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Anchoring Script for Retirement Function | Retiring Memento | Felicitation

After many years of service and contribution to an organization or institution finally, the time has to announce retirement. If you want to honor the retiring staff and have a retirement function, this article will help you to show respect and pay tribute to your retiring staff. Whether you have this function in your organization, company, school, college, or university, the following anchoring script for retirement function will help you from the opening of the program to the conclusion.

Anchoring Script for Retirement Function

A very good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone present here. Ladies and gentlemen on behalf of (name of the authorized person/head) I am your host for this program (hostname) and I extend a very warm and hearty welcome to each one of you all here. It’s a beautiful time, isn’t it? Yes, indeed, it’s and all of you are looking amazingly nice, gorgeous, handsome guys and blazers wonderful.

Well, first I would like to thank you all for taking the time out of your heavy schedules and marking this spectacular function with your glorious presence. Thank you so much for coming today.

Ladies and gentlemen, we all know why we have been gathered here for. Today we have all gathered here as a family to honor, appreciate and pay tribute to the most precious and beloved member(s) of this organization/institute on their retirement day.

Yes, one of our hardworking, gorgeous, and charming members is retiring today. I know everyone within the organization is unhappy to bid goodbye, but meanwhile, we are pleased that he/she would now be able to give time for his/her family and friends.

Mr./Mrs……………… worked in this organization/institution for about 35 years and he/she gave a great contribution and coordinated in the growth, headway, and expansion of this organization. I know his/her dedication and commitment and all his/her attitude toward, tasks have been an inspiration for all the employees within the organization.

Welcome Speech or Presidential Address

Ladies and gentlemen, now I would like to invite Mr./Mrs. (Name here) a well-known person who barely needs an introduction to deliver a presidential address. Please a big round of applause.

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After the Speech: Thank you so much Sir./Madam for sharing the precious and kind words.

Although today we will bid goodbye to Mr./Mrs…….. but the kind of contribution, culture, and attitude he has built shall stay with us forever. Dear Sir./Madam/(Retiring name) your life’s golden phase is about to start. May God bless you to fulfill all your personal aspirations through your retirement! live your dreams as much as you can. Happy Retirement! Sir./Madam.

Felicitating the Gathering

To felicitate the gathering and retiring staff, now let me invite our president, the most beloved Mr./Mrs. (Name here) who is a very familiar and famous face among all of us? Please put your hands to gather. Thank you Sir./Madam for the kind and precious words.

To the retiring staff. We hope you will enjoy every minute of this next phase. May your retirement life be the best part of your life, yet. Dear Sir./Madam, for your dedication and hard work, you deserve the best retirement ever. Enjoy this journey of your life and cherish every moment and have fun!

Honoring Retiring Staff Member

Now the wait is over and here comes the most awaited moment of the function. After (Years of service, eg: 25) years of service and contribution to the organization/institution, our dear most beloved staff/colleague Mr./Mrs. (Name here) is going to retire from his/ her official life. With all love and respect, I want to invite our beloved (Name/title) to address the gathering.

Thank you so much Sir./Madam for sharing precious words I know everyone present here loved listening to you.

Retiring Blessings And Wishes

You started on this journey, so many years ago, and now it’s time to leave behind dear friends you have come to know!

It seems to me that this was more than just a job to you. The passion and the love you have for working shine right through.

You taught me that there is more to life than being at the top. It’s in how you choose to get there, that the blessings never stop.

You encouraged them to do their best and never mind their peers, to choose the straight and narrow, and to overcome their fears.

I have often thought about how powerful your influence must be. You turned each student’s world of dreams into possibilities!

Now I pray God keeps you safe and well, wherever you may turn, surrounded by your beloved ones living out the dreams you have earned.

So never waste time wishing that you could have done much more… time to watch those seeds you planted grow to trust God for what’s in store!

Let’s Celebrate!

  • Thank you for all the hours you spend.
  • The attention you give.
  • Needs that you tend and knowledge you pass on.
  • Your special touch offers guidance, undaunted by much.
  • The time you spend planning, the efforts you make.
  • Angles to learning, chances you take.
  • Here’s to our staff members. Each one is recognized now and we salute them!

“Now as you retire, we are going to miss our great colleague who use to entertain us while working hard to take away our pressure”

“Thank you for providing an atmosphere of motivation in the workplace. You are one of the most organized, motivating people that I know. We will miss you congratulations”

“We will miss you, our wonderful, knowledgeable colleague with entertaining life lessons that lessen our work pressure. Enjoy your retirement!”

“You fulfilled all your professional ambitions. Now is the time to achieve your personal aspirations. Retirement is the start of life’s golden phase. Give your childhood dreams one final chase. HAPPY RETIREMENT!”

Presenting Retiring Staff a Memento

Once again I am pleased to wish Mr./Mrs. (Name) a new journey of success and happiness in a new page of his/her life. May you be showered with abundant opportunities to do what your heart desires. Now let me invite Mr./Mrs….. to present our retiring staff a memento as a token of gratitude remembering all the service he/she rendered. I request beloved Mr./Mrs….. to receive the memento.

Thank you! Once I wish happy retirement.

We have come to the end of this beautiful and formal function, I would like to thank all of you for finding time to take part in our happiness.

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