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Best Sentences to Praise Your Students

Best Sentences to Praise Your Students
Best Sentences to Praise Your Students

Educators have long been trying to identify the best ways to praise students and influence behavior. And new research is helping teachers understand which types of praise are most meaningful to students and, more importantly, most likely to increase motivation. So what’s going to get real results? Find out the best sentences to praise your students in the classroom to steer students toward excellence.

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Best Sentences to Praise Your Students

  1. I am proud of you.
  2. I love how you did that.
  3. Spectacular! You are darling.
  4. I believe in you.
  5. Wow! way to go. Super, you’re special.
  6. You are catching on, now you have got it.
  7. Looking good, you are on top of it.
  8. You are fantastic, you are on your way.
  9. You are precious, a great discovery.
  10. What an imagination, what a good listener.
  11. You mean a lot to me, you make me happy.
  12. Outstanding performance, you are a good friend.
  13. You make me laugh, you brighten my day.
  14. You are a treasure, you are wonderful.
  15. That’s the best.
  16. You figured it out.
  17. You just blew me away.
  18. I knew you could do that.
  19. You just made my day.
  20. You are a winner.
  21. You are on fire.
  22. You have got your brain in gear today.
  23. you have just about mastered it.
  24. You are capable of amazing things.
  25. You are one of a kind.
  26. You are precious.
  27. You are out of this world.
  28. You are creative.
  29. That’s coming along nicely.
  30. You are so smart.
  31. You are the best.
  32. The best ever.
  33. You are so special.
  34. You are on the right track now.
  35. You have got it made.
  36. I am happy to see you working like that.
  37. You are doing a good job.
  38. Keep moving, you are improving.
  39. You are getting better every day.
  40. Keep up the good work.
  41. You have got your brain in gear today.
  42. That was 1st classwork.
  43. You are a real trooper.
  44. You made the difference.
  45. You are on the right path, bravo.
  46. You are a winner absolutely.
  47. You have discovered the secret, bingo.
  48. You are getting better and better every day.
  49. No one can stop you from doing your best.
  50. Do your best and forget the rest.

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Words and Phrases to Praise Your Students

  1. Bravo
  2. Awesome
  3. Beautiful
  4. Congratulations
  5. Fantastic
  6. Good
  7. Good for you
  8. Great job
  9. Hot dog
  10. You rock
  11. Sensational
  12. Wonderful
  13. Much better
  14. Nice going
  15. Cool
  16. Unbelievable work
  17. Phenomenal
  18. Well done
  19. Super job
  20. Wow
  21.  What a genius
  22. Very brave
  23. Far out
  24. Great effort
  25. Way to go
  26. You are A-Ok
  27. Right on
  28. How extraordinary
  29. That’s incredible
  30. High five
  31. You are unique
  32. Star work
  33. You are tops
  34. You are a joy
  35. Remarkable
  36. Take a bow
  37. Stupendous
  38. Bingo
  39. Clever
  40. Brilliant
  41. You tried hard
  42. You are champ
  43. Fantastic job
  44. Hooray for you
  45. You are inspiring
  46. Right on
  47. I love it
  48. Keep it up
  49. Incomparable
  50. Better than ever


You can use the above mentioned best sentences to praise your students and keep them on their toes. And don’t forget to write your views about the article using the comment box below.

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