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Top 10 Free Apps for College Students

Top 10 Free Apps for College Students
Top 10 Free Apps for College Students

In this article, I will tell you about top 10 free apps for college students that I have selected after an extensive research. I have not chosen these apps based on my own experience but along with some other students’ reviews after using all of these. Moreover, these apps are all free to download. So, if you like any of them, you can go ahead and get them for yourself. So, let’s get started.

Top 10 Free Apps for College Students

1.      Khan Academy

If you find yourself struggling with any subject like Math, Science, trigonometry, calculus, biology or bored with some classes and you want to know more, Khan Academy is the best app for you. Khan Academy is just like an online university. It’s a kinda collection of texts, videos or articles by professionals. In addition, it’s literally like having a dictionary in your pocket with really cool information presented in a very student-friendly way.

2.      EverNote


EverNote is a super organized digital binder where you can keep all your notes organized. In addition, it is best for students who type their notes for every class. Because when you type your notes here, it allows creating tabs for each class. Once when you are in that class, click on the tab, click on your notes; either, start typing your notes or record them if you are allowed to. Moreover, you can attach pictures, PowerPoint slides, document etc.

3.      Quizlet

If you are a person who loves flashcards, then Quizlet is best for you. Instead of carrying those cards with yourself, you can play fun games with flashcards present on your phone regarding your studies. It is literally having a flash card on your phone.

4.      Magoosh Vocab Builder

If you want to grow your vocabulary, Magoosh Vocab Builder app is best for you. It starts by giving you a new vocabulary every day,  then you will be given choices that what that word would mean. Based on your answers each day, you’ll then be given points and you can go to upper levels playing the games and each day learning new words. In addition, If you want to improve your vocabulary read this article: How to improve your vocabulary power.

5.      Habitbull

Habitbull is basically a tracker of habit. If you want to start something such as jogging each day or reading each day, this app allows you take small actions lead to a long goal. Moreover, you can have graphs and details about how you are doing you achieve your goal.

6.      Maths Formula Free

If you are in trouble with Math, it’s a way of survival. You just need to click on the formula and it gives you the whole information you need regarding calculus, trigonometry, algebra, and arithmetic.

7.      Forest

If you are a very big procrastinator or your biggest enemy is your phone in case of studying, then this app is gonna be your best friend. It is a very cool game that allows you build your own forest based on how long you concentrate. It is basically a type of timer game. So, when you start the app, you get a seed. You can set your timer for how long you want and during that if you use your phone your tree will die. But if you succeed, at the end, it is pleasant to a green forest. In reward, you’ll also get points, badges that you can share with your friends and bring a competition of who studies more. Hence it is a very cool game to keep you focused and keep you away from your phone when you are trying to study.

8.       Student Agenda

This app is pretty self-explanatory. It is basically an agenda, a to-do list, a calendar and much more. You can add a reminder, schedule or to-do list. The reason it is best out of all other calendar or agenda apps is this app is easy to use, colourful and the most visually appealing. So, you just need to put a glance and it helps you get an overview of what you have to do the whole week.

9.      Refme

This app makes the referencing process much easier. Yo just need to scan the book and you’ll get the information you want. Moreover, you can also save your reference that you can access later.

Download Refme for Android/ios

10. Dualingo

Dualingo is an app that helps you learn any language through games and exercises that you can do daily. Increasing your fluency and mastering your language day by day. Each language comes with dozens of games and exercises to teach you different aspects of grammar and vocabulary so that you can build up your knowledge of that language. Moreover, each level repeats what you have learned previously to make sure that you still remember what you have learned before.

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