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How to Take a Screenshot on Snapchat Without the Account Holder Knowing

Snapchat is an American multimedia messaging app and one of the most popular app people using nowadays. one of the principal features of Snapchat that makes it different from other multimedia app is that pictures and messages are usually only available for a short period of time before they become inaccessible to their recipients. In addition, any pictures shared on Snapchat by the account holder, if any recipient screenshot the picture then the account holder will get notified of this action. In this article, I am going to show you step by step how to take a screenshot on Snapchat without the account holder knowing about it, both on Android and iOS devices.

How to Take a Screenshot on Snapchat Without the Account Holder Knowing

Method 1: Using Phone Airplane Mode

One of the simplest ways to take a screenshot of other people’s snap without letting them know is using Airplane mode. By enabling airplane mode of your phone you can easily take screenshots of Snapchat Stories without the knowledge of the account holder. Follow the step-by-step below to do that.

Step 1: First open the Snapchat app and make sure that snaps are loaded completely, but don’t open the snaps.

Step 2: Turn off the internet connection from your device, Wi-Fi and mobile data.

Step 3: Enable the Airplane mode on your phone.

Step 4: You can now open the Snapchat app and open all the loaded snaps, take screenshots.

Step 5: Before taking your phone out of Airplane Mode you need to clear the Cache menu of Snapchat. For this reason, tap your profile icon which is in the top left corner.

Step 6: Open Settings by tapping the setting icon.

Step 7: Scroll to the bottom of the setting menu and and find Clear Cache tap on it.

Step 8: Tap Continue and your caches will be cleared.

Step 9: Now you can turn Airplane Mode off and also turn on your phone internet connection.

This way you can screenshot any snap without notifying the account holder, but make sure your internet connection is off and after a minute you can turn on your internet connection.

Method 2: Using Screen Recorder

If you are using a screen recording app on your phone, you can take a screenshot of the Snapchat story without notifying the Snapchat account holder. There apps like SnapSaver for Android and Sneek-a-boo for iOS users for this purpose.

Screen Recorder for iPhone

if you are using an iPhone then you need to add Screen Record to the Control Panel of your phone to take screenshots of Snapchat. To access Screen Recorder on your iPhone follow the following steps:

  • Got to the Settings of your iPhone
  • Tap on Control Panel
  • Tap Customize Controls and you will see a list of functionalities your iPhone can perform when you enable them.
  • Find Screen Recording a small red, circular button. Tap the small green cross to add to the Control Center of your iPhone. Now the Screen Recorder must have been activated.
  • Go to the Control Center of your phone in the bottom left, tap on the white circle then it will start screen recording your iPhone screen. Open any snap you want to be recorded.

Screen Recorder for Android

Before Android 10 Android users were using screen recording apps but now there is a screen record feature for Android users too. If you have not updated your phone system then you won’t have this feature. To access this feature you need to update the system of your Android phone.

  • Go to the Control Panel of your phone by pulling down from the top of your phone.
  • Find the Screen Record icon and tap on it. After a countdown, the screen recorder will record your entire phone screen.
  • Open any snap you want to be recorded.

Bottom Lines:

Screenshot notifications are nowadays becoming more prominent not only on Snapchat but also for other app development. As now iPhone FaceTime now notifies users if someone screenshots their FaceTime call. These features are indeed to preserve some semblance of internet privacy.

Please let us know your feedback and questions by commenting in the comment section below.

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YTMP3 August 24, 2023 at 2:04 am

This is a great tip! I’ve been trying to take a screenshot on Snapchat but haven’t been able to figure out how to do it without notifying the user. This is a great tip!


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