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Best Starting Lines for Speech or Presentation

Best Starting Lines for Speech or Presentation
Best Starting Lines for Speech or Presentation

The starting lines for speech or presentation is the most important factor of a good speech or presentation. As it’s said that you will never get a second chance of the first impression because the first impression makes your image in the mind of the audience and it is going clarify that you worth listening to for the rest of your speech. Hence you have to make a good first impression and start your speech with good lines. Read the following best starting lines for speech or presentation to have the best introduction for your speech or presentation.

Best Starting Lines for Speech or Presentation

What are the first words you should say in a speech and what are the last words you should say in a speech? More than 90 % of good speakers will start their speech in one of the following ways to engage the audience within your speech.

1. Start Your Speech With a Question

Start your speech with an open-ended question that matters to the audience. How do you phrase the problem that the audience faces in a question? When you ask a question the audience will be engaged and think of the best answer. And remember the question must be related to your topic.

2. Start With Shocking Statment

The second best way of starting a speech is by saying any shocking statement. As the following lines:

  • There are more people alive today than have ever died.
  • Every 2 minutes the energy reaching the earth from the sun is equivalent to the whole annual usage of humanity. All the energy, all the cars everything moving and all the lighting all air conditioning of the world in one year is equivalent to the 2 minutes of sun.

So what can be more facts that shock the audience into rethinking? Try to stat with this kind of shocking statement to engage the audience at the beginning of your speech.

3. Start With Telling a Story

Other best way to start a speech or presentation is the same way as we start telling a story to a child. Now how do we start a story with a child?

Once upon a time and what happens when you say once upon a time. When you say once upon a time the listeners will lean forward and gets ready to hear and engage. And we are trained as kids to know when a story is coming.

  • For instance, Last time I was in this room there were 120 people in the room and I was having a little conversation with one of the world experts on public speaking and he said something to me, he said something to me this had me thinking ever since. He said something to me that changed what I think about what is important in speaking.

Now if a person tells you this statement while giving a speech about public speaking then you all will want to know what he said. So if you can tell a story from your own life that connects you to why this topic is important to you. The stories like these will start to connect you to the audience because stories are about the people and all like to know about the people.

And in your own life, what does the quality of life mean, what sacrifices have you made to achieve something that was more important and if you can tell stories and the audience connect with those stories then they want to hear what you have to say.

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