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How to Write an Excellent Speech – 10+ Tips of Writing Perfect Speech

How to Write an Excellent Speech
How to Write an Excellent Speech

Do you really want to write an excellent speech? Indeed, writing a speech does not differ from writing an assignment because in both of them you have to convey your message to your audience. But you are worried because you want to receive a good impression or respond from your audience. Don’t worry because we have plenty of tips and tricks for you to write a perfect speech without any errors.

What do you think a speech should be like? A speech must be concise and interesting. Writing an effective speech needs a lot of hard work and effort. You must write a speech with your full concentration because you will have to deliver it in front of your audience. The most effective tip for writing the best speech is practicing several times. Your goal must be to convey what is written in the paper because the more you write, the more you will be able to approach a better speech.

In the 21st century, if you are a student or businessman, then you are compelled to write a speech for a successful career and good grades in school. The list of the tips and tricks that I have written below will help you write an effective speech by entertaining your audience and for understanding them. Here I have brought 10 tips to write a good speech as follow:

How to Write an Excellent Speech

1. Select a Topic And Generate Ideas

To generate your ideas you need a place outside of your brain to keep these ideas.  Some of the best places to collect your ideas are low-tech. For example, I carry around an idea notebook. I jot down ideas, articles, and stories on a daily basis. I also keep super sticky notes in my car and purse at all times. The stickies can also come in handy for storyboarding ideas.

I also use higher-tech approaches to idea-collection. For example, when I know I’m going to craft a speech, I instantly create a cloud-based word processing file with the title of my presentation. This does two things. First, it activates my creative brain to start looking for ideas that might relate to the topic. Second, every time I encounter an idea that relates to the topic, I enter it into the file. You can use any word processing program of course, but I like to use a cloud base program because I can access it from any device that I might have in front of me.

2. Research Your Topic

When you want to research your topic, get it right. Be very cautious while searching for your topic. Try to relate your topic with your research because there are numerous studies and sources to choose from. Researching the topic is essential because a false statement can compel your audience to lose interest and raise their dreaded comments like: that’s not the way we have heard it and where did you search it from? You will have to escape from there calmly. Because there will not remain any other choice for you, therefore, be prepared with full information about your topic.

3. Know Your Audience

Who is in your audience? You need to get as much information as you can about your audience. Their beliefs, thoughts, and interests. Find out how do they react while you discuss their favorite topic? The more you know, the more likely you will find a topic that entertains your audience. The topic you select is to benefit them and provide value. Remember your content is the key to creating an interesting speech that your audience love.

4. Write Hooks to Get Your Audience’s Attention

Getting the audience’s attention from the very first is the most important thing one can do in proving speech the best. Without grabbing their attention, you have already lost their interest which means that your speech is a flop. You can grab their attention easily by using hooks related to your topic so that your audience should get interested to guess what your surprise is for them.

In movies, we have commercials to make the audience excited for the next scene or part of the movie. Similarly, we have hooks for making our writing flawless and make them excited for the upcoming twist or part of the speech. The opening line of our speech matters the most therefore, we ought to write down a hook in order to let the audience decide whether he/she wants to listen from us or not. Also, check the guides in the given link for speaking better in public.

5. Use Transitions to Shorten Your Sentences

Transitions make your points connected and linked with one another. When you don’t include transitions in your speech, then your writing seems incomplete and weird. Especially, if you want to help your audience understand everything clearly. If you want your audience to explore your speech and find it interesting, then make sure to include transitions in your writing. We have numerous transitions in the English Language go and check them out, they might help you save your audience from misunderstandings too. Use transitions like: (then, after, in fact, therefore, although and firstly) to shorten your sentences and add to its beauty.

6. Be Concise and Clear

Instead of using tough and complicated words, try to use simpler words that can express the same meaning as the tough one. But the difference is that your speech will be clear and easy for your audience to perceive. Why don’t you prefer simpler words rather than tough ones? The truth is that whenever I myself see any content with tough vocabularies, I skip them and go in search of a simpler one so that I perceive it. Stick to simpler words to clear everything for your audience. Avoid writing longer sentences in your speech because the best speech must be short and simple. A speech should not be like a presentation long and complicated. A speech should be for five-six minutes not more than that.

7. Avoid the Reputation of Words in Your Writing

Mostly, nouns are repeated time and again in writing although we have pronouns for replacing them. But no one cares about it. Repeating a word more than one time can compel your reader to skip your speech and make it a flop. Therefore, try not to repeat words in speech writing. Some prefer repeating words in their speech because they believe that repeating more than one time can emphasize the word which they have written. In fact, reputation can make your speech boring. Imagine, if I repeat one tip again and again, then will you be willing to read my articles any more? Of course, no because everything seems good for the first time. Therefore, try to avoid reputations.

8. Make an Outline or Draft

What is the importance of making an outline? The importance of making an outline is being able to select the main points out of the whole topic. Before writing the speech directly, try to make an outline for it because when you make a draft, you can edit your speech, can notice the errors easily for rectifying. You can add extra points of view if needed. You can only write a good speech when you take some precautions for that. And making a draft is the precautionary measure you have to take. As well as you will not be bothered to rewrite everything again.

9. Avoid Mentioning Several Quotes

Make sure to explain each point with one quote not more than that. Learn to limit yourself while you write something. Mention quotes that are very easy to follow for your audience otherwise, your speech will be confusing and unclear for them. Each quote must support your argument and idea. Mention quotes that simple words are used in it so that your audience can be able to understand the theme of your title in a better way.

10. Write it Down

Finally, it is the time to write your speech neatly. When you are done with all the tips we discussed above, you are ready to write down your speech and submit it. So take out the main points from your outline and arrange your thoughts very well. Shorten sentences while you write it on the paper. Arrangement of the speech takes place in this step of writing therefore, be careful so that you don’t miss or add something extra in this step.

11. Re-check your speech

As everything has to be rechecked, the speech should also be checked because by rechecking, we can confirm whether the speech is great or not. Everything must be once rechecked because it is the final step of the process. Rechecking means going through the whole speech thoroughly and it gives a good result. Never hesitate while writing down something. The main part of best writing starts from here because it is the step where you realize your talent and can accept how amazing you write. Everything gets clear in the second turn. Just always try to appreciate your work matters not how ugly and disappointing you write.

Speech writing is actually really challenging as compare to other writings because you are going to face your audience. No one wants to be ashamed of writing or experiencing a very bad speech therefore, try to follow the tips and tricks we recommend. Everything has some tips for becoming the best if we follow.

What do you think about this article? What else do you recommend others to do and what else have I missed to mention? Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.

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