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Anchoring Script for the Turkmen Independence Day

Turkmens contacted with Russians commercially as early as the 16th century. Henceforth, by the 18th century almost all trade between Europe and Central Asia passed through Turkmenistan. Then, in 1865, Russia tried to undertake Turkmenistan but failed until 1885 because of heavy resistance of Turkmen tribesmen. In late 1885, Russia succeeded in making Turkmenistan the last portion of the Russian Empire to be conquered. The present-day Turkmenistan territory became a Soviet republic in 1925. By a unanimous vote of its Supreme Soviet, Turkmenistan declared its sovereignty in August 1990. After the August 1991 coup attempt against the Gorbachev regime in Moscow, Turkmenistan’s communist leader Saparmyrat Niyazov called for a referendum on independence. The official result of the referendum was 94 percent in favour of independence and thus ending a 69-year association with the Soviet Union. on October 27, 1991, Turkmenistan was declared independent from the Soviet Union and the Republic of Turkmenistan was established. Below, I have covered the Anchoring Script for the Turkmen Independence Day.

Anchoring Script for the Turkmen Independence Day
Anchoring Script for the Turkmen Independence Day

Anchoring Script for the Turkmen Independence Day


Hello Turkmenistan!

Ladies and gentlemen, today, we all have gathered here for another landmark of our institution’s (name of your institution) history. In fact, This day belongs to all those noblemen who worked and those who work for the cultural and social life. We salute them. So, a big round of applause for them, please.

Thank you, everybody.

I on behalf of respected principle and the entire school family, welcome you all to this tremendous event. We are pleased to have you all here with us on this splendour day when (name of the institute) is celebrating the __th year of independence. And we hope you will have a great time with us.

National Anthem

Ladies and gentlemen, to pay pride for those all struggles, sacrifices, and efforts of our forefathers and for our beloved flag and national anthem, I request you all to stand up.

Thank you, everyone.

Welcome tableau

Carried with care,
Coated with pride,
Dipped in love,
Fly in glory,
Moments of freedom in shade of joy.

At this point, I would love to call upon our cute little fairies who have worked so hard for a warm welcome to you all. So, put your hands together for them.

Wow, it’s an amazing heart-touching performance. So, they deserve appreciation. Hence, to appreciate them, once again, a big round of applause for them.


Now, we would like to call upon the person who made this possible to make sure quality education in this institute. So, please, out your hands together for him.

Thank you, sir. We appreciate your hard work and sincerity towards this institute.


Freedom in the mind.
Faith in the words
Pride in our souls
Let’s salute those great men,
Who made this possible.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is our turn to give our contribution to the prosperity of our beloved country.  Lastly, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to you all and wish you all health, prosperity, peace, and love.

So, I hope the Anchoring Script for the Turkmen Independence Day was helpful for you. please, feel free to share your view in the comment section below.

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