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General Knowledge Questions with Answers for ESL Students

In the article below I cover a collection of general knowledge questions with answers for ESL students. The ESL teachers can use them when teaching ESL, TEFL, TESOL.

General Knowledge Questions with Answers for ESL Students
General Knowledge Questions with Answers for ESL Students

General Knowledge Questions with Answers for ESL Students

  1. The largest bird alive is the                                                                                (Ostrich)
  2. Who invented the television                                                                             (John Logie Baird)
  3. The smallest bird alive is the                                                                             (Hummingbird)
  4. Which company is owned by Bill Gates                                                       (Microsoft)
  5. Who discovered radium                                                                                      (The Curies)
  6. An animal doctor is called a                                                                              (Veterinarian)
  7. How many arms an octopus has                                                                     (Eight)
  8. What animal lives in a dry                                                                                (Squirrel)
  9. Which country do Sinologists study                                                              (China)
  10. The arms of the octopus are called                                                                 (Tentacles)
  11. The fastest moving land snake in the world is the                                   (Black Mamba)
  12. A group of lions is called a                                                                                  (Pride)
  13. In which country would you find the Negev desert                                (Israel)
  14. Animals having backbone (vertebra) are known as                               (Vertebrates)
  15. Albatross is a large                                                                                                 (Seabird)
  16. What animal lives in a drey                                                                                (Squirrel)
  17. A small fish having a head like that of a horse is known as                  (Seahorse)
  18. The bird which lays more than 100 eggs in one nest is the                  (Ostrich)
  19. The largest Kangaroo in the world is the                                                     (Red Kangaroo)
  20. The only mammal that can fly is the                                                              (Bat)
  21. Austrian scientist Konrad Lorenz is famous for                                      (Study on Geese)
  22. Bharatpur bird sanctuary is situated in                                                         (Rajasthan)
  23. The fish which is known as the king of fishes is the                                 (Shark)
  24. The world’s largest aquarium is the                                                                (Sydney Aquarium)
  25. The tallest living animal is the                                                                           (Giraffe)
  26. The largest living animal is the                                                                          (Rorqual or blue whale)
  27. The continent which is known as the land of Kangaroo is                  (Australia)
  28. The first forest show was established in Mexico in the year                (1898)
  29. The country in which Yak is found is                                                             (Tibet)
  30. The country in which kiwi is found is                                                            (New Zealand)
  31. What is the staple food of one-third of the world’s population            (Rice)
  32. A two-humped camel is called                                                                            (A Bacteria camel)
  33. The fastest land animal is the                                                                             (Cheetah)
  34. The largest land animal is the                                                                             (African bush elephant)
  35. Rat snakes are found in                                                                                         (South-East Asia)
  36. A common domesticated animal which cannot taste sweet is the    (Cat)
  37. The world’s smallest animal is the                                                       (Skunk like gorilla of Africa)
  38. The mammal that lives at the greatest altitude is the                                (Hog-nosed bat)
  39. The smallest member of the cat family is the                                               (Yak)
  40. The only flying mammals are the                                                (Rusty-spotted cat of south India)
  41. The largest flying mammal is the                                                                       (Bats)
  42. The world’s largest deer is the                                                                             (Mouse-eared bat)
  43. The world’s heaviest flying bird is the                                                              (Alaskan moose)
  44. The bird which has the largest wingspan is the                                            (Great Bustard)
  45. The largest of all lizards is the                                                                              (Albatros)
  46. The largest known frog is the                                                                               (Ora)
  47. The longest known frog is the                                                                             (Goliath Grog)
  48. The longest insect in the world is the                                                               (Giant Stick Insect)
  49. The fastest moving insect in the world is the                                                (Tropical cockroach)
  50. The animal known as the river horse is the                                                   (Hippopotamus)
  51. The only ape found in India is the                                                                      (Hoolock’s Gibbon)
  52. The number of known species of mammals is                                         (4230)
  53. The fish that can taste with its whole body is the                                        (Catfish)
  54. The average weight of a blue whale is                                                               (1,20,000 kg.)
  55. The most widely eaten fish in India is the                                                      (Pomfret)
  56. The only fish that makes nest is the                                                                  (Stickleback)
  57. A female rabbit is called a                                                                                      (Doe)
  58. A female horse is called a                                                                                       (Mare)
  59. A female pig is called a                                                                                            (Sow)
  60. The whale believed to be a fish is a                                                   (Mammal)
  61. The organ which is missing in the Camel is the                                           (Gallbladder)
  62. The smallest known fish is the                                                                            (Draft pygmy goby)
  63. A bird which lays only one egg in two years is the                                      (Albatross)
  64. The size of a newly born kangaroo is                                                                (2.5 cms)
  65. The only animal that sleeps on its back is                                                      (Man)
  66. The only animal which has four knees is the                                                 (Elephant)
  67. An animal which is dumb is the                                                                          (Giraffe)
  68. A frog catches insects with its                                                                              (Tongue)
  69. The number of teeth a Fox has is                                                                         (Forty-two)
  70. The smallest dog on earth is the                                                                          (Chihuahua)
  71. The largest seabird is the                                                                                        (Albatross)
  72. A group of eagles are called                                                                                  (a Convocation)
  73. A group of hares are called a                                                                                (Husk)
  74. A group of quail are called                                                                                     (a Bevvy)
  75. A group of sheep are called a                                                                                (Flock)
  76. A group of wolves are called a                                                                              (Pack)
  77. A group of cattle are called a                                                                                 (Herd)
  78. A group of gorillas are called a                                                                             (Band)
  79. A group of elephants are called a                                                                        (Herd)
  80. The male of a cow is called a                                                                                 (Bull)
  81. The young of an elephant is called a                                                                  (Calf)
  82. The young one of a goat is called a                                                                     (Kid)
  83. The cat belongs to the family called                                                                   (Validate)
  84. A group of fish are called a                                                                                    (Shoal)
  85. The largest member of the cat family is the                                                    (Tiger)
  86. A camel can remain without water for                                                             (30 days)
  87. The oldest domestic Cat on record lives for how many years                (Thirty-six)
  88. How many teeth has a horse?                                                                               (Forty)
  89. Snow leopards are found in                                                                                   (Himalayas)
  90. The insect which has the largest population on earth is the                   (Wasp)
  91. Fishes evolved in which era                                                                                  (Silurian)
  92. Elephant fish are found in                                                                                     (Tropical Africa)
  93. How many arms a giant squid has                                                                     (Ten)
  94. The whale’s nostrils are situated on the                                                          (Top of its head)
  95. The largest Indian deer is the                                                                              (Sambar)
  96. The average pregnancy period of a female dog is                                       (63 days)
  97. Penguins are found in the                                                                                     (South pole)
  98. The largest division of the animal kingdom is the                                      (Arthropoda)
  99. The first animal to go into space was                                                               (Dog)
  100. How many teeth a turtle has                                                                                (Eight)
  101. The number of bones in the giraffe’s neck is                                               (Seven)
  102. A fox’s tail is called a                                                                                                (Brush)
  103. The young once of a tiger are called                                                                 (Ligon)
  104. A squirrel’s home is called a                                                                                 (Drey)
  105. A group of snakes is called a                                                                                (Den)
  106. A group of foxes is called a                                                                                   (Skulk)
  107. The word hamster means                                                                                     (Hoarder)
  108. A group of cats is called a                                                                                      (Clutter)
  109. The word langur means                                                                                         (Long-tailed)
  110. A young kangaroo is called a                                                                               (Joey)
  111. A young pigeon is called a                                                                                     (Swab)
  112. The word reptile means                                                                                         (To creep)
  113. Who was the first man to fly across the channel                                        (Louis Bleriot)
  114. In the song Waltzing Matilda – What is a Jumbuck                                   (Sheep)
  115. What does ring a ring roses refer to                                                                 (The Black Death)
  116. Which country grows the most fruit                                                               (China)
  117. What kind of animal is a lurcher?                                                                     (Dog)
  118. What are Munroes                                                                                   (Mountains in Scotland)
  119. Which car company makes the Celica                                                            (Toyota)
  120. Which country had the guns of Navarone installed                                 (Turkey)


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