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Anchoring Script in English for Uganda Independence Day

Uganda was under control of British and gained her independence on 9 October 1962  as a Commonwealth realm with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. In October 1963, Uganda became a republic but maintained its membership in the Commonwealth of Nations. So on the Independence Day is celebrated annually in Uganda and the people observe their respective independence day as a national holiday. Hence, in the article below you will find some good lines of anchoring script in English for Uganda independence day.

Anchoring Script in English for Uganda Independence Day
Anchoring Script in English for Uganda Independence Day

Anchoring Script in English for Uganda Independence Day

How to start the function?

To begin the function the anchors must be energetic and full of confidence because you have to make a good first impression and start the function in an impressive way.  I recommend you to check 5 strong openings for anchoring, in order to avoid common mistakes in the opening.

Anchor 1: Good afternoon everyone. The galaxy of intellectuals, esteemed directors, invited guests, teachers and our lovely students. How different is this evening., you will yourself discover as the tricolours of this Independence day unfold….
Anchor 2: So, Here we are ..All together…as a school/college (Whatever applicable) to mark another landmark of success in the history of one of the leading group of school/colleges OF (Uganda)…We are here to celebrate our (number of independence day goes here) Independence Day Function on this 9th  October 2017.
I —[Name of Anchor 1]——– and I ——[Name of Anchor 2]——- welcome you all on behalf of the entire school family.

Anchor 1:  Ladies and gentlemen 9 October is the great day when we all get free from the British rule. Our many brothers and sister died to get this freedom and therefore we all should be very proud of our country Uganda and countrymen. Ladies and gentleman for the respect of Uganda and Ugandans we request you all to stand up for the national anthem.

After the National Anthem

Anchor 2: May the sun in this course visit no land freer, happier, more lovely, than this our own country Uganda. Happy Independence Day. Ladies and gentleman this nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the braves. We are Ugandans firstly and lastly.

Now the little fairies are ready to show their talent and alter your impression, please a big round of applause for them to be present on the stage.

After the Welcome tableau

Anchor 1: The theme of Vibration is the concept of vibrating the creative imagination and acts of the whole set of talented {Name of School Goes Here} Students

Anchor 2: The vision of {Number of independence day goes here} Independence Day has once again given the students a wee idea of refinement it automatically brings. It’s a day of an absolute unadulterated portrayal of talent and vigour, the endpoint of ONE ‘S wandering.

Now, this is time to call the man of the chive man the principal of (name of school goes here) to come on the stage and share his/ her views about the splendour day and evening. Once again please put your hands together.

After the speech  

Anchor 1: Now, we will have our traditional auspicious (name of the task goes here) ceremony as a tribute to (Name of that personality goes here) the Goddess of knowledge.
Anchor 2: For this, we would like to invite our esteemed chief guests……………..,.[Names of Chief Guests Goes Here] Principals and vice principals on stage to facilitate the students.

Thank you, everyone….

Following after facilitation



Anchor 2: DANCE is the most beautiful form of expression of human’s feelings. Dancers are the messengers of the gods. ~Martha Graham
Anchor 1: Today we are about to witness some great dances. Some great talent. So let’s gear up for a beautiful start of the show.

Anchor 2: Well come back now, let’s have a change, let’s come back to reality, let’s come back to the theatre of life…. actually life itself is a drama and we are all artists performing our characters assigned to us by God…..Now it’s time for our next performance i.e. a play (name of the play goes here).

Anchor 1: End: It was a fabulous performance They have given meaning to every word with their art. Truly justifying the characteristics of a great dancer – Elegance, poise, strength, and agility everything……

Reminder: If you have more contents you can add them down in a sequence.

End of Ceremony

9 October Happy Independence Day

Freedom in the mind.

Faith in the words…

Pride in our souls…

Let’s salute those great men,

Who made this possible.

Ladies and gentleman now this is our turn to have a preformation, Once again happy independence day.

Please feel free to write your views about the article in the comment box below, in addition, you can also request your script as PDF or other files here in your own language. All you have to do is submit your request related to 9 October Anchoring Script in the commenting section and we will forward your script directly in your mailbox. Thanks a lot for your visit, “Happy Independence Day 2017″.

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