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Best Tips To Improve Listening Skills

Best Tips To Improve Listening Skills
Best Tips To Improve Listening Skills

When we learn a language, there are four skills that we need for complete communication. When we learn our native language, we usually learn to listen first, then to speak then to read, and finally to write. These are called the four language skills. Here we will take a look at top 5 best tips to improve listening skills.

Top 5 tips to improve your listening skills for ESL learners who want to take any English listening test especially IELTS “ International English Language Testing System” test and score a good band. You can read more about the IELTS and IELTS Tests in our page.
Actually learning a language starts from listening. Suppose when a child is born he starts learning a language from listening to others, When others talk to the children they listen first then little by little they begin to speak, So listening is the first and foremost role in learning a language.

Best Tips To Improve Listening Skills

1. Improve your listening skills with familiarity with spoken English.
The first and foremost thing that plays a vital role in improving listening skills is improving your familiarity with spoken English. It is easy to understand by reading a passage than listening to a passage, because in listening to a passage you have to deal (by listening to) with spoken English. So the more you listen to spoken English the more you will improve in your listening Skills.

2. Learn Correct Pronunciation
Learning correct pronunciation carries prime important role. If you don’t know the correct pronunciation of  a particular word, you will not be able to recognize the same word when you listen to it.
Learning accent of native speaker and familiarizing yourself to it contribute a lot to improve your listening skill. The accent of learner of a language may be a bit different from that of native speaker. That is why it is a bit difficult for learners to communicate with native speakers in proper way.

3. What to listen?

For improving this aspect you have a lot of options i.e listening to English songs, English News, Movies, Documentary programs, talking to natives or mutual discussion in class.

4. Listen to yourself
Record yourself speaking English using your computer or phone. Take a title and speak about 3 to 5 minuets do it everyday, then play back and listen to yourself find your weakness in pronunciation and accent and come with a term and rectify your mistakes.

5. Practice Everyday
Listen to audio or video in English everyday and repeat after it, When you listen to something in English for the first time, your goal is just to understand the main ideas. If you listen to the same thing again, you can pay attention to other details: what words the speakers used, their pronunciation, what mistakes they made. Listening to the same thing again and again allows you to listen more deeply, and go for it everyday in order to improve your listening skills.

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