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Comparing Script for Annual Function at School, College or University

Comparing Script for Annual Function

Too often, a compere loses his/her audience before he/she even gets to the core of service. Hosting a function is not easy if you don’t have a good comparing script format. If you are anxious about the script and don’t know what to say in the function, don’t worry in the article below you will find some best lines for comparing script for annual function.  I hope that the following comparing script helps you to create terrific openings and closings for the annual function.

Comparing Script for Annual Function

How to Start the annual function?

To start the annual function, you need to say some good lines to grab the attention of the audience right away. The first few lines of the script are incredibly important. Let’s explore some good lines to start the function, for instance; you can say the following sentences.

Good morning/afternoon/evening ladies and gentlemen, we are finally here, on behalf of the chairman, principal, vice principal, management, (insert name of the academy) staff, and students, I take this grand opportunity to welcome our eminent program inaugurator, guest of the owner, respect and hostel and food committee members, friends, and family to our (insert the number function).

(insert the name of the Academy) Believes that today’s education is tomorrow’s future for the child. We intend to own the inherence skills and personalities of the children; we make them globally competitive without burdening their brave innocent minds.

After spending a lot of time thinking about that beautiful shimmering image of the school, the stunning successful inspiration flaunts that the (insert the name of the academy) group is now one of the largest communities of the schools delivering the best-educated communication through their services to the children and therefore the society.

Ladies and gentlemen thank you for your presence here, and remember your encouragement is what will make your children cheerful, so please make sure parents, keep cheering all the children after every program.

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How to Ask the audience to Stand up for School/ National Anthem?

How to Ask the audience to Stand up for School/ National Anthem?
How to Ask the audience to Stand up for School/ National Anthem?

All the members of (insert the name of the academy) are requested to be on the stage for the school anthem. I ask all the members of (add the name of the academy) to be on the stage for the school anthem.

After the Anthem

Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, we are all like a big family, our staff, teachers, and every member of (insert the name of school) work together to be compassionate, and enthusiastic and make an excellent contribution to your children and get them on their toes.

How to Call the Principal on the Stage to Address?

How to Call the Principal on the Stage to address?
How to Call the Principal on the Stage to Address?

Thank you so much. I now give the floor to the principal (insert the name of the head) to please take the vote. Please ladies and gentlemen a big round of applause for the shining star of (add the name of school)

Sample Speech for Principal

Hello to every one of you. We are taking note today to pledge what we are going to do and how we are going to serve your children. And we really, want to change the face of this institution. We want to help your kids with sincerity, honesty, and diligence.

We are going to take a pledge today to say that we are going to take your children to the heights of education, we are going to mark and we are going to promise to see that the children will get 100% results in the coming examination.

The oath means to swear; we are going to swear on God today to pledge ourselves, how we are going to serve your children. I want all the staff to repeat to me the pledge or the oath.

We the staff of (insert the name of the academy) swear on God and solemnly promise that we will be faithful to our mission, to bring out the best in our students, we will be exam biliary in the discharge of our duties and responsibilities, we will guide our students, to be honest, sincere and disciplined citizens of (insert the name of your country), we will pass on a load of learning to our students and wing to trust, support and cooperation of parents and the community, and do our best to achieve our educational mission.

Honorable inaugurator of the program (insert the name here), guest of honors (insert the name here), special guests, students, and entire fidelity of (add the academy name) a splendid evening to all of you. The anticipation is over and the time has finally arrived (insert the name of the academy) to proudly celebrate the (insert the number annual program) and on behalf of (add the name of the academy) I take this honor and welcome all of you for the special evening. We are delighted to have our guests with us tonight, and they all have kindly consulted to grace the occasion. Their presence is our honor; we heartily welcome all of you to today’s annual program.

At this moment it’s a pleasure to address the enormous gathering of eminent people, I welcome you to the special evening of splendor, we promise you extra entertainment that is designed to entertain and lighten you with the performance of our students.

It’s no exaggeration to say that (insert the name of Academy) has become the new landmark of better education. You can witness it in its form, and as a principal of this institution, it’s my desire that (insert the name of the academy) should create milestones for academic achievement.

We need to create records that will remain in the history of education. We are going to deduce new academic policies to strengthen the teaching process to make every child excel in their studies.

Well, dear parents, I want to tell you the most important aspect of school is discipline. Indeed, discipline is indispensable in education. Discipline is to train the students in obedience and self-control.

It’s to enable the students to have controlled behavior in organized and systematic life. It has become our top responsibility to instill moral and ethical values that will make the students responsible members of society.

I would like to conclude by saying that this is not just a picture that we are giving, I assure you that it’s going to be a reality. You can virtualize the future, but it’s possible only with the support of our parents. We have an excellent parental body together the school will move forward to glory and glory.

Well, dear parents, I want to tell you, we need your blessings, every parent, and every child must remain till the last of the program, I request all of you, please be sited in your seats be relaxed, and enjoy the performance of our children.

Thank You.

After the Principal’s Speech

I thank the principal for such an inspirational speech. May I now request our vice principal (insert the name here) to address us all?

How to Thank the Principal/ Vice Principal?

Thank you, sir/ man, for sharing your precious and prices words.

How to Scout and Felicitate the Guests or Program Inaugurator?

To felicitate the guests or other eminent persons, you can dedicate any shield or present from the school side and welcome them with it. For instance, you can say the following lines

To move further, may I now request the principal to scout and felicitate our program inaugurator (insert the name here) may I now have a loud round of applause for them?

May I now request the vice principal to scout and felicitate our honorable chief guest (insert the name here), please give him/her a big hand to be present on the stage. Let the class be a little louder.

May I now request our assistant director Mr. Ms. (insert the name here) to scout and felicitate (insert the name of any eminent guest) can we have a big round of applause for him/her, please?

How to Call the Guest to Give Speech?

May I now request Mr. / Ms. to say a few words, please Sir/ Ms. I request you to be present on the stage and share your precious words.

Thank you, sir, we are equally honored to have you with us today here. May I now request Mr./Ms? To say a few words.

Thank you, sir, for sharing your inspiring words.

May I now request our activity in charge to felicitate the most senior and most precious one of our family and the most precious one, may I hear the thunder for him/her.

How to Call the Students to Perform on the Stage?

How to Call the Students to Perform on the Stage?
How to Call the Students to Perform on the Stage?

Ladies and gentlemen, the program inaugurators have organized many beautiful tableaus and exhibitions which will be performed by our magnificent students. Now to alter your impression I would like to call the students from (insert the class) to come on the stage and show their talent. Please, may I hear the thunder for them?

How to Announce the Position Holders?

How to Announce the Position Holders
How to Announce the Position Holders

To announce the position holders, initially, you should call any eminent personality on the stage to felicitate the student and present their awards.

To felicitate the position holders, I would like to call (insert the name here) on the stage. Please give him/her a big hand to be present here and present the appreciation awards to our diligent students.

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How to Close the Annual Function? 

In conclusion, you can use any technique that your audience should remember. Make sure to present your final show or message with power, polish, professionalism, and a positive tone to leave your audience feeling positive about your school and your staff members.

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