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How to Add Closed Captions And Subtitles to a Video in English

As compared to the past, nowadays video is considered the most engaging content to produce. People prefer to watch videos instead of reading something on the internet. Whether you are an entrepreneur, filmmaker, or a YouTuber, video is a powerful and most effective way to connect to your audiences and share your messages. Video availability is also an increasingly important reason for creating closed captions or subtitles. Most online platforms require videos to include closed captions. If you don’t know how to add closed captions and subtitles to a video, read this article.

We are going to introduce the best platform for you to add accurate closed captions or subtitles to your videos in English. But initially, know the benefits of using subtitles in your video content.

The Importance of Using Subtitles in a Video

People become accustomed day by day to video content and it’s very easy to understand and convenient for viewers to watch but if you are not adding closed captions or subtitles to your videos, that is a big mistake. Because adding subtitles to your videos have many benefits as follow:

1. Good Accessibility:

Adding video subtitles assist the deaf or low hearing people to access the contents. People who are hearing impaired won’t be able to understand your video you add subtitles to read and understand your contents. Users with a hearing disability will find transcriptions useful and this way you can increase engagement in your video content.

2. Subtitles Improve User Watch Time:

Research has shown that 80% of people are more likely to watch a video that has added closed captions. Videos that are not having subtitles are only being watched 66% way through, compared to 91% completion with closed captions.

3. User Experience (Viewers can watch videos in muted mode)

Sometimes people watch videos in public, office, or late at night. Moreover, some social media platforms play videos without sound. If your videos have subtitles, viewers still understand the message within your videos without having to turn on the sound.

4. Overcome Language Hurdles:

Users with language hurdles and trouble understanding the spoken word or accent need subtitles in order to understand what the video is talking about. In addition, it’s difficult for some users to comprehend an audio stream without subtitles help. Hence subtitles in different languages will also break cultural hurdles and let videos engage a wider audience.

5. Subtitle is Good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization and Google Ranking)

If your video contents have subtitles, they will be ranked on Google easily as compared to videos without subtitles. SEO crawls text but they can’t crawl video, but Google indexes captions that are added to the video. The more SEO keywords you include in your videos, the higher it will rank in search Engines.

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How to Add Closed Captions And Subtitles to a Video

Now you know that adding subtitles can increase your potential audience, encourage sharing, improve comprehension, and many other benefits of adding subtitles to your videos. Follow the step-by-step guide below to add subtitles to your videos.

No matter what type of video you want to add subtitles to, Rev can do it and give 100% accurate results. How does it work? Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Upload Your Vidoe

You can easily send your videos to Rev in the following ways:

  • Upload the videos from your computer
  • Link your YouTube channel, Vimeo, or other video online platforms
  • Automate uploads with your CMS or LMS
  • share a public URL

Rev will handle files with specialized, industry, specific vocabulary, diverse accents, multiple speakers or slangs, and idioms. You can also share speakers’ names and scripts for your videos so they can capture them accurately.

Step 2: Rev Professionals Go to Work

This platform has a large number of captioners in the USA who are English native speakers and caption videos 24/7. There are 60,000+ captioners working on this platform and try to give subtitles to your videos accurately and efficiently.

Once the work of captains is completed on videos, the files are sent to the team of reviewers to make sure a proper quality standard on the added subtitles. They maintain 99% accuracy standards.

Step 3: Receive Your Files

You will receive your videos < 30 minutes with added captions in under 24 hours. Before you receive your files, they review, edit and elucidate captions alongside audio with their interactive tools then share you can share and export in your preferred format.

How to Add Captions & Subtitles to Videos on Different Video Players & Tools

By using Rev you can easily add captions or subtitles to your videos directly on many online platforms, Social Media Platforms, and video editing software.

Famous Online Vidoe Platforms:

  • YouTube: Integrate your YouTube channel with Rev and add subtitles to the video you want
  • Vimeo: Integrate your Vimeo account with Rev and access to Viemo and select the video you want to add subtitles
  • Wistia: Rev has a feature to integrate your Wistia account and select the video from your account that you want to add subtitles

Social Media Platforms:

Rev also can integrate with social medial platforms like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and LinkedIn directly and add subtitles to your desired videos.

If you have other questions about adding subtitles or closed captions to your videos, please let us know in the comment section below.

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