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Step by Step Anchoring Guide

Step by Step Anchoring Guide
Step by Step Anchoring Guide

An anchor is a person who hosts an event and having the main role in narrating or hosting a program at school, college, university or anywhere else. When you are selected to host an event, you need to understand your responsibilities beforehand. You need to make sure that your skills are perfect and get opportunities to interact with people from different fields. You must continuously improve speaking skills and what it requires for a successful event is a lot of effort, preparation, and well-written script. The following article is a step by step Anchoring guide for function.

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Step by Step Anchoring Guide


Yesterday was a dream, tomorrow is a vision,  but a day well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Carrying the same vision, we (insert name of the academy) family successfully completes 13 glorious and tremendous years of its existence.

Namashkar!!! Assalam-un-Alykom

(1st Anchor name) aur main (2nd Anchor name) Aaj ki is suhani sham mein aapka haardik abhinandan karte hain.

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Welcoming Guests and Audience

Anchoring Script for Welcoming Guests in the Function
Step by Step Anchoring Guide

We extend a very warm welcome to our honorable Chairperson Board of Directors, Respected Director Sir, Members of the Board of Governors, Members of the Senate, Members of the Finance Commision, Deans And Divisional Heads, Faculty And Staff Members and all our friends.

1st Anchor: We extend our heartiest welcome to the new members of our family, you are the hope, the forbearers of tomorrow, you carry the mantle. You are up for a breathing journey, enjoy the ride.

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2nd Anchor: (Insert inauguration date of the academy) the historical day when the foundation stone of our institution was laid. Its amazing to how we transformed from small rented premises in the (insert the address) Campus to a full-fledged innovative campus renowned for its marvelous infrastructure in such a short span of time.

1st Anchor:  Our institution was conferred the deemed university status in_________ and since then there has been no looking back. What more proof do we need that it has grown from a handful in a mere span of time.

Calling Chairperson for a Speech

How to Call the Principal on the Stage to address?
Step by Step Anchoring Guide

After inviting the guests on to the dais and honoring them with bouquets, it is our tradition to have a welcome address. The anchor may invite someone representing the institute to welcome the guests and all the invitees one by one. You can use the following lines:

I would now request our Chairperson of Cultural Affairs to please escort our honorable to the die for the welcome address. Please, Sir.


Now we are going to listen and the most distinguished personality well versed shrewd personality none other than our chairperson and good excellent orator to address the audience.

Sample Welcome Speech:

The essential elements to cover in your welcome speech are:

  • to specifically acknowledge any important guests to generally welcome all the guests, stating the name of the event and host and thank them for coming
  • and to give a brief introduction of the host
  • to give a brief introduction of the occasion
  • and to give any especial welcomes i.e., to the important guests
  • to introduce the next speaker if appropriate


I am really privileged to have the pleasant task of welcoming the distinguished gathering for the academy annual day celebrations 2k18. On behalf of the (insert the name of your academy) and on my own behalf, I warmly and respectfully welcome the chief guest Mr,/Miss (insert the name here). We are highly honored that you are amongst us today and we are indeed, grateful to him/her for graciously and readily accepting our invitation. We are eagerly looking for his address.

Let me extend my thanks to Mr./Miss (insert the name here) who had always been with us and his presence is always a morale boost for us. I thank him for making his presence despite his busy schedule.

And a warm word of welcome to (insert the name and position) we are waiting with full of ebullience to listen to your motivational words. A hearty welcome to our principal (insert the name). He has an indomitable spirit to maintain the discipline. His personal academic achievements are a source of motivation for us.

Now, I am pleased to invite all the committed teaching and non-teaching staff of (insert the name of the academy). My word of welcome goes next to all the invitees, the parents and the vibrant students of (insert the name of the academy).”I thank you all for attending .i look forward to wonderful events to follow. Thank you”

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After the Speech:

Thank you, sir, your enlightened words would always enshrine in our hearts.

“Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.”

So friends try your best for success, try to be as efficient as possible. I wish you all the very best. Ladies and gentleman let’s contribute to the success of this management fest, tet’s create a history…


How to Call the Students to Perform on the Stage?
Step by Step Anchoring Guide

Now it’s activity time.

Dance:  Without taking much of your time, permit us to call our talented students to perform on the stage. There will be a fan dance by kids from class__________. The dance involves  various movements, figures and mesmerizing formations which engrosses its audience to the core.)

That was indeed a lovely performance. How captivating! the poetry of footsteps !! A blend of cosmic tune and divine music. 

Now HOLD YOUR BREATH FOR another dance performance CANDLE DANCE which perhaps is one of the oldest dance forms in the world. Dancing with flames bring us to a more elemental and
archetypical state of mind. This mesmerizing, powerful and alluring candle dance

performance requires full body integration.

Wow! incredible. The young dancers really held everyone captive. An essay on creativity. A firework of rapid moving steps. Awesome!

More Phrases: 

  • Now we are going to have a very flamboyant and raucous event.
  • Now, we are going to have a rocking performance by____________.
  • Let’s give a big round of applause to___________, who is going to sing a melodious song for us.
  • That was a splendid performance b___________.
  • It was an incredible dancing performance by__________.
  • Wow… what an amazing performance.

How to Request the Guest to Address the Audience

Developing Vocal Variety in Speech
Step by Step Anchoring Guide

In most of the events after covering some activities, the anchor calls the guest to come on the stage and address to the audience. To do so, you can use the following lines:

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, we rarely get this kind of an opportunity to listen to the words of great personality Mr./Ms/Sir/Smt/Dr./Prof______________________, So let us have the privilege of listening to the message of Mr./Ms/Sir/Smt/Dr./Prof____________________
  • I Invite Mr./Ms/Sir/Smt/Dr./Prof____________ to address the gathering
  • Now, let us have the pleasure of listening to the opening remarks of the Honourable principal.

After the Speech:

  • That was really an inspiring speech. Sir, On behalf of all the students of our college, I promise to put your words into practice
  • Thank you, sir, for your cogent message, we are charmed by your sharp eloquence.
  • Sir/madam, I thank you for making such a thought-provoking speech.
  • Thank you, sir/madam, we have now come to know your secret of success, you have just now preached what you have practiced. I assure you that we would follow in your footsteps to reach the stars.
  • That was really an amazing speech, wasn’t it (to the audience…).  Sir/Madam, I must tell you that you have got the gift of the gab (ability to speak easily and confidently in a way that makes people want to listen to you and believe you).
  • Thank you, sir… Thank you for your words of wisdom.

Prize Distribution

Prize Distribution Script in English
Step by Step Anchoring Guide

Success is the maximum utilization of the ability that you have.

We now have the prizes for the competitions and events organized by the various classes. We thank all the organizers and members for their distinct contribution to the co-curriculum memorandum of our institution.

  • To honor the abilities of__________students and to praise them. I would like to call upon our respected………………….to give away the prizes.
  • Now it’s time to honor our students who excelled in academic part. I request our Chief guest to honor, the class toppers.
  • Studies while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing, and dream while others are wishing. Proving the proverb our students have excelled in various competitions.
  • Any man’s life will be filled with constant and unexpected encouragement if he makes up his mind to do his level best each day. With the same zeal and enthusiasm, our students have achieved great height in various fields of education.

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“Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.”

So friends try your best for success, try to be as efficient as possible. And as said by one of the greatest philosophers of all time Socrates “The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.” So I would like to thank all of you to be a part of this event.

I wish you all the very best.  Thank you one and all.

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