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English Listening Exercises for All Levels

English Listening Exercises for All Levels
English Listening Exercises for All Levels

The listening module is a major part of learning a new language. Indeed, learning a language starts with listening. If we consider when a child is born, he/she listens and listens then little by little he becomes to speak. Hence if you are an ESL student or teacher searching for listening exercises, in the article below we have accomplished English listening exercises for all levels. Whether you have just started learning English, you are an intermediate level student or advanced learners, the following listening exercises are used to enhance your listening skills.

English Listening Exercises for All Levels

Basic English Listening Exercises

  1. The Charity Show
  2. Diana’s New Job
  3. The Job Interview 
  4. Vacation Stress
  5. The Inspector Calls
  6. Best Friends
  7. Bored Betty 
  8. Bored Betty 2
  9. Evening Classes 
  10. Choices
  11. Sports Roundup
  12. Haybridge Hall
  13. Parent/Teacher Meeting
  14. The Answering Machine Complaint
  15. Eavesdropping
  16. Here Is The News
  17. The Room-Mates
  18. Democracy In Action
  19. Love Is In The Air
  20. Global Change
  21. Getting Away From It All 
  22. Far From The Office
  23. A Helping Hand
  24. The Island Of Vanuatu
  25. The Island Of Vanuatu 2
  26. The Roommates 2
  27. Global Change 2
  28. The Home Fort 2
  29. A Democratic Right
  30. Remembering A Life 

Intermediate English Listening Exercises

  1. College Roommates
  2. Movie Show Times 
  3. Carpet Cleaning 
  4. Pizza Delivery  
  5. Smart Phones
  6. Sleeping Problem
  7. Snacks and Candy
  8. Snow Skiing
  9. Summer Vacation
  10. Street Market
  11. Interview with an Actress
  12. The Pet Caterer
  13. A Survival Story
  14. Online Perils
  15. Turn Off That Light
  16. Read All About It
  17. Anger Behind The Wheel
  18. Film Fanatics
  19. A Writer Talks
  20. Friends From 9 To 5

Advanced English Listening Exercises

Advanced English listening exercises are for those ESL students who have completed the basic course of English and have a good vocabulary and listening power. Here we recommend going for IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or Four Corners listening exercises. They are having a lot of exercises for different levels and best for all levels of ESL students.

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