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Anchoring Script for Orientation Day in English

Anchoring Script for Orientation Day
Anchoring Script for Orientation Day

Orientation day is the important and first day of university. This day is organized for the new students who have been accepted and enrolled in to study. On this day a function is organized to take the new students through specific activities like tours, info seccion, and current student panels and all the information students need to know to start into uni life.

Indeed, the orientation day function all depends on the anchors who are the main runner of the function and the one who can impress the audience by the script they have written. Anyone can become an anchor but the main thing is how the anchor represents the script in front of the audience. The script is the food for the anchor’s brain, therefore before starting the function the anchor must be prepared and must memorize the script they have written.

A well-written script can only motivate the anchors to entertain and start the function in a good manner. If you are a teacher or a university student, then you must know how to represent the script as an anchor and how to organize the function. Almost two times a year, academies organize functions for any event or for the result distribution of the students. Therefore, they must know how to write a script for different events and functions. As the main part of organizing a function is to have a good script, therefore in this article, we have brought anchoring script for orientation day. Hope you will find it very useful and get a good clue from the script written below.

Anchoring Script for Orientation Day

Orientation Day is organized to welcome new students and freshener them before the start of an academic year at a university or any institution.

How to start the function?

Obviously, the anchors must have a good opening because the first expression is the last impression. And the goal of the anchors is to entertain the audience and make a good image in their audience’s mind. You can start the program by adding these lines:

Very good and beautiful morning to all the students, parents, all the respected chief guests, our honorable and beloved principal, and all the staff members. As you all know the reason why we have gathered here is to welcome the new students to our academy / (insert the academy’s name).

Today is the day of the students to get to know about their new journey and build their future from here. It is the day to start a new journey and put all their efforts to approach their goals and have a successful life ahead. All the staff members, our honorable principal, respected chief guests, I (1st anchor’s name), and I (insert second anchor’s name) are really glad to welcome all the new students suppose to the 8th orientation program. We know that this day is very special and a much-awaited event in every students’ life and it is the celebration of their new journey.

You all will witness a very great, good quality and innovative methods of learning in this academy/ (insert the academy’s name). I guarantee you all that you will build your future from this academy and will never regret it. And I must say that this academy has the best professors available who always work for the betterment of the academy. If you all want to enjoy this day, then please make sure that your mobile phones are silent. This is your day, I request from you all to appreciate your efforts for coming to this peak. I must hear a loud clap conning. Please everyone clap for yourselves.

How to introduce and welcome the special guests and the audience?

You can add some lines to welcome and introduce the chief guests of the function:

The most awaited, I would like to welcome all the respected chief guests of today’s function. (Mr. and Mrs) Add some more info here…. for instance,(Mr…….) he is a very talented and hard-working personality, the one who is an inspiration for all the young generations. And (Mrs……) she motivates the women, fights for their rights and trains the young generation to develop great personalities by her great skills.

We are really glad to have the amazing and respected chief guests among us. I hope that you all will benefit from their addressing and knowledge.

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How to call the principal on the stage?

Now I would like to call upon our beloved principal (Mr…./Mrs……) whos have been consuming himself/ herself to light others, who is the pride of this academy and we are all honored to have him/her as our principal. Please a big round of applause for Sir/Mam to come and share his precious words.

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Thank you so much, Sir./Mam. the speech was really informative and extremely helpful for the students. We are so honored to have you among us. Please a big round of applause for Sir. (insert the principal’s name).

How to call the chief guest to come on the stage?

Now, I would like to invite our chief guest (Mr./Mrs………..) a great personality to come on the stage and share his/her thoughts and ideas with us. Please a big round of applause for Mr./Mrs………Thank you sir/mam for your wonderful speech

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National Anthem:

There is a humble request from our side. We would like to stand up in the respect of the National Anthem. I request you all to please stand up for the anthem.

Thank you so much, everyone, you all may take your seats.

Students Performance on the Stage

Today you all will enjoy because we have some great performances that are going to rock the stage and will make this day a memorable experience. So now, this is the time to call the students to entertain you all and make the atmosphere charming by their great performances. Please a big round of applause for them.

Thank you so much for such a great performance.
Now I would like to call upon our student Mr……3rd year student of computer science to address his juniors with short message and welcome them.

Thank your so much for sharing your experiences journey with us. And now I would like to call upon our student from 4th year computer science Ms……to convey her juniors a short message and welcome them.
Thank you Ms….

How to call the principal to give away the awards to the performers?

Now I request from the beloved principal to come on the stage and give awards to the performers. And then name them one by one.
Thank you sir.
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In the end of the function the anchors must add some good sayings and best wishes for the new students:

We are the supreme creatures of God but again we destroy what we are blessed with. We are the ones who can  either make this world beautiful and peaceful place or the worst place. So why should not we get united and work for the betterment of this beautiful world? So let’s pray for the betterment and hope for the best academic year. May God give us the strength to learn and serve the people.

I hope you have learned something out from this article. Was the script useful? What do you think about this title? What else have I missed to mention in the article? Do you think this script is useful? Please feel free to share your feedbacks and ideas with us in the comments section below. We appreciate your thoughts and try our best to write what you need.

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