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How to Write a News Report | The Basic Steps of News Writing

If you are new to report writing and don’t know how to write a news report, this article is will help you a lot. In fact, A report is generally a fact that is currently occurring or just occurred. Writing a report is a simple task as long as you have enough information about the event. It takes a few simple steps to write a quality news story. Thus, follow the basic steps of news writing mentioned below to produce a quality news story.

How to Write a News Report – 7 Best Tips

To produce quality news takes lots of practice and patience. But here are a few simple steps of news writing to help you start the journey.

01: Gather Information

The first thing you should do is start collecting information related to the topic. Go to the sight, ask people around about when what, and how happened and what they have witnessed, and what they have heard about the event. Gather as much information as you can. This may raw and random, but we will learn how to pinpoint important and crucial pieces of information from the trash in the following process.

02: Decide What the News is

Once you have gathered information, it is time to decide what your news is about. The theme of your news is of much importance as it will help you draw a functional structure for your news and hit the right audience. This may take you some time as the information you have collected is raw. But you should give it enough time as it is the backbone of your whole story.

03: News First, Background later, Always

Most of the time, we make the same common mistake of giving the background to our news first. We tell our audience when and how things happened and how they affected the people around us. But we forget to tell them what actually happened. Thus, the first thing you have to tell your audience is what happened; your audience wants to hear the news on firsthand. This way they can decide to either keep listening to what you have got to tell them or not.

04: Stick to Facts

It is almost impossible to tell you how important it is to stick to the facts. However, a piece of news should always say what indeed happened. You should not include anything extra on your behalf to add a little spice to it. Because the quality of your news decides whether your audience can trust you enough or they can not.

05: Keep It Simple and Short

It is important to note that quality matters more than quantity. Thus, while writing your news, you should keep it as simple and short as possible. Even if you want to explain everything to your audience, only important data matters. Therefore, adding additional information will only waste your time.

06: Write an Impressive Headline

The headline is the most crucial part of your news, the news itself. Because an impressive and catching headline can target more audiences. In any news or ad, everything depends on its headlines. Therefore, most news writers spend 50% of their time writing the headlines only. So, let us learn how to create an impressive headline.

  • Understand your audience and their psyche.
  • First, write an outline of the news before writing the headline.
  • And always write several headlines.
  • Then, pick the best one.
  • Always include the problem or the product in your headlines.

07: Check Your Work for Errors

Lastly, once your news is ready, check it for errors. See if there are any grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes. You can use Grammarly for this purpose. Besides, you can also check the facts and the figures to see if everything is correct.

More Tips

  • A news article or story is basically about how an object or an event has effect people. For instance, in sports news, you have to focus on how are the players playing, the team members’ unity and morals, their individual performance, and more.
  • If there is more than one side to the story you are covering, we recommend you to cover both of them. However, try not to mix the information.
  • Avoid using “I” and “We” as a reporter or the news teller. Until you are quoting someone. For instance, “We are expecting better scores than the last match.”, says the XYZ coach.
  • Avoid using heavy descriptions. Keep it straight and simple. The best way to do so is once you have written your news story, go back to it and remove all the unnecessary details from it.
  • Your news story should answer the “Who, What, When, Where, and Why”. For instance, “Turkey to enter into lockdown from April 29 to May 17.”

Who: Turkey
What: enter into lockdown
When: from April 29 to May 17

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