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Composition Writing

Definition: The process of putting words and sentences together in paragraph patterns to write about any specific topic is called composition writing.
Simply, composition writing is the shorter version of Essay writing.

Composition Writing 

Composition Writing
Composition Writing

These simple steps will guide you through the composition writing process:
1. Decide on your topic.
2. Prepare an outline or diagram of your ideas.
3. Start writing your thesis statement.
4. Write the introduction.
5. Write the body.

  • Write the main points.
  • Write the sub-points.
  • Elaborate on the sub-points.

6. Write the conclusion.
7. Add the finishing touches.


Sketch out your composition before straightway writing it out. Use one-line sentences to describe paragraphs, and bullet points to describe what each paragraph will contain. Play with the composition’s order. Make sure each paragraph is unified.


A beginning that sets the mood and provides necessary background, at the same time attracting our attention and making us want to read on.


Interesting characters that come to life and different from each other are mentioned. A good plot in which something happens i.e. comic, tragic and exciting events are in the development of the composition. It should have climax, up to which other events have been leading.


It should be logical, natural and short. It should have a satisfactory ending, usually soon after the climax, which makes the reader feel that there is nothing more remained or to be said.

Important points to be remembered:
1. Every new idea should be marked in a new paragraph.
2. Don’t repeatedly mention any of your ideas.
3. Avoid using many short sentences.
4. Use past tenses.
5. The usage of correct spelling, punctuation and accurate vocabulary with proper tenses can make you appear a good writer.

Note: Writing interestingly is a self-developing skill.

Sample Composition:

The Value of Self Confidence

My friends often ask me, “Joe, why are you so carefree all the time?” The answer is quite simple. I owe my carefree attitude to self-confidence. Now, some people may say that self-confidence is a form of conceit, and they may be right. However, my self-confidence allows me to feel relaxed no matter how difficult a task I face, so it is extremely valuable to me.

I remember the first time I participated in an English competition. Three years ago, my classmates chose me to speak in an English competition at our school. When I went onstage, I had butterflies in my stomach. Suddenly, my mother’s words came back to me: “If you want to do something, it costs nothing but self-confidence”. Since I was chosen to be there, it meant I must have the ability to succeed. “Get a hold of yourself”, I said silently. “You have prepared for this competition for the past three months. You are the best”. Strangely, my nervousness vanished after I spoke to myself with such confidence. I began to speak onstage – the feeling was wonderful. The whole audience applauded afterwards. I was successful!

Without my self-confidence, I could not have succeeded. My courage and optimism are based on this self-confidence. Various difficulties will certainly come into our lives from time to time in the future. If we face those difficulties, if we come to terms with them, we are bound to succeed. Knowing that we are capable of handling any difficulty will build our confidence and lead to success.

So, my friends be confident! Even if you’re not the best, it doesn’t matter. Don’t you always do your best to achieve your aims? Of course you do. That’s enough to give you confidence, and confidence will make you happier.


This Sample composition is taken from learn English with teacher Joe!

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