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How to Speak Better in Public

Speaking in public is quite anxious for most of the students for the first time, I remember when I was given this task in our class, I used to hesitate initially, but little by little after giving many speeches I built my confidence and reduced the anxiety which I had. Top ways how to speak better in public are discussed here:

How to Speak Better in Public
How to Speak Better in Public

How to Speak Better in Public

1. Give a confident introduction
Great and Introduce yourself briefly to the audience, the audience want to know who you are.
Tell them about your name and qualification. Make a good first impression, we will never make a second chance of making first impression, first impression makes our image in others persons mind, so always we have to give our introduction in impressive way.

2. Give your credential or introduce your topic
Some people make this mistake of starting their speech with just saying the title, the people want to know your credential at beginning of your speech, you have to short evaluate your credential statement.
You can tart your Speech with asking question or telling a short story to grab the audience attention.

3. Deliver your hook
You have to tell them what they are going to get from your speech, your hook must be something that they are going to believe what they want, what they are going to get. You have to captivate them, why they are going to listen to you for the rest of your speech.

4. Speak clearly and confidently
Are you nervous when giving a speech?
When you are nervous you speak quickly and you mumble and you don’t say the words clearly, that’s the nervous factor. In order to captivate the audience you have to speak clearly and confidently with a loud voice .

How to reduce the nervousness/ anxiety?

It is impossible to memorize everything but practice makes everything ready.
Reading from paper will put bad impact on your speech, the more you practice the more confident you will become. The more presentation you make and the more speeches your nervousness and anxiety will hopefully reduce.

5. Smile
No one likes a person who doesn’t smile and we all look beautiful while smiling so why not smile, always smile towards your audience and your audience will like you.
6. Eye Contact
You must make eye contact with the audience and it should not be a lengthy one, it should be 2 to 3 seconds, otherwise, the person will feel uncomfortable, if you can not make eye contact, look over the forehead of the person or over the nose, the person will think that you are making eye contact.

7. Use slides and pictures
To make your speech more interesting or nobody falls a sleep, use or do anything to hold the audience interest during the speech.for instance you can make slide or show pictures related to your subject and play it on projector for the audience, If one person just talk it is going to be boring and nobody is going to listen.

8. Body movement and gesture
Sometimes when giving speech we move a lot that’s a factor of nervousness, but we must have a little movement while giving presentation or teaching because people are just watching you.

Hope the tips on how to give a good presentation or speech were helpful, please leave a comment below.

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