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How to Arrange and Organize School or College Function

After every trimester or year, a function is held by organizations or institutes to bring together people, students, parents, and all staff members and celebrate the past year’s or term’s achievements, and honor the students and staff members of the institute. A successful function can put a positive impact on the institute’s value because you are going to represent the consequence of the whole year’s achievements and gain the satisfaction of the audience as well as the people to count on your institute. A successful event comes from arranging and organizing the function beforehand. In this article, I have written common events and arrangements needed for a successful function which will help you a lot to arrange and organize a successful function in your school, college, or any organization.

How to Arrange and Organize School or College Function

There are few things that are very significant before the function and during the function. You have to be very clear about everything from arrangements to the function beginning and to the conclusion. The following tips and ideas will help you step by step from scratch to the conclusion of the function.

1. Making a Checklist

The first and foremost thing which is the key to a successful function is making a checklist of the function and the whole theme of the function where you need to include all the tasks which need to be done by the participants, organizers, and committee. Below I have listed an example of a checklist, you can check and arrange everything considering the duration of the function.

  • Make committee members finalize the details
  • Select 2 anchors or compere to host the event and discuss the theme of the event
  • Rehearsal of compere
  • Invite chief guest and guest of honor at least a week before the event
  • Assign duty to the participants and organizers and ask them to be ready in time
  • Assign duty to prefects for the function discipline
  • Select press committee
  • Arrangements for ceremonies during the event like lighting lamp welcoming guests…
  • Purchasing awards or prizes for the participants and position holders
  • Sending Invitation cards to the parents, guests, and other different personalities
  • Appointment of the event participants and students who are going to perform on the stage
  • Arrangement for refreshments for VIP guests or parents
  • All the speeches by the students or anyone
  • Cleaning after the event
  • Letter of thanks to special guests for coming to the function and taking some photographs
  • Arranging all the types of equipment needed for the function like chairs, table, tent, sound system, Mic, and UPS in advance.

When you have included all the tasks of the event in the checklist and assigned duties to the committee, organizers, and participants, observe everything and make sure they are ready and prepared beforehand. In addition, try to call a brief meeting of all staff and the committee on the morning of the program day.

Script and Theme For the Function

Making a perfect checklist isn’t enough for a successful event. When all the arrangements are completed and duties are assigned, the other significant thing that you have to concentrate on is the theme and script for the function. You don’t need to go anywhere, below I have provided the scripts from the commencement to the conclusion of the event. You can click on the given links, find your favorite lines and sentences and add them to your anchoring script.

How to Start the Event

Commencement and opening is by far the most essential moment in every performance. Making a good first impression in the commencement and opening and try to be confident, enthusiastic and gain the attraction of your audience in the beginning. Check the examples of best commencement in opening remarks in the link below.

How to Welcome the Invited Guests and Audience

Invited guests, parents, and all other personalities are the main and important part of the event. They need to be facilitated, honored, and welcomed with bouquets and flowers. Moreover, arrange some refreshments for invited guests like juice, tea, water, also food after the function. You can read the scrips on how to welcome invited guests in the link below.

Participants Performance in the Function

To entertain the audience you need to add some entertaining performance in the event. You can add actions like tableau, dance, drama, singing, and talent show by students. Read the scripts in the link below.

Speech/ Debate Contest

You can also add formal discussion on a particular topic among students to discuss formally on a given topic. In addition, you might call the principal or the invited guests for the speech on the stage. Find the script in the link below for the debate competition.

How to Honor Students With Awards

Indeed, functions are one of the most awaited events of the year in any school or college. Students and participants are excited about the event, especially the position holders who are eagerly waiting to receive the result and achievement awards. Moreover, the participants and staff members are to be felicitated with awards and prizes. Check the scrips for prize distribution given in the link below.

How to End the Event

Let’s make the end of the formal function with a vote of thanks and appreciation and gratitude to all those who make this evening a grand success.
I request -Mr……………….–to propose the vote of thanks.

One in the end I want to thank the invited guests, principal, parents, students who made this day a memorable and enjoyable day. All the participants, organizer, and performers had done their best to made this possible.

Thank you all for everything and wish you all the best!

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