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Best Ways to Improve English Vocabulary Power

Learning vocabulary is a major part o learning English. For the person who is learning English as a second language, it’s important to know and have a good vocabulary power, in order to have a good mastery in four modules. Sometimes words elude us. They just don’t pop up in our minds without a conscious effort. It happens when we don’t know or don’t use a word regularly. This is called having a limited vocabulary. Remember having good vocabulary power will help you in four modules, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. If your vocabulary power is good, you will have mastery over these four modules.
You may have tried various methods to expand you vocabulary. Despite all the earnest efforts, your struggle could have failed to find desired result.
In addition some people have the habit of forgetting new words. In order to know how to Improve your vocabulary power and remember the new words follow the following best ways to improve English Vocabulary Power.

Best Ways to Improve English Vocabulary Power
Best Ways to Improve English Vocabulary Power

Best Ways to Improve English Vocabulary Power

1. Learn Pronunciation, Meaning, Spelling and Nature of new words.
Whenever you come across a word which is new to you, observe four things of that: 1. Pronunciation, 2.Meaning 3. Spelling  4. Nature.        The first step to learn new words is to listen to their correct pronunciation. Vocabulary building software tools can assist you. You can use Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary to check the pronunciation.

2. Read Voraciously
It’s undeniable that reading is the most effective way to get new vocabulary. When you read, you see words being used in context — and that’s what makes it much more effective than, for example, merely memorizing word lists. Remember you can read about anything you are interested in.
Reading provides the best opportunity to get exposed to this natural way of learning. While reading a context when you face a new word, try to highlight that or put a sign, the next time you visit the same page you will unconsciously recall the old word.

3. Look up the meaning of new words.
When having conversation with somebody or listening to any documentary in English, remember the unfamiliar word and look up the meaning in the dictionary.

4. Vocabulary.com
Vocabulary.com is the most quickest and most intelligent way to improve your vocabulary. It provides dictionary with an adaptive learning game which will help you built new words.

5. Don’t limit yourself to 1 word.

When you learn a word try to learn different forms of the new word, for example: the word is Beautiful, the form is Adjective, why not learn other forms, like: Noun (beauty ) Verb (beautify) Adverb (beautifully), now you have learned 4 new words.

6. How to remember new words?
You would like to improve your vocabulary, but you are short of time. After all, there are a thousand things to keep in mind. What do you do then? The simplest way is to write down a word and its meaning then pin it up in a place where you will see it often.
Practice your new words as soon as possible, write down sentences for new words, In order to build your vocabulary, you need to listen to and say new words. Think about it – you never forget to say ‘you’. This is because it’s such a common word that you say it at least a hundred times every day. That is why you don’t forget it. Using new words in your everyday speech is important to improve your vocabulary.


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