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How to Learn a New Language From Subtitles of Movies

Have you ever thought of learning a new language without taking a class? You might be searching for the best way to learn a language quickly and easily. Indeed, learning a new language is not an easy task, it takes a lot of effort and time. In fact, there are a lot of aspects to focus on, in order to learn a new language for this purpose people mostly take a special class. But there is another method which can help you enhance and improve any language you learn. Yes, “SUBTITLES” In this article, I am going to tell you how to learn a new language from subtitles.

Advantages of Watching Movies with subtitles

  1. It Increases reading speed and listening comprehension
  2. Enhance your speaking power
  3. Make you learn more vocabularies, slangs, and idioms
  4. Improve your grammar skill
  5. Helps you improve your communication skills

So let’s have a glance over some useful and best tips to follow in order to learn a new language from subtitles and transcripts.

How to Learn a New Language From Subtitles

1. First Watch a Video/ Movie Without Subtitle

When you watch any video in your target language, initially, turn of the captions or subtitles if you can. Some resources like YouTube gives you this option to turn off the subtitles, if you don’t have the option to turn off the subtitles, just ignore it first and focus on the video.

Check how much do you comprehend in the first time view. Doing so will help you to focus mainly on the language and video itself and meanwhile assists you to improve your listening power too. Moreover, sometimes you can guess the meaning of a word that you don’t understand from the action or picture of the video.

Don’t worry if you don’t comprehend some new words, phrases or slangs, just practice watching without subtitles and make this your habit to understand the new language without any support.

2. Turn on the Subtitles and Watch Again

If you think, there are a lot of words, phrases, and slangs that you didn’t get from the video, watch the video with subtitles this time. Turn on the subtitles and watch it again meanwhile focus on the accent, pronunciation of the new words, phrases, and slangs. How they are used and when you can use them in your daily conversation.

3. Note Down the New Words, Idioms, Phrases, and Grammar Rules

Students mostly forget new vocabulary they just learned in the recent past. One of the best ways to remember whatever you learn is by noting it down on your notebook or note-taking apps on your cell phones and using it meanwhile you speak.

Hence, whenever you learn something new from subtitles, try to note it down in your notebook. This way you can refer back to whatever you have learned next time you watch the video again. Moreover, you can practice using them in your daily conversation too.

4. Turn the Subtitles Back off and Watch

You have watched the video many times and noted the words and phrases. Now that you are familiar with those new words and phrases, this time again turn the subtitles back off and watch the video. Meanwhile focus on the words, slangs and phrases you have noted, how they are pronounced, and used in a sentence.

Doing so will reinforce you to learn and become more familiar with those new words and remember them.

5. Print out the Subtitles, Read and Record Your Voice

When listening to any English documentaries or podcasts, print out the subtitles, then read and record your voice. Listen back to your recording and compare yourself with the main source. This helps you find out your weaknesses and rectify your mispronounced words and make your accent look like a native speaker.

More Helpful Tips:

Watch Short Videos

Watching short videos tend to be entertaining, short, and tend to have less tough vocabularies. As well as, a two or four-minute of the video is far better than an hour of drama that in the end, you do not perceive anything from. For beginners, I highly recommend these types of videos to watch with subtitles it will be easier for them to learn quickly.

Watch Your Favorite Series

Watching your favorite series, again and again, will not make you bored down and meanwhile, it seems more interesting for you. In addition, watching your favorite series will make it easier for you to learn new words and phrases.

Use a Dictionary

Dictionary is a very helpful tool especially when you prefer self-study and want to learn a new language. It will help you clarify the meanings of different words, phrases, and vocabulary and use them in your sentences. Some dictionaries show the synonyms and antonyms of a word which will enhance your vocabulary knowledge and you will also learn the different functions o word.

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Subtitles are a fun way to truly learn a new language. Learning a new language with subtitles is the easiest and cheapest way to improve without wasting your money or time. As well as learning a new language can benefit you a lot. And can open up the door of numerous opportunities for you all. By following the tips mentioned above, you can learn a new language only with the help of subtitles. Were these tips helpful? If yes, then please let us know in the comments section. And comment down what you all want to read next. For further articles and updates please stay tuned.

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