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How to Create a Business Email – Business Email Writing Easy Guide

Do you want to learn how to create a business email?

We all know that every business uses multiple mediums of communication. However, the most professional, formal, and reliable way of communication with your competitors, customers, and clients is an email. A business email also plays an important role in the marketing and branding of your business.

In the world of business, email is a trustworthy and legal way of communication. It provides the best way of communication and makes sure that security and privacy between communicators are safeguarded. Hence, if you are looking for a guide to help you create a business email, you have come to the right place. So, read the article to learn how to write a business email.

What is a Business Email Address and Why You Need One?

A business email address is an email address that uses the domain name of your business instead of the traditional domain names such as google or yahoo. For instance, [email protected] is an email address linked to the domain name of learnesl.net.

Most people, who have newly started a business, use traditional emails which are of course not professional. Therefore, while growing your business, you need to have a business email. Also, here are some common reasons why you need to have a business email.

  • Business email sound professional and reliable to your clients.
  • They are short and easy to remember.
  • When you send an email, it also helps you to promote your business.
  • Creating a business email address allows you to follow a custom template for your business email and remain consistent.
  • And sending a business emails makes sure that your email does not go in the spam folder.

How to Create a Business Email – Business Email Writing Easy Guide

We have done thorough research for you, here are the best ways to help you learn how to create a business email.

1. Using Your Web Hosting

If you already have a registered domain, website and, web hosting provider, you can easily create a business email. Every website is managed through a dashboard called Cpanel. To start creating a business email, log into your web hosting and open the Cpanel.

Next, select the “Email” category and click on “Email Accounts”.

When you click on “Email Accounts”, a page will open where all the already registered emails will be listed if you have any. If you do not have an email address, you can make a new one. To start making a new email address, click on the “Create” button.

Then, you can add your email account information such as the domain name and login credentials. If you have more than one domain name registered with your web hosting, you can select whichever you want to use from the drop-down menu.

Next, you have to set up a few things including:

  • Storage space: You can set the limit your emails can take up on your server. Its default value is usually 250 MB. Besides, you can also choose “Unlimited”.
  • Plus Addressing: Then, you can choose to either automatically create folders for plus addressing or not. Plus addressing is a feature that allows you to create additional email addresses which is useful for mailing lists and online services.
  • Welcome Email: Lastly, you can choose whether or not to get a welcome email to further guide.

Once you have added all of your information, select “Create”.

Moreover, if you want to create more email addresses, you can do so if you select “Stay on this page after I click Create”.

Once you have created your business email, you can send and receive emails from your web hosting service’s webmail tool.

2. Using Microsoft 365

Another easy way to create a business email is to use your Microsoft 365 subscription. However, you will need to sign up for Office 365’s premium subscription. If you already have the premium subscription, you are good to go. Besides, you should already have to host for this method.

So, go to “Microsoft 365″ and sign in if you already have a premium subscription. Otherwise, click on “Buy Now”.

Once you have logged into your account, select “Setup” from the admin panel. Then, select “View” under “Get Your Custom Domain Set Up”.

Then, you will have to add “TXT Value” to your DNS records. To do so, select and copy the TXT value and open your hosting’s dashboard and go to “DNS Management”.

Next, select the “Type” as “TXT”, “Host” as “@”, and paste the “TXT value” in the last box. And follow the instructions as given to complete this process.

Once you have successfully created your business email address, you can select “Outlook app” from the Microsoft 365 menu to start using your business email.

3. Use Google G Suite

For those of you who are obsessed with Gmail, this one is for you. Because you can also create a business email using Google Workplace or G Suite. In addition to the email, you can use other Google apps including Google Drive, Calendar, and more.

To create a business email using Google Workplace, go to Google Workplace.

Next, add your business name and select the number of employees in your business.

Then, fill out the required information including your name and current email address.

Next, you can choose to either add your already registered domain or create a new one. If you already have a domain name, you can add it and select “Next”.

Click “Next” to confirm that you are using the same domain name.

Then, you will be asked to add a secondary email which you will use if you can not access your primary business email. Here you can add your personal Gmail address.

Next, you have to add a username and password that you can use to sign in to the Google Workspace. Once you have added your username and password, click on “Agree and Create Account” to finish this process.

Once you click on “Agree and Create Account”, your account will be created. Then, you can verify your business email to start using it. The verification process is similar to the same process that we practiced above by adding TXT Value to the DNS Record.

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