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Best Essay on Teachers Day in English for Students

This teachers day, take some special timeout to recognize the tireless efforts, hard works and contributions of teachers with the Best essay on teachers day in English for students Let them learn that you appreciate and value their contributions in your life and make them proud and happy.

Best Essay on Teachers Day in English for Students

Teacher’s Day: this very topic, I believe, first needs to be broken down into its two components: teachers and day. Doing so would allow us to talk about the teachers and also about the specific days celebrated around different people and events. To clearly see the meaning to these single-day celebrations, and not just past it off one more time, we need to answer some questions: why does a specific day have to be allotted to a specific line of people in our lives? Why do we have to bring ourselves at our most loving towards specific people in our lives for just one day? And then, what place do actually teachers have in our lives when we sit to think about it? We have several days across the 365 days of a year dedicated to a different line of people and events in our lives: mothers, fathers, valentine, smile, etc. Why, actually, do we need to have these specific days for us to show our gratitude or embrace an event? Well because the world has gotten too busy. We are all in an unending rush to get something done which never really gets done. We have to do them every day and thus we invest all our attention and time to these daily activities that we never actually get the time to think about these important people or events in our lives. In celebrating these days, we allow ourselves to not only show our gratitude and care but also to cut some time from our busy schedule to sit and think about these people and events – to sit and think. And while it may seem a very ordinary thing to do, we miss on it dearly and big time. And the importance of it lies in the realization we fall onto when we think, sincerely and deeply, about these people in our lives; we then value them for what they truly mean in our lives. But if we don’t, then it’s just another day, and another excuse to have some fun. The downside of such widely celebrated, single days, is that it’s too short and too temporary for us to really get to the essence and value of these people in our lives. If it does, which it’s meant to, bring us at the brink of thinking about these people and start valuing them more, the job is done, but sadly it doesn’t most of the time. We may buy them a gift that we only think about choosing in the gift center, or order a cake at a bakery but insisting them on choosing the design rather than ourselves, or send an e-card or text message with words copied from the internet. This fails the importance of these celebrations. We fail to start valuing them more, and yet more severely and we fail to think about them, which is even more crushing. Also, we always believe that the things we do for people are the best we can, but we are mistaken; we think about them first and feel for them, that’s where it first starts.

And such days forces us to think about these influential people in our lives that shaped us as a human being – above of all, our teachers. Whenever you look back at a specific year in school and think about your favorite teacher, or remember your that college teacher whom you admired, you hardly recall what subjects or topics they taught you; you remember them for who they were to you. And that’s where I want to start talking about teachers: their human side. Teachers are not just people assigned to teach us specific subjects and help us get a degree. They aren’t like the plumbers who fix our pipes, or doctors who cure us and then we never see them again, they are the makers of our personalities, the keys to our closed minds and talents – they are some of the most important humans we can have in our lives. And because we miss to see or feel such sides of our teachers, we eventually, or right after finishing school, build distances from them. We think their job is done, and so is ours. No more bothering to do!

But we are gravely at fault: it’s far from done. They way they taught you or called you into their office and had a deeper conversation with you, must have meant something that made you think about them as your favorites, not at that time maybe, but a year or two later. Now I don’t claim that all your favorite teachers would likely be your mentors or push you to your limits, but there is always one or two that do so. And that’s why I said, it’s far from done. We, then, after being apart for some years and following some of their bits of advice along the way, need to return to pay our early tributes and, most importantly, learn more from them. What they said during college years might just have been a push, but what they have to say now, that you are at your career-building stage, is the hand to take you through these tough ten years ahead. No one should walk these years alone and lost, we all need a teacher, a mentor to guide us through.

These teachers are angels in disguise, sent by God to make you who you are meant to be. We just need to have the eyes for it to see. We celebrate teachers day more generally and on a wider scale because we pay tribute, not only to that favorite teacher/mentor of ours but to all those teachers who are mentors of someone and helping them get through life. Such short celebrations, cards or cakes aren’t enough, but it is nevertheless presented to tie our knots more firmly for us to continue this relationship of a teacher-student even further; for we need teachers as we will always remain a student. They, too, learn along the way, which means we always have more to learn from them at every step of the way.

To put a metaphor here: teachers are like the candles who burn in order to shed light for us. They burn for they fail, suffer, and take the pain themselves, and then convey their lessons learned to us that works as a light for our guidance. Write a poem for teachers, sing a song, give a speech, just do your very best to show your teaches that they matter and you’ve come to value them as divinely as they deserve. To talk about teachers in terms of how they help us, teach us, or even beat us for the good of us wasn’t my aim here, there are many essays on that; what I wanted to portray here was the essence of those key teachers in our lives, and the importance of us keeping ourselves in touch with them throughout life and learn from them as much as we can. I also wanted to break the shallow tradition of these one-day celebrations which are only for the sake of celebration or fun, and instead, pitch a more meaningful and right way of honoring these specific-day tributes, to not only teachers but to every other person or event in our lives. We need to start living with more awareness around ourselves and the people in our lives; we need to think about why we do what we do, and the importance of our right decisions around valuing the greats, like our teachers, into changing our lives. And the bottom line is this: it is not late. Let this essay be that awakening call for you to celebrate the teacher’s day with its true meaning, and reach to your favorite teacher and have an hour-long conversation about yourself and them.



So, that is it for the Best essay on teachers day in English for students. If you have any questions or suggestions, drop a comment down below.

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