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Annual Day Speech Sample for Teachers

Annual Day Speech Sample for Teachers
Annual Day Speech Sample for Teachers

Every organization and institute celebrates an annual day for various reasons. Some organizations and schools celebrate the annual day to appreciate the hard work of their members and students. While Some celebrate to look back and observe their progress and to honor their teams’ dedication. Nevertheless, as a principal, teacher or head, you may need to share your perspective at the end of the program. In order to help in that case, we have prepared an annual day speech sample.

The following annual day speech sample is easy to understand. So that even if you do not have a great command on Eglish language, you can understand and deliver it with ease.

Annual Day Speech Sample For Teachers

The following annual day speech sample is for any teacher or head of the institute. Nonetheless, with some slight changes, anyone can use it if you have to give an annual day speech.

A very warm welcome to all; distinguished chief guest, respected parents of our talented students, benevolent teachers, and dear students. At last, after our eager waiting and tireless preparation, this auspicious day has arrived to an end.

Before going any further, I am delighted to thank the presence of such a personality who hardly needs any introduction. Mr. (name of the chief guest), we are extremely delighted and honored to have you here today at our annual day celebration. And very extremely hopeful that you had an entertaining day with us. Besides, I would also thank the respected parents of our hard-working and talented students for their presence.

Taking this brief opportunity, I would like to thank and appreciate our managing group and teachers of this beautiful event. From the cute little fairies of the tableau performance to out backstage DJ to our enthusiastic host of the day, I thank you all for such an amazing and entertaining event. I could have never asked more than this. It has been really an amazing event so far.

Moving further, I would like to mention the core reason behind our gathering and event. Today we have got together for two reasons. The first and the most important one is to appreciate the hard work of our dear students in different realms.

Secondly, today we have been together to celebrate the birth of this noble institute which was founded in the year 1996. It has been a long time since then. Still, we have given our days and nights to serve the core motive of this institute and its founder (name of the founder of the institute). Mr. (name of the founder) had a dream which he, after a great deal of hard work and dedication, actualized in the shape of (name of the institute). Even on his death bed, his topmost priority was the well being of the school and its core motive of serving our dear nation. So, a tribute to this honorable man, I would like you people to stand and preserve silent for two minutes.

Thank you, everyone. Please, take your seats.

Today we are at a junction where one chapter our journey in this school closes while another begins. Overall it has been a marvelous journey with all the triumphs and struggles. Besides, the year 2019 has been a defining year in various ways. After a great deal of hard work and struggle, our students managed to bring home the trophy of football match amongst 5 schools (name of the participant school). The exceptionally talented (name of the student) from grade (grade name) has been the best speaker of 2019. And the list goes on and on, indeed.

In short, I am here to share a few important things. Firstly, congratulation to all victorious students and their parents. Secondly, on basis of my personal experiences in the educational field, I want to tell every student of (name of the institute that no matter how hard your journey to success is, your hard work will pay off at some point. Therefore, giving up should not be an option.

Besides, those who have given their best but were not able to manage a victory, keep working hard because hard work pays off. Also, I would like to thank every one of you, teacher, respected parents, and dear students, for your continuous cooperation and faith in me and our institute. And I hope we keep serving our nation likewise until the very end.

So, once again I welcome you all to this wonderful annual day function. And now I would like to hand over the stage to (name of the host) who has been doing a great job so far.

Thank you, everyone.

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