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Best Free Calling Apps to Call Mobile/ Landlines Without Internet

Nowadays by the revival of technology, you can talk and make a call to anywhere worldwide. There are certain apps which need an internet connection to make a phone call to any number which has the same app installed on his or her phone, but there are apps that make free internet calls from a mobile device to a real number. These services support making a phone call to any number, even landlines and mobile phones that aren’t using the app. Below I list 5 best free calling apps to call mobile/ landlines without internet connections.

Best Free Calling Apps to Call Mobile/ Landlines Without Internet
Best Free Calling Apps to Call Mobile/ Landlines Without Internet

Best Free Calling Apps to Call Mobile/ Landlines Without Internet

1. WhatsCall

This is an excellent application that lets you make free calls to any mobile/ landline in any part of the universe. It doesn’t require an internet connection and in addition, the recipient doesn’t need to have the app installed, you can make a free call to any number when you have the app installed on your phone.

WhatsCall app includes 50 cents (0.1 $) free call credits, which is good for 15 minutes of call (on average) to any foreign number. Moreover, it offers daily 100 credits for simply logging into the app and the credits are used to make free calls via the app.

You can also earn credits by watching videos, downloading apps, playing games & completing tasks. Which means you can earn about 4500 plus credits each month for free! without having to pay for a single credit.

The charge for USA calls is 30 credits per minute depending on the service provider of your country.

WhatsCall seamlessly integrates with your existing contact list and it shows the caller ID and number from all incoming calls, saving you from having to deal with unwanted calls.

WhatsCall uses an easy pre-paid system: you can earn yourself free credit/points when you complete some simple task.

  • Download WhatCall for Android
  • Download WhatCall for IOS

2. Talkatone

Talkatone is a fabulous free calling app for IOS and Android that lets you call and text any phone number or landlines that even don’t have Talkatone installed on their phone.

Talktone offers a limited outbound call to non-app users through the minutes replenish every month and you can buy more if you want, but the exception is if you call another Talkatone user, in which case you can make unlimited inbound and outbound calls.

You can setup Talkatone using your phone number or email address. You can pick the area code for the free phone number or one can be chosen for you based on your current location.

3. Vonage

Vonage is another app the lets you make free calls and send free texts to any landline or mobile phones, however, it’s limited time later on normally this costs money.

The app taps Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks to make voice calls, thereby circumventing your allotment of monthly minutes (but not your data plan, obviously). Side benefit: owners of iPod Touches and Wi-Fi-only iPads can make phone calls, provided there’s an open Wi-Fi network nearby.

You can use this app even when you are not a Vonage customer and you can keep your existing phone number as your caller ID.


An awesome app, Bigo lets you make free calls to any landline/ mobile number throughout the world. You can make a call even when the recipient doesn’t have this app installed on his/ her phone.

Bigo gives 400 credits in a month freely and further 10 daily credits for just logging into the app and whenever you invite your friends you will get 20 credits each.

5. Libon

Libon is yet-another free calling app, which you can use to make a call to Libon users or even to the people who don’t have this app installed.

You can make unlimited Libon to Libon calls which needs an internet connection and the good thing about Libon is this that it provides 30 minutes per month to non-Libon users which you can use to make a call to mobiles/ landlines with no internet connection or Libon.

You can also get free 60 minutes per month by referring friends and get 5 minutes per every friend referred.

I hope the article was useful and you can use these best free calling apps to call mobile/ landlines without internet connection anywhere anytime freely. And please feel free to ask your question and share your opinion about the article using the comment box below.

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