An idiom is a phrase that is not obvious from looking at the individual words. Idioms have developed a lot that’s why they have become so random and easy that people use them in their daily conversations. The key to comprehending English idioms is never to look at them or read them because they will not make any sense. The only way is to use them in your sentences so that they should become easy to use and their meaning should become clear for everyone. Learning common English idioms will help you communicate with native English speakers easily.

Why is it so important to learn English idioms?

Learning common English idioms is a very significant and important part of the language. Because a lot of daily conversations and speeches are based on idioms, so if you are learning English as a second language, learning common idioms in English will help you to communicate better and become more fluent in English.

I have listed some common English idioms for you to use them in your daily conversations. So let’s start without wasting any time as follow:

Common English Idioms Used in Daily Conversation

1. Hit the books: (it literally means to study).
2. Twist someone’s arm: (to turn around someone’s arm).
3. A piece of cake: (something that is very easy and simple to do).
4. Stab someone in the back: (to hurt someone who is so close to you and trusts you).
5. Once in the blue moon: (it means that something comes once in a year or something which is very rare).
6. Lose your touch: ( it means that you have lost your talent or any of your ability).
7. Go cold turkey: (it means that suddenly someone should quit some dangerous things like, drinking alcohol or smoking).
8. Face the music: (it means to face reality).
9. Ring a bell: (it means that you have heard before something familiar to the thing happening).
10. Cut to the chase: (it means that you have been talking too long but haven’t reached to the main point yet).
11. Up in the air: (it means that something is flying in the sky).
12. Get over something: (it means to get rid of something you dislike).
13. Look like a million dollar bucks: (it means that you are looking very attractive and beautiful).
14. Green thumb: (it means that you are very lucky and whatever you do with your hand, its result comes out great).
15. Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth: (Someone who comes from a wealthy and successful family).
16. To go from rags to riches: (to go from being poor to having a lot of money).
17. Pay an arm and a leg for something: (to pay a lot of money for something).
18. Apple of eyes: (it means that you like someone a lot).
19. You are my cup of tea: (it means that you like someone or you are interested in someone).
20. To have a sticky finger: (to be a thief).
21. Break-even: (to neither lose nor gain money).
22. Break the bank: (to be very expensive).
23. To go Dutch: (to pay for our own meal at a restaurant).
24. To be closefisted: (to be so stingy and miser).
25. Midas touch: (to make money so easily).
26. Caught red handed: (to catch someone stealing or doing miserable thing on the spot).
27. Receive a kickback: (to take a bribe or to make money illegally).
28. To be loaded: (to have a lot of money).
29. Keep your chin up: (it means to stay happy and strong).
30. Spice things up: (it means to make things more interesting and exciting).
31. Cool as a cucumber: (it means that you are cool and relaxed in every situation).
32. Bring home the bacon: ( to make money for supporting the family).
33. In hot water: (to be in serious trouble or to be in a bad situation).
34. Eat like a bird: (to eat so little).
35. Eat like a horse: (to eat a large amount of food).
36. Butter someone up: (to win someone’s favor).
37. Smart cookie:(means an intelligent person)
38. Spill the beans:(means to accidentally reveal a secret to everyone).
39. A bad apple: (means someone who always creates problems).
40. A hard nut to Crack: (it refers to someone who is very difficult to deal with).
41. Storm is brewing: (it means that in the near future something bad is going to happen).
42. Chasing rainbows: (means following dreams or trying to do things that can’t be achieved easily).
43. Under the sun: (means everything that is on the Earth).
44. Get into deep water: (to be in trouble).
45. Pour oil on troubled water: (to try to make people feel better and become friendly again after an argument).
46. Go with the flow: (to go along with whatever is happening).
47. Lost in the sea: (to be confused about something).
48. Gain ground: (to become famous or popular).
49. Down to Earth:(to be practical and sensible).
50. Break the ice: (to attempt to become friends with someone).

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There are many common English idioms used in daily speech and conversation by native speaker, but I just mentioned 40 most used common English idioms that are used in daily conversations. Hope you will use them in your daily conversations. Do you know about any other most used idioms in English? If you know, then please feel free to share them in the comments section below. And stay tuned for more articles and updates.

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