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Top 10 Websites That Hire Writers

The internet or online jobs are trending these days. There are so many people earning a large amount of cold cash through the internet. If you are looking for websites that hire writers and pay, there are plenty of them. So, whether you are a student willing to earn some extra cash or someone looking for a part-time job, the following list of top 10 websites that hire writers may help you earn your living out of content writing.

Besides if you are a student worried about your assignments or essays, you might also be interested in Online Writing Services for students.

websites that hire writers

Genuine Websites that Hire Writers and Pay Amazing Cash

Being able to work online can sometimes be very rewarding. you can choose to work in your own comfort zone with clients and people that interest you. Thus, check out the following websites that hire writers.

1. Contena

Contena is one of the most effective ways to start making money out of your writing. To start, you need to create an account, obviously. However, it does not end there. Once you sign up, you need to wait for sometimes as they need to review all new members and reserve a seat for you.

Moreover, Content offers amazing features that may blow away your mind. With their paid membership, you get access to their amazing contena academy course. In this course, as a beginner, you will learn techniques that may help you land amazing opportunities and make more money.

Furthermore, Some of the main Content’s features include:

  • Job search tool
  • Content Academy
  • Email alerts
  • Pay rate database for 1600+ companies
  • submission finder

Visit: Contena

2. Upwork

Finding best and reliable freelance writing jobs is hard. There are a plethora of freelancing sites out there that either does not pay well or ditch you. Therefore, most of the freelance writers are afraid of risking their time.

However, if you are one of them, you do not need to worry anymore. Because Upwork offers not only offer trustworthy work to writers but also graphics and logo designers, engineers, marketers and more. Besides, Upwork is trusted by most innovative brands such as Microsoft, Airbnb, and Dropbox.

So, sign up and fill your portfolio. Then, start picking topics you are most interested in. Initially, it may be hard to get work but once you land your first project, give your best. Then, ask your client to give positive feedback to attract more clients.

Visit: Upwork

3. Fiverr

If you are just getting started with freelancing, Fiverr is your best option. This freelancing website is trusted by the world’s most popular brands such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Paypal. Getting started is easy. Sign up and fill your portfolio. Then, step up your gig. Remember, you keep 80% of your earning while 20% goes to Fiverr’s pocket.

Visit: Fiverr

4. Problogger

Darren Rowse is professionally a blogger, consultant, speaker and founder of various blogs including Problogger. Problogger is an amazing place to learn about blogging tips and make money writing online. Besides, Problogger is one of the most active and effective places out there where you can apply for any of the writing jobs you are interested in.

Furthermore, Problogger is most active sites because:

  • over 1000s of bloggers are subscribed to their RSS feed which instantly notifies them when advertisements are placed.
  • There are 100,000s blog readers reading the top 5 recent and featured jobs on the front page.
  • Due to the quality and quantity of their job listings, various other job sites syndicate Problogger’s listings to their job-seeking an audience.

Visit: Problogger

5. Skyword

Reaching out your customers has never been easier. But instead, the bar has gotten a little higher by now. Therefore, Skyword believes in “Storytelling is the future”. Subsequently, they offer their best services to get you there faster. It is a premium content marketing platform with an account management team that helps you in developing your content process and high standards for freelancing. What makes Skyword different is their way of recruiting only writer and content creators who are already influencers within their industries.

Visit: Skyword

6. People Per Hour

People Per Hour is another amazing website for people looking for a freelance writing job. It started in 2007 from scratch with a pen, pad and a telephone. There may have been a lot of changes but their motive of connecting clients globally remains the same.

Thus, if you are bored with your 9 to 5 job, People Per Hour may help you earn in the comfort of your home. Signing up is easy. Once you sign up and confirm your email address, you will have to fill your portfolio to attract more customers. Moreover, it is featured on BBC, Business Insider, CNBC, Forbes, and more.

Visit: People Per Hour

7. Freelancer

Freelancer is one the most well known and trusted freelancing sites out there. Besides, Freelancer is not just for writers but also for the developers, graphics designers, SEO experts and more. To start with Freelancer, typically you need to sign up and make your portfolio. Then, you can look for projects. Once you find your cup of tea, you can bid for the project. Usually, the freelancer who bids is the lowest and promises to complete the project as soon as possible, gets the project.

Visit: Freelancer

8. Freelance Writing

This site is only dedicated to writing stuff. Due to great opportunities for the writer and huge writing assignments, it was very popular amongst writers. It is very easy to get started with this particular website. On the home page, you will find two option; one that you are a writer and looking for a job. Second that you want to hire people to write for you. Indeed, you will choose the first one. Then, you will see some job options. So browse until you have found the one that fits your status. Then, Fill their job form and submit. Next, cross your fingers to get the project.

Visit: Freelance Writing

9. FreeUp

Free Up is an incredible freelancing site used by 15,000 global businesses. So, if you are a freelance writer and looking for better writing jobs to earn some cash, you should have a look over Free Up. To start with Free Up, visit their website and click on the “Apply as Freelancer”. Then, you will have to enter your details such as name, last name, email address, and more. Once you have completed with your form, click on Submit.

Now that you have submitted your answers, Free Up team takes over. They review your answer and if you were eligible they might call you for an interview.

Visit: FreeUp

10. Outsourcely

This is the last of the Websites that Hire Writers. Like any other website, this too is an amazing platform with distinguished features. They charge you 19$ per month for setting up your account. however, they do not take any commission out of your income. For instance, if you have earned 100$, you will get all the money in your account. Nothing goes into Outsourcely pocket.

Visit: Outsourcely

Conclusion: websites that hire writers

So, that is it for the best websites that hire writers and pay. Let us know in the comment section below if there are any other sites you would suggest. Or else let us know which one helped you earn some extra cash.

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Mayo May 10, 2019 at 11:35 am

I have been using Fiverr and having a good income from it.

BISMO May 10, 2019 at 11:50 am

Thanks for the recommendation.

Fortney May 10, 2019 at 11:43 am

I am a new blogger, I don’t have a good income on my blog. Which website do you recommend for me as a beginner and new writer?

BISMO May 10, 2019 at 11:48 am

If you have just started writing online Fiverr will be the best option for you.

Zayn May 23, 2019 at 2:50 pm

I think freelancer and Fivver is the best place for earning enough money.


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