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Sample Speech in English for Prize Distribution

Sample Speech in English for Prize Distribution
Sample Speech in English for Prize Distribution

Sample Speech in English for Prize Distribution

To start with the greatest name of Allah Almighty, most gracious and most merciful. I on behalf of the whole staff members welcome you all to the (insert the number of the term) result distribution ceremony.

And a warm welcome to today’s chief guest (insert the name here). He is a very amazing personality, a man of the chief men. He told you about his experience and knowledge, and I am sure you benefited, so can we hear it for our chief guest (insert the name here), can I hear the thunder. Thank You.

We also have among us another great personality (insert the name here) the man who has been consuming himself to light the society and bring brighter future for our new generation, please give him a big hand.

We also have other eminent personalities; we have our honorable trustees, the parents, who feel their responsibilities and struggle to bring revival to the children’s life, a big round of applause for parents. Thank you so much.  The administration of (insert the name of your academy) and all staff members are delighted to have you here to participate and share in the (insert the number of the term)  result distribution ceremony.  Thank you for coming.

The administration of (insert the number of the term) takes the note today to pledge what we are going to do and how we are going to serve the students to help them learn English as a second language. And we really, want to change the face of this institution. We want to help students with sincerity, honesty and diligently.

Some of the people underestimate learning English as a second language, well, let me tell you there are a flee over 6500 spoken languages in the world today, yet with the current globalization English seems to be the most common tool in conducting global communication and is simply the universal language of the world.

As the fastest spreading language in the human history, English is spoken by 1.750.000.000 one point seven five billion people worldwide, that’s 1 in every 4 world citizens.

As a result, learning English has become must for everyone living in any part of the universe, from now on we create the opportunity for you to learn English as a second language. We try to give you any facility.

We do our best to provide the best lessons and articles for people learning English. Whether you have just started learning English, or you are at an intermediate level or even an advanced English learner wanting to learn complex topics, we provide erudite lessons and information for you to learn English.

Another significant factor that I want to tell you about is the importance of reading books. Reading books will make you aware of the world and develops the mind, the more you read, the more you will realize your ignorance.  Reading is fundamental in developing a good self-image. You will learn how to help yourself, your family and your society.

There is an old saying “the pen is mightier than the sword.” Hence, please give importance to it.

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