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7 Steps to Write a Welcome Speech in English

Welcome Speech in English Welcome Speech in English

A warm welcome speech can make it easier to set the tone for an event. Your welcome speech decides how warm and enthusiastic the event is going to be. Thus, do not mind doing a couple of extra practices. Also, your welcome speech can be as simple or as formal as the situation demands. In the following guide, we will discuss some tips to help you warmly welcome your audience and chief guests. Furthermore, we will look at some welcome speech examples.

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Best Welcome Speech Steps

If your school or college has chosen you to present a welcome speech, it is because they trust you. Therefore, it is your foremost responsibility to show them that you deserve their trust by honoring the guest out in the event.

Before you step on the stage, you should know that you need the following elements.

  • Humility: On the stage, try to act humbly to please your audience and guests.
  • Names of the guests and their correct pronunciation: Double check all the names and their correct pronunciations.
  • Topics to discuss: You should have a list of topics you are going to discuss during the event.
  • Purpose of the event: Most importantly, you should be aware of the purpose of the event. Also, gather enough information about the event and past related occurrences.

7 Steps to Write a Welcome Speech in English

Step 1

Initially, once you have stood behind the podium, try to have a careful look around. If there are not a lot of people, check who is sitting where. This makes it easier to address people properly later during the event.

If there is a huge audience, just check out the people you will need to address later. This is important because it gives you confidence and awareness.

Step 2

Now that you are confident enough about your environment, you are good to go. So, you can begin with a warm smile and a polite tone. First, introduce yourself and thank your audience for coming. Be humble and speak for a couple of minutes thanking and welcoming your guests.

For instance,

Good morning/ Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. It is wonderful to have you all on this wonderful day. It is me (insert name of the host), your host for today. On behalf of our respected principle (name of the principal) and my team, I am pleased to welcome you all to our auspicious event. I welcome dear parents, respected teachers and our guests. And I hope we will have a good time together.

Step 3

Then, address each special guest, take their names and pay tribute to their achievements. You can share stories that link you and the guest. But remember to take their permission before. If they do not feel comfortable in sharing the story, do not share.

Also, remember to double check the guests’ names, facts, and figures about them. And most importantly, check the correct pronunciation of your guests’ names.

Step 4

To make any event happen, there are contributions of various people and groups. After welcoming your guests, you should thank those who have contributed to making the event possible.

These people range from the organizers of the event to the people backstage working hard to make everything look perfect. Furthermore, if it is not possible to take each person’s name, take the names of their group only. But thank them for their contribution.

Step 5

Once you have thanked your audience for their presence and your team for their contribution, brace the purpose or goal of your event. Tell them why you all have gathered here that day. How the purpose of the event effects you and them. And how can you contribute something good to the purpose of the event.

Step 6

Share your personal view and hopes about the event and the purpose of the event. Besides, you can share your personal experiences about the topic of the day unless it does not make your event boring.

Step 7

Lastly, end your speech by wishing all your audience an enjoyable day. Let them know that you enjoy and appreciate their presence. Also, thank them for listing to you. For example,

Thank you so much for having me. I am extremely delighted and honored to be amongst the galaxy of intellectuals such as yours. It is an extremely beautiful day and I am happy to be sharing it with you.

Then, introduce the next person and leave with a warm smile on your face.

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Additional Welcome Speech Tips

Alongside the above steps for a welcome speech, there are some easy but beneficial tips I would like to share.

  1. Your welcome speech should be polite and predictable. Besides, avoid being benign and boring.
  2. Begin with a powerful and passionate introduction to grab your audience attention. Then, keep their attention throughout the event.
  3. Your beliefs and hopes about the event should be crystal clear with your welcome speech.
  4. Also, let your audience know why you are the person who should be welcoming them.
  5. Storytelling can be a great tool to keep your audience attentive throughout the event. So, tell them stories they can relate to.

A good welcome speech can help you make the perfect environment for your event. Learn the best way to welcome your guests’ step by step with additional tips.

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