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Reasons to choose Google Plus for Business

If you are thinking about using Google+ or you have just started using Google+, one of the Questions that you may have is, Which Social Network I have to choose? Or what is the difference between Google+ and Facebook and all other Social Networks? That’s why I am here with Top 5 Reasons to choose Google Plus for Business then Other Social Networks, also this article covers why your Business should be on Google Plus? First Have a look at Google+ compared to other social networks with top 5 reasons.

Reason #1. Google+ is linked with all Google services

Google+ is linked with all google services which includes YouTube, Google Search, and Google Places.

As a Business Owner When you start using Google+, you are setting up your Brand on Multiple different services which just Increase your visibility, Google+ also does a job of catering to businesses.

Reason #2. Google Plus users are interested in Learning.

Google+ users are interested in Learning but Facebook Users are tending to be more interested in their closets Social Networks. There is a lot of private posting going on and Private Photos and Videos are being uploaded but Google+ Users are interested in learning and exploring New things. As a Business owner that is a Perfect Opportunity because you already have a user base who are interested in new Products and learning New Services. So Why not get the message out to those people right on Google+.

Reason #3. More Public Post Interaction on Google rather than Facebook.

There is more Public interaction on Google Plus than on Facebook, because Google+ users are posting Publically all over the places, and it has a business you are going to be posting Publically. SO it’s really beneficial to have a social Network where the users already interested and used to interacting with public Posts, the same type of post that you are going to be Publishing as a Business.

Reason #4. Google Plus Allows for a great deal of creativity

Google Plus Allows for a great deal of creativity by which media appears to look beautiful on Google Plus, Photos and Videos just look amazing. On Twitter, for instance, you are limited to How Much you can type in one Post, which one you are trying to explain a Proctor service that can be kind of limiting. On Google Plus you have free rein you can post videos you can post Photos as much text as you want, and you can even format that text. You can link to Multiple websites; you can have entire online Presence on Google Plus because it allows for You to post so much content where as a social Network like twitter for are really limited.

Reason #5. Google Plus Directly effects SEO.

Google Plus Directly affects SEO and If you going are using Google plus for one reason as a Business, this should be it. Facebook and Twitter might have slide effects on SEO when it comes on a trending topic on top. But Google plus and Google search are owned by the same company. When you post a status update to Google Plus its index in Google search result. When you Verify your business you are going to show up in Google Search result as an official google place with all of the contact information, so just from as SEO Perspective Google Plus is almost a necessity these days for businesses that are looking to increase their online Presence.

Why your business should be on Google Plus?

When an Organization starts to think using Google Plus for their Business, one of the First Questions they ask, How can Google Plus Help my business?

First of all Google Plus and Google Search are directly linked and Google search engine is the largest engine in the World. When you first set up your Business on Google Plus, You will have the opportunity to verify, by doing this Google will now recognize as an official Business. Your contact and location information will also be easily available so that People know Where they can go to find out more information.

When you Post a status update to Google Plus, those status updates are indexed in the Google the Search Engine and will appear in search results, so you might post a status update about a new Product that you are releasing and you haven’t written any articles or published any video about that product yet, but your post can still appear in search results when People search something related to your Product and then they click to through Google Plus Page to find out more information.

Google Plus also allows your customers to rate your business and that rating appears right in search results, so if you have some happy customers you can let them know, Hey I really appreciate you would head over to my Google Plus Page write a review for my business. That way you can increase your online creditability for prospective clients when they first see your Business in Google Search Engine result pages.

Google Plus also offers a personalized search which greatly increases your visibility. what this means, it maybe  you posted a status update about your new Product and you have a follower on Google Plus that gave that post +1 which means they like the post, well if that follower has a 1000 followers themselves one of their followers searched something related to your post in Google Search the chance your post appears is greatly increased because they follow somebody that’s already liked that post, so the more bigger follow you build on Google Plus the more visibility you are going to have in search engines.

Increased Social Media Presence 

Google Plus Essentially a social Network so just by using Google plus you are going to increase your social Media Presence.

Google Plus has 300 million monthly active users and 54000000 users that have interacted with the service since December 2016 Survey, also that is second only to Facebook.

Rick Media Appears Beautifully on Google Plus, so when you post images and videos, they are very attractive to the user and there is a higher chance, that those users are going to find out more information about your Business.

Google Plus also allows for easy interaction with your Target Market, you can message people directly on Google Plus, you can join communities, which allows you to interact with people that you know have a shared interest and hopefully, that interest is in line with the Products and services that your business offers.

It’s also a great opportunity for social Branding just like twitter and Facebook. It’s a great place for you to get your message out there and teach people more about your organization.

Other Advantages of Google Plus

#1. Communities group users with similar interest

You can find a community that is related to your industry and then you can start interacting with those users and you know that you already interested in the Products and services that you may offer because of the community that they are part of.

#2. Users tend to focus on Google Plus more than just Friends.

I have already explained about it, so it’s no need for me to explain for you again.

#3. Google Plus Increases Search engine Visibility.

Google Plus Local is also directed linked to Google Plus, also Google Places which I mentioned earlier. So let’s say that you are a Hotel Manager in Los Angeles California and you have setup your Google Plus Page and your Business verified as actual Google Place. When somebody searches for Hotels in Los Angeles California the chance is that your business appears as much greater than any business outside of Los Angeles Area.


  1. Google Plus has a large User base.
  2. The online Visibility of your Business is greatly increased by using Google Plus.
  3. The branding Opportunites in Google Plus are abundant.


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