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New American StreamlineReading

Departures Glossary Part A Units 1-40

New American Streamline combines natural language, everyday situations, and extensive practice of all four skills to give students a practical command of simple, spoken English.
Each of the three levels (Departures, Connections, and Destinations) can be used as independently or as a series. Nowadays these books are being used almost in every country to learn English as a second language.
New American Streamline Departures Glossary Part A (Units 1-40) is provided for you to be useful, all difficult words of each units are explained with illustration and nature for students who learn this book to learn ESL.

About the author (1994)
Tim Falla graduated from Oxford University with a BA Honours degree in Modern Languages. He took a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in English for Speakers of Other Languages at London University and taught in Japan, the UK, Spain, and Saudi Arabia. From 1988 until 1992 he was an editor in the ELT Division of Oxford University Press. Since then he has worked as a freelance author. Peter Viney has been a full-time author and teacher trainer since 1980. He has conducted teacher-training workshops all over the world and is an experienced writer of ELT materials for lower-level learners.

New American Streamline Departures Glossary Part A (Units 1-40)
New American Streamline Departures Glossary Part A (Units 1-40)

New American Streamline Departures Glossary Part A (Units 1-40)

Unit 1 (Hello)
Hello. Used as a greeting when you meet sb
Hi. Used as a greeting

Unit 2 (Excuse me!)
Vacation (n) holiday, weekend. In this day universities schools are closed.
Next week we are going on vacation.
Business (n) he activity of making, buying, selling or supplies.
We must not have business with strangers.
Coffee (n) a hot drink made from coffee powder and boiling water.
Let’s have a cup of coffee with me.
Cream (n) the thick pale yellowish-white liquid that rises to the top of milk.
I would love to have cream in breakfast.
Sugar (n) sweet that it can be eaten bye tea or coffee.
Coffee without sugar tastes unusual.
Excuse me! Used to politely get sb’s attention, pardon me.
After destroying the map Javed replied, excuse me please!

Unit 3 (What is it?)
Spoon (n) a tool with it we can eat food.
I need a spoon please to eat rice.
Knife (n) cutter. A sharp blade with a handle, used for cutting
We need knife to cut vegetables.
Plate (n) dish. A flat, usually round, dish that you put food on.
Does everybody have plates to have dinner with?
Fork (n) branch. It can be used for eating food with.
Do you usually eat spaghetti with fork?
Glass (n) a tool which it is used for drinking water, juice, etc.
Can you give me a glass of water pleas?
Cup (n) a small bowl used for drinking tea, coffee, etc.
Let’s have a cup of coffee with me.
Key (n) a tool with which we unlock door, starting a car, etc
I have the keys to unlock the car.
Watch (n) clock. A tool which it shows the time.
I bought a new watch yesterday.
Purse (n) a small bag made of leather, plastic,
Her purse was very stylish.
Umbrella (n) an object which protects you from rain and sun.
He was walking with umbrella under the heavy rain.
Iron (n) a kind of tool which makes clothes smooth
I told Meena to keep the iron away from children when it’s hot.
Egg (n) a small OVAL (shaped like an egg)
Keep the eggs in a safe place.
Apple (n) a round fruit with shiny red or green skin and firm white flesh
An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Orange (n) a round fruit with thick reddish-yellow skin.
Ali was eating orange in school.
Lemon (n) a yellow fruit with a lot of sour juice.
I bought lemon for home today.
Taxi (n) a car with a driver that you pay to take you somewhere.
Can stop the taxi pleas?
Car (n) vehicle, motor automobile with an engine and four wheels.
Shall we go on foot or by a car?
Bus (n) a large road vehicle that carries passengers
The school bus comes every day at 7O’clock.
Truck (n) an open vehicle for carrying goods or animals
The truck is used to carry goods.
Train (n) a railway/railroad engine pulling a number of carriages.
We went to Islamabad by train.
Door (n) that is used as a way to get in or out.
Please open the door for the guests.
Chair (n) a piece of furniture for one person to sit on.
The cheap chair was in the shop.
Table (n) a piece of furniture that consists of a flat top supported by legs.
Please bring the tables inside the room.
Window (n) an opening in the a building that allows light and air to come in and out;
Ali was looking out of the window.
Shelf (n) cupboard, it can be used for putting things.
We put our things in the shelf.
Clock (n) watch. A tool that shows the time
The clock on the wall looks good.
Airplane (n) a flying vehicle with wings and one or more engines.
The airplane was flying in the air.
Towel (n) a piece of fabric or paper used for drying things, especially your body.
After taking bath we need towel to dry ourselves.

Unit 4 (What is your name?)
Room (n) a part of a building that has its own walls, floor and ceiling
I was sitting in the room with my friend.
Suitcase (n) a case with flat sides and a handle, used for carrying clothes
Ali was carrying the suitcase yesterday.
Number (n) figure, digit .a symbol that shows an amount
They scored ten numbers in the game.
Hotel (n) a building where people stay, usually for a short time,
I saw Ali in the hotel with Marjan
Manager (n) a person who is in charge of running a business, a shop/store.
The manager looked angrily at me.
Cashier (n) a person whose job is to receive and pay out money in a bank, shop, etc.
Did you meet the cashier in the bank?
Waiter (n) a person whose job is to serve customers in a restaurant, etc
The waiter brought the meet food.
Secretary (n) a person who works in an office, assistant.
My friend is working as secretary in Pakistan Army.
Cook (n) a person who cooks food or whose job is cooking
Ali’s Father is a cook.
Cook (v) to prepare food by heating it, by boiling, baking or frying it
Ali cooked food for us today.
Pilot (n) a person who operates the controls of an aircraft, especially as a job
The pilot was asking for the flight plan.
Police officer (n) a person who is in a position of authority in the armed forces:
Salim was police officer in Quetta.
Flight attendant (n) a person whose job is to serve and take care of passengers on an aircraft
The flight attendant served the passengers in plane.
Mechanic (n) a person whose job is repairing machines, engines of motor vehicles
The mechanic was very clever.

Unit 5 (I’m cold!)
Cold (adj.) freeze, chilly. Lower temperature than the human body:
The cold weather can make us sit at home.
Hot (adj.) heated boiling; having a high temperature; producing heat
The hot cup of tea burnt me.
Small (adj.) little, not large in size, number, degree, amount, etc
The small house sold yesterday.
Big (adj.) great, huge, massive, enormous, large in size, degree.
My big body looked ugly in the mirror.
Ugly (adj.] Unattractive unpleasant (comfortable) to look at
My big body looked ugly in the mirror.
Beautiful (adj.) pretty, cute, nice, attractive having beauty.
The beautiful flowers look fresh in the garden.
Old (adj.) aged elder, ancient having lived for a long time.
An old man is twice a child.
Young (adj.) fresh new, having lived or existed for only a short time;
The young boy saved my life.
New (adj.) fresh, modern recent, recently made.
I sold three new books today.
Cheap (adj.) inexpensive, reduce, reasonable costing little money.
I bought a cheap pen for gift.
Expensive (adj.) costly, high price costing a lot of money
People mostly buy expensive cars.
Tall (adj.) big, high, having a greater than average height
A tall man was standing beside the road.
Short (adj.) small in height, brief.
The short story in our book was interesting.
Long (adj.) extended, a great length or distance,
I would like to keep long hair.
Thick (adj.) bulky, big, large not normal.
Let me have a look at the thick dictionary.
Full (adj.) filled, complete, loaded.
Don’t full my cup with water pleas?
Empty (adj.) bare, clear, vacant, with no people or things inside
The empty class was clean.
Strong (adj.) power, having a lot of physical power
The strong man pulled the car back.
Weak (adj.) feeble, frail, not physically strong
The weak student must work hard to pass the test.
Late (adj.) delayed last, near the end of a period of time
The late comers are not allowed to sit in class
Terrible (adj.) awful, very unpleasant; making you feel very unhappy
I have a terrible pain in back.
Angry (adj.) sadness, having strong feelings about sth that you dislike very much
The angry man killed the cow.
Tired (adj.) boring, exhaust, feeling that you would like to sleep or rest.
I feel tired when I look at computer.
Hungry (adj.) starving, feeling that you want to eat sth;
The hungry boy was in search of food.
Thirsty (adj.) needing or wanting to drink;
The thirsty man was drinking water.
Sad (adj.) unhappy or showing unhappiness
The sad boy was crying.
Warm (adj.) hot, at a fairly high temperature
The warm weather made me tired.
Plane (n) aeroplane aircraft, airplane.
The plane was flying in the air slowly.
Vase (n) a container made of glass, etc., used for holding cut flowers.
He took the flower which was in vase.
Camera (n) a kind of tool for taking photographs or moving pictures.
Ali’s camera was working perfectly.
Woman/women (n) lady, madam, an adult female human being
The women were working in the office.
Dress (n) woman’s cloth, frock.
Sidiqa bought a pretty dress.
Book (n) volume, magazine journal.
Book gives us a lot of information.

Unit 6 (There is a nice apartment)
Apartment (n) building, house a set of rooms rented for living in.
The apartment has a floor plan too.
Living room (n) a room in a house where people sit together, watch television, etc.
We must see the living room of this house.
Kitchen (n) a room in which meals are cooked or prepared
The kitchen of our house is clean.
Bedroom (n) a room for sleeping in.
Ali’s apartment has four bedrooms.
Bathroom (n) a room in where take bath .
We always have to keep clean the bathroom.
Balcony (n) a platform that is built on the upstairs outside wall of a building.
The balcony was in a good place.
Dining room (n) a room used mainly for eating meals in.
The dining room of their house was small.
Dining area (n) a place used mainly for eating meals in.
Did you call Ali to come in the dining area?
Stove (n) Heater, it is used for heating rooms, and cooking food on it
Ali has turned the stove on.
Refrigerator (n) freezer, a tool in which food is kept cold so that it stays fresh
Please keep the fruits in the refrigerator.
Realtor (n) agent, a person whose job is to sell houses and land for people
Did you discuss with realtor about the house.
Space (n) atmosphere an area or of a place that is empty.
The space between chairs is fine.
Dishwasher (n) a machine for washing plates, cups, etc.
The dishwasher of the new home was big enough.
Cabinet (n) shelf, a piece of furniture with doors that is used for storing.
The cabinet was full of pens and pencils.
Sink (n) a large open container in a kitchen that you use for washing dishes in
Please wash the dishes in the sink.
Sofa (n) seat, chair, a long comfortable seat with a back and arms,
The sofa set of the office is very nice.
VCR (n) video. Machine which is used to play film or movies.
The VCR looked new at Ali’s home.
Rug (n) carpet. A piece of thick material that is used for covering a floor.
There is a good rug in their home.
Coffee table (n) a small low table for putting magazines, cups, The coffee table was very heavy.
Compact disc (n) CD
The CD looked very dirty.
Magazine (n) a weekly or monthly small book, containing articles, photographs,
I read the interesting things in magazine.
Videocassette (n) video film that can be put into a camera.
I saw your videocassettes in our home.
Bottle (n) a glass or plastic container, used especially for storing liquids
Please bring a bottle of water.
Under (prep.) in, to or through a position that is below sth.
The notebook was under the desk.

Unit 7 (Requests)
Cola (n) a sweet brown, FIZZY drink that does not contain alcohol.
We had many bottles of cola in shop.
Diet (n) the food that you eat for medical reasons.
I am on diet due to sickness.
Soda (n) a sweet FIZZY drink made with soda water,
Let’s go with me to have soda.
Lime (n) a small green fruit, like a lemon.
I brought lots of lime for you.
Tea (n) a hot drink made by pouring boiling water onto tea leaves.
Please pour a cup of tea for me.
Pepper (n) flavor, spice. A kind of vegetable that used to give a hot flavor to food.
Children cannot eat pepper.
Ketchup (n) a thick cold sauce made from tomatoes.
Put some ketchup on your chips.
Mustard (n) a thick cold yellow or brown sauce.
The mustard in food tastes good.
Phone book (n) a note book in which you can write the people’s name & phone Numbers.
My phone book was lost.
Last name (n) your family name; (surname).
Ali’s last name is Karimi.
Bread (n) a type of food made from flour.
Should I bring you some bread?
Milk (n) the white liquid produced by cows, goats and some other animals &humans.
Let me help you in carrying the milk.
Salad dressing (n) a thin sauce used to add flavor to salads,
I liked the salad dressing you had last night.
Straw (n) stem of wheat or other grain plants that have been cut and dried.
I need some straws to give to guests.
Sweetener (n) a substance used to make food or drink taste sweeter.
Did you bring the sweeteners for me?
Regular (adj.) of a standard size
I like a regular glass of juice.

Unit 8 (Uniforms)
Uniform (n) the special cloth which it is worn by students and workers.
The man with uniform made me look surprised.
Skirt (n) a piece of clothing for a woman or girl that hangs from the waist
She was looking at the precious skirt in shopping center.
Blouse (n) a piece of clothing like a shirt, worn by women.
She bought the blouse from shop.
Jacket (n) a piece of clothing worn on the top half of the body over a shirt,
Your jacket was very stylish.
Shorts (n) short trousers/pants that end above or at the knee.
The shorts of the players were green.
T- Shirt (n) an informal shirt with short sleeves and no buttons.
We both have the same T-Shirt.
Cap (n) hat a type of soft flat hat with a PEAK.
Ali took my cap from my home.
Hat (n) a covering made to fit the head,
The brown hat was very stylish.
Pants (n) trousers, piece of clothing that covers the body.
These pants are very expensive.
Boot (n) shoes a strong shoe that covers the foot.
My uncle bought me pair of boots for Eid.
Shirt (n) a piece of clothing worn on the upper part of the body,
The shirt was small in size.
Top (n) the highest part or point of sth.
I took the man to the top floor with me.
Cape (n) a loose outer piece of clothing that has no sleeves fastens at the neck. He bought a cape for himself.
Tights (n) the cloth which it is very close to your body.
She bought a pair of tights yesterday.
Apron (n) a piece of cloth worn over the front of the body, from the chest. She always uses apron while cooking.
Mask (n) a covering for part or all of the face,
He was wearing mask.
Lifeguard (n) a person whose job is to rescue people from danger.
The lifeguards saved the man in the sea.
Firefighter (n) a person whose job is to put out fires.
The firefighters put out fire from the building.
Soccer player (n) football player; a person who plays football.
The soccer player was injured.
Baseball (n) a game played especially in the US by two teams of nine players.
My uncle is a baseball player.
Town (adj.) a small city, a place with many houses, where people live.
The town was full of people.
Blue (adj.) having the color of a clear sky or the sea/ocean on a clear day
I like to have a blue shirt.
Pink (adj.) pale (light in color) red in color; Red + White = Pink.
The pink color is very good looking.
Brown (adj.) having the color of earth, or coffee mixed with milk.
I had a brown hat.
Stylish (adj.) fashionable; elegant and attractive
There is a very stylish restaurant in town.

Unit 9 (Whose is it?)
Boss (n) chief, in charge, manager, director, and head.
I told my boss to give me some money.
Backpack (n) a large bag, carried on the back and used for climbing or walking.
I found the back pack of the climber.
Sunglasses (n) a pair of glasses with dark glass, it is used for sunlight.
My brother uses sunglasses to save his eyes from sun.
Jeans (n) trousers/pants made of strong cotton,
The jeans looked loose to him.
Cowboy (n) a man who rides a horse and whose job is to take care of cattle.
The cowboy was a bit worried about his life.
Sneaker (n) a shoe that you wear for sports or as a piece of informal clothing.
The sneakers looked fit to you.
Husband (n) spouse, partner, and the man that a woman is married to
Her husband was an old man.
Wife (n) spouse, partner, the woman that a man is married to
His wife works in our office.

Unit 10 (There’s some oil in the bottle)
Oil (n) grease, lotion smooth thick liquid that is used for cooking.
The oil was very expensive.
Rice (n) short narrow white or brown grain grown on wet land in hot countries as food.
Ali had rice in his lunch today.
Honey (n) a sweet sticky yellow substance made by bees.
I like to buy some honey for my brother.
Onion (n) a round vegetable with many layers inside each other.
We need some onion to prepare rice.
Tomato (n) a soft fruit with a lot of juice and shiny red skin that is eaten as a vegetable
Mushroom (n) with a round flat head and short stem.
We have never had mushrooms in our meals.
Butter (n) animal’s oil, a soft yellow food made from cream or milk, Butter makes us strong if we use it daily in the morning.
Cheese (n) a type of food made from milk white or yellow in color.
Villagers mostly use cheese in breakfast.
Ice cream (n) a type of sweet frozen food made from milk.
Let’s go to have some ice cream.
Meat (n) the flesh of an animal or a bird eaten as food.
The butcher sells meat.
Hamburger (n) finely chopped beef made into a flat round shape that is then fried, a fast food.
We had some hamburgers last night.
Pea (n) a small round green seed, eaten as a vegetable.
I saw Ali buying peas for home.
Pitcher (n) a large clay container with a small opening and one or two handles,
Let’s have some water from the pitcher.
Box (n) a container made of wood, cardboard, metal, etc.
Ali opened the box without your permission.
Bowl (n) a deep round dish is used especially for holding food or liquid.
We saw the man selling bowl in bazaar.
Jar (n) a round glass container, with a lid, used for storing food.
The jar was full of water when we came.
Freezer (n) Refrigerator, fridge,
Please keep the fruits in freezer.

Unit 11 (An American restaurant)
Menu (n) a list of the food that is available at a restaurant.
May I see the menu what do we have tonight to eat.
Soup (n) a liquid food made by boiling meat, vegetables,
The soup we had was very tasty.
Steak (n) a thick slice of good quality beef
Last weekend we had steak at hotel with friends.
Vegetable (n) a plant or that is eaten as food. Potatoes, beans and onions are Vegetables.
Vegetables are very good for health.
Potato (n) a round white vegetable that grows underground.
He likes boiled potato.
Salad (n) a mixture of raw vegetables,
Salad is good for health.
Vinegar (n) a liquid with a bitter, used to add flavor to food
We mostly use vinegar in food to make it delicious.
Appetizer (n) the food that is served before the main course of a meal.
The waiter brought the appetizer very soon.
Entrée (n) the main dish of the meal or a dish served before the main course
We ordered the entrée at the beginning.
Sirloin (n) meat, good quality beef that is cut from a cow’s back.
We had sirloin steak with our parents.
Beef (n) meat that comes from a cow.
We need nothing but beef for eating.
Chicken (n) meat from a chicken.
Don’t let the chicken get any disease.
Filet (n) a piece of meat or fish that has no bones in it.
We love Filet steak.
Sole (n) a flat sea fish that is used for food.
Did you say sole is better than filet?
Ham (n) the top part of a pig’s leg and is eaten as food.
Islam does not allow us to eat ham.
Omelet (BE also Omelet) (n) a hot dish of eggs mixed together and fried,
I will have omelet, how about you Ali?
Carrot (n) a long pointed orange root vegetable.
People say eating carrot is good for eyes.
Green bean (n) a kind of vegetable that is cooked and eaten as food.
In the market we didn’t find any green bean.
Broccoli (n) a vegetable with a thick green stem is eaten as food.
I like broccoli in all the foods.
Side dish (n) a small amount of food, for example a salad.
You must order some side dishes for guests too.
French fry (n) a long thin piece of potato fried in oil or fat:
Have you ever had French fries?
Spinach (n) a vegetable with large dark green leaves.
I love having spinach in my dinner.
Dessert (n) sweet food eaten at the end of a meal.
Some dessert is always good after meal.
Pie (n) fruit baked in a dish with pastry on the bottom, sides and top.
I like to have some pie.
Beverage (n) any type of drink except water
There were no beverages in the party.
Rare (adj.) cooked medium, middle, for only a short time.
In the party we had rare steak.
Medium (adj.) in the middle between two.
Do you want to have rare, medium of fully fried?
Well-done (adj.) cooked very well.
I asked the cook is it well-done?
Fried (v) to cook sth in hot fat or oil.
I had fried chicken in my dinner last night.
Stuffed (adj.) eating too much.
The guy is stuffed of eating too much.
Roast (adj.) To cook food, especially meat, without liquid.
Do we need any roast here?
Chocolate (n) a hard brown sweet food made from cacao beans.
He wants to bring chocolate for us.
Strawberry (n) a soft red fruit with very small yellow seeds.
The strawberry tastes good.
Vanilla (n) a thing used to give flavor to sweet foods, for example ice cream.
I would like to have some vanilla.
Cents(s) (n) 100 cents equal to 1 dollar.
His father gave him five cents.

Unit 12 (Computer Game)
Touch (v) feel, fondle, handle, to put your hands or fingers onto sb/sth
He touched the blackboard.
Stop (v) to quit, to prevent, no longer move.
Please stop the car.
Jump (v) to move quickly off the ground.
Don’t jump too high Ali?
Open (v) unlock, unfasten, to move a door, window, lid, etc.
I opened the door slowly.
Get (v) to receive sth.
Please get the markers and come back.
Press (v) to push sth closely and firmly against sth.
Please press the button to open the door.
Save (v) to keep sb/sth safe from death, harm, loss, etc.
Don’t you want to save his life?
Give (v) to hand sth to sb so that they can look at it,
He gave me your camera.
Listen (v) to pay attention to sb/sth that you can hear.
Please listen carefully.
Close (v) to shut, to lock, to cover.
Close the door pleas.
Walk (v) to move or go somewhere by foot.
You must walk on the road carefully.
Help (v) to assist, to corporate, to make it easier or possible for sb.
He helped my mother a lot today.
Find (v) to discover sb/sth unexpectedly or by chance.
He will find the keys.
Turn off (v) to stop the flow of electricity, gas, water, etc.
Please turn off the light.
Turn on (v) to start the flow of electricity, gas, water, etc.
Now turn on the light slowly please.
Come back (v) to return.
I told him not to come back again.
Again (adv.) one more time; on another occasion.
You should not do it again.
Twice (adv.) two times; on two occasions.
He rang the bell twice.
Fast (adv.) quick; in a short time; without delay.
You should not run fast.
Level (n) position, grade, stage, status, a particular standard or quality.
He studies in a very high level.
Bomb (n) a weapon designed to explode at a particular time,
Bombs are dangerous.
Ladder (n) a piece of equipment for climbing up and down a wall,
The ladder can help us go up.
Soldier (n) fighter, a person who fights.
I saw the soldiers.
Princess (n) lady, a female member of a royal family
The princess was standing outside.
Magician (n) a person who can do magic tricks.
The magician made us surprised.
Robot (n) a machine that can do some tasks that a human can do.
Japan has made many robots.
Vacuum cleaner (n) a machine can cleans floors, carpets,
In need the vacuum cleaner to clean the room.
Newspaper (n) a set of large printed sheets of paper containing news, articles,
I read the newspaper daily.

Unit 13 (Who’s Happy?)
Child (plural Children) (n) a young human being who is not yet an adult.
The child was carrying a lot of flowers.
Swimming pool (n) an area of water that has been created for people to swim in.
We need the swimming pool for swimming.
Cassette player (n) a machine for reproducing sound or pictures.
I bought a cassette player for you.
Engine (n) machine, the part of a vehicle that produces power.
Please start the engine first.
Steering wheel (n) controller, the wheel that the driver control car, and train.
He was holding the steering wheel of the car.
Wheel (n) one of the circular objects under a car, bicycle, bus,
The wheel of the car was very dirty.
Rock (n) a type of loud modern music.
I like rock music.
Backyard (n) an area with a hard surface behind a house.
I saw you walking in the backyard.
Limo (n) a large expensive comfortable car.
I bought a limo last year in June.
Fax machine (n) a machine that sends and receives documents.
Have you ever seen fax machine?
Kid (n) a child or young person
A kid does not know everything.
Famous (adj.) well known, known about by many people.
I don’t meet famous people here.
Uncomfortable (adj.) not comfortable; unpleasant.
I was sitting in an uncomfortable car.
Comfortable (adj.) making you feel physically relaxed; pleasant
I had a comfortable seat in the class.

Unit 14 (My dad can do everything!)
Can (v) able to do sth,
I can swim faster than Ali.
Speak (v) to talk, to say, to use your voice to say sth:
He speaks very slowly.
Swim (v) to move through water in a horizontal position.
I like swimming in the pool.
Ski (v) to move over snow on skis, especially as a sport.
They ski on the snow.
Play (v) to do things for pleasure, enjoy yourself, rather than work.
He loves playing hockey.
Cook (v) to prepare food by heating it
They cooked rice today.
Paint (v) to cover a surface or object with paint; to make a picture or design using paints
He painted the class with color.
Wonderful (adj.) very good, pleasant or enjoyable.
He has a wonderful car.
Handsome (adj) nice, cute, beautiful, attractive,
You look very handsome today.
Smart (adj.) looking clean and neat; well dressed, stylish.
Mr. Jones is a very smart person.
Athlete (n) sportsman person who is good at sports and physical exercise.
The athlete won gold medal in Olympic.
Language (n) a tool for communication.
English is an international language.
Tennis (n) a game in which two or four players play.
Do you like to play tennis?
Piano (n) a large musical instrument.
He plays the piano well.

Unit 15 (Choices)
Cookie (n) Biscuit, a small flat sweet cake for one person,
Please bring me some cookies.
Mineral water (n) water which comes from under earth or mountains.
Please bring a bottle of mineral water.
Sandwich (n) a kinds of food. Two slices of bread with meat, cheese, etc
His father had brought sandwich for him.
Candy (n) sweet food made of sugar and/or chocolate,
Who wants to take candy?
Food (n) nourishment, Things that people or animals eat.
The food was very tasty.
Frozen (adj.) very cold kept at a very low temperature.
The cold drink was frozen.
Try on = to put on, the cloth to see if it fits and how it looks.
You should try it on once if it fits you.
Sweater (n) a piece of cloth, it is for the upper part of the body.
Take your sweater, it is cold outside.
Raincoat (n) a long light coat that keeps you dry in the rain.
It is raining outside, take your raincoat.
Yogurt (n) a thick white liquid food, it makes from milk.
If you are hungry please take some yogurt.
Flavor (n) taste, how food or drink tastes
I like flavor of yogurt.
Cone (n) solid or hollow object with a round flat
He made a paper cone to put popcorn in it.
Milkshake (n) a drink made of milk, and sometimes ice cream,
Last night we had banana milkshake.

Unit 16 (What do they have?)
Fan (n) air-conditioned,
Our home has not fan.
Actress (n) a woman who performs on the stage, on television or in films/
He is fan of an Indian actress.
Superstar (n) a very famous performer,
In a few years the actress became a superstar.
Tennis court (n) a place where games such as tennis are played
John plays tennis in tennis court.
Married (adj.) having a husband or wife
She is married to Ali.
Cabin (n) shelves, cupboard, a small house or shelter,
Ali is in the cabin, he is talking on the phone.
Wood (n) the hard material of a tree.
The chairs are made of wood.
Nurse (n) a person whose job is to take care of sick or injured people.
She is nurse in hospital.
Factory (n) a place or building where we make things.
He works in a car factory.
Passport (n) an official document.
He has a Pakistani passport.
Calculator (n) a small electronic device for calculating with numbers.
The shopkeeper has a small calculator.

Unit 17 (At customs)
Customs (n) the government department that collects taxes on goods.
He is a custom officer.
Officer (n) policeman, a person who is in a position of authority. In the armed forces.
The policeman told his officer about the problem.
Perfume (n) a liquid, which has pleasant smell made from flowers,
Which perfume do you use?
Ring (n) a piece of jeweler that you wear on your finger
Your ring is very beautiful.
Portable (adj.) that is easy to carry or to move
He has a portable dictionary.
Declare (v) to say sth officially or publicly
He declared that he will not take part in competition.

Unit 18 (Which one?)
Mug (n) a tall cup for drinking from.
He brought coffee in the mug.
Evening (n) sunset, sundown, night.
I’ll come and see you tomorrow evening.
Envelope (n) a flat paper container used for sending letters in
Put the letter in the envelope.
Notepad (n) a small notebook, sheets of paper used for writing notes on.
There is a notepad on the table you can write on it.
Bag (n) sack, a strong container made from cloth, plastic used to carry things.
He had put the book in a plastic bag.
Fresh (adj.) new; modern unmarked; not used.
The flower is very fresh.
Lovely (adj.) beautiful; attractive
There is a lovely car outside.
Plain (adj.) clean, simple; without marks or a pattern on it
Write on plain paper.
Lined (adj.) having lines printed or drawn across it.
If you write on lined paper your writing will be good.
Monitor (n) a television screen used to show information on computer screen.
Our computer’s monitor is very small.

Unit 19 (Travel)
Information (n) data, facts, news, report, message, knowledge.
Please give me some information about it.
Map (n) a drawing or plan of the earth’s surface or part of it, showing countries,
Do you have map of Pakistan in your room?
Timetable (n) schedule, agenda, and list, programmed
I want to see the timetable for language classes.
Ticket (n) pass, slip, card, chit,
I want to take a ticket for tomorrow please.
Luggage (n) bags, cases, suitcase, that contain sb’s clothes and things
Your luggage is very heavy, what do you have in it?
Guitar (n) a kind of music, musical instrument that has six strings
He plays guitar very well.
Departure (n) to move, to go, to leave, a plane, train, or car.
When it departure for London?
Flight (n) a journey made by air, especially in a plane.
We met on a flight from London to Paris.
Borrow (v) to take and use sth that belongs to sb else, and return it to them at a later time
May I borrow your pen please?
Carry (v) convey, transfer, bring, move, take with you; from one place to another.
Please carry my luggage.

Unit 20 (Out town)
Ocean (n) sea, the mass of salt water that covers most of the earth’s surface.
Their plane crossed the ocean.
Mountain (n) a very high hill, often with rocks near the top.
I enjoy climbing the mountain.
Area (n) part of a place, town, etc., or a region of a country or the world
She knows this area very well.
Sea level (n) the average height of the sea/ocean.
It is 50 meters above sea level.
Church (n) Christian’s mosque. A building where Christians go to worship.
They got married in the church.
Military-base (n) headquarter, a place where soldiers are trained.
Ali has gone to military-base for training.
Winter (n) the coldest season of the year
It is very cold in the winter.
Population (n) all the people who live in city or country.
Population of our country is increasing.
Half (n) fifty percent, two equal
Second half of the book is very interesting.
Center (n) middle, heart, and a building or place used for a particular purpose or activity.
I study English in a language center.
Silver (n) a chemical element. A white precious metal used for making coins or jeweler.
Give me the silver ring please.
Airport (n) a place where planes land and take off.
We are going to Airport to take our relative.
Weather (n) climate. Atmosphere.
We cannot go outside because of bad weather.
Summer (n) the warmest season of the year,
Last summer, we went for vacation.
River (n) stream, a natural flow of water
He is swimming in the river.
Fortress (n) castle fort, a building protected against attack.
There is a fortress in the city.
Tourism (n) traveler, tripper, an activity which provide services who are visiting a place for pleasure.
In the modern age, tourism is the most important business.
University (n) an institution at the highest level of education
All Hazara youth generation must go to university.
College (n) a place where students go to study after they have left school.
Ali has finished his college last year.
State (n) a political organization ,government
The Afghanistan’s state announced a new policy.
Capital (n) the center of a government.
Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan
Seafood (n) fish and sea creatures that can be eaten, especially shellfish.
Do you like seafood?
Jazz music (n) a type of music with strong rhythms.
We all like jazz music.
Modern (adj.) New age: the present time or recent times.
We all are living in the modern age.
Build (v) to make something new especially a building.
We want to build a new house.
Important (adj.) significant having a great value.
Javeed has an important idea about politics.
Wide (adj.) broad. A measuring a lot from one side to the other
This road is wide enough for two cars.
Excellent (adj.) fantastic, extremely good. 1: You had an excellent idea about meeting yesterday
This is excellent.

Unit 21 (What are they doing?)
Work (v) task, job to do something.
I work hard every day.
Read (v) to study to scan.
You must read book very day.
Drink (v) to swallow. Suck.
She is drinking water.
Sleep (v) to rest, to nap with your eyes closed.
Please do not sleep in the class.
Dance (v) to move your body to the sound and rhythm of music
She dances very well.
Sing (v) to make musical sounds with your voice in the form of a song or tune.
He is singing very well.
Eat (v) to put food in your mouth, chew it and swallow it.
Please do not eat anything in the class.
Write (v) to make letters or numbers on a surface, especially using a pen.
Do not write anything on your book.
Draw (v) to paint to make picture.
Can you draw a picture for me?
Type (v) to write something on the paper.
Please type this letter.
Run (v) to move. To walk.
He was running towards school.
Stand up (v) to be on your feet.
You should stand up when your teacher comes in the class.
Sit down (v) to take a seat. To perch.
Please sit down on your chairs.
Picnic (n) to go out for enjoyment, especially in the countryside.
On Sunday, we will go for a picnic.
Busy (adj.) to active .not free. Engage.
He is very busy now days.

Unit 22 (Can you help me?)
Understand (v) to know. To realize the meaning of words.
Do you understand the meaning of that word?
Watch (v) to look, see, at some one, something for a time.
Do not watch TV too much, it is bad for your eyes.
Talk (v) to say; to speak in order to give information.
Be quite please, do not talk a lot.
Wash (v) to make sth/sb clean using water and usually soap.
Please wash the dishes before I come.
Ask (v) to quiz. To require, question, in order to get information.
Can I ask a question from you sir?
Homework (n) home activity, work that is given by teachers for students to do at home.
All the students must do their homework till tomorrow.
Word (n) Expression, sentence, a single unit of language.
What is the meaning of that word sir?
Western (adj.) connected with the west part of the world, especially Europe and N America.
I do not like the western music.
Question (n) a sentence, phrase or word that asks for information.
Who can answer this question?
Difficult (adj.) not easy, hardship, hard to understand or to do.
The question paper was very difficult.
Later (adv.) afterwards, at a time in the future;
I will come to class later.
Lonely (adj.) alone, unhappy, because you have no friends or people to talk to.
I was sitting lonely in the room when my friend called.
Unhappy (adj.) not happy; sad.
You were unhappy yesterday, what were the problems?
Someone (pron.) a person who is not known or mentioned by name.
I know someone was in the room.
Something (pron.) a thing that is not known or mentioned by name.
There is something in the box.

Unit 23 (Shopping)
Show (v) to indicate. To prove to make sth clear.
Can you show me how to use the mobile set?
Spend (v) to pay, to expend. To give money for goods, services, etc.
Do not spend much money in the useless way.
Look for = to hope for sth; to expect sth.
We were looking for your success in the match.
Study (v) to read. The activity of learning or gaining knowledge
Ahmad is studying the book which you gave him.
Teach (v) to train, to give lessons to students in a school, college, university, etc.
Our teacher teaches us very well.
Make (v) to build. To create something new.
Everyone makes a sentence for this word.
Model (n) a particular design or type of product. Image, copy
This is the model of that dress.
Textbook (v) schools and colleges a book.
I think your school’s textbooks are very difficult.
Title (n) Name. The name of a book, poem, painting, etc.
The title of our book is SILENCE.
Dictionary (n) Thesaurus a book that gives a list of the words with its meaning.
Find meaning of the word in dictionary.
Personal stereo (n) a small tape. A small cassette player with headphone.
He has a good personal stereo.
Too (adv.) very, many, much,
The tea is too hot, do not drink that please.

Unit 24 (The fashion show)
Fashion (n) a popular style of clothes, hair, etc. at a particular time or place.
There is a fashion show in the city hall.
Show (n) indicate, ambition, things are brought together for people to look at.
There is a TV show on channel 2 tonight.
Lady (n) word used to mean ‘woman’
The lady is working very hard.
Gentleman (n) noble man a man, who is polite and well educated,
Ali Raza is a gentleman.
Silk (n) a fine smooth fabric made from silk.
Her clothes are made of silk.
Wool (n) the soft fine hair that covers the body of animals.
From wool man can make carpet.
Leather (n) material made by removing the hair or fur from animal skins.
Your shoes are made of leather.
Chain (n) a series of connected metal rings.
Why he is wearing chain?
Cotton (n) the fabric made from the cotton plant.
My shirt made of cotton.
Tie (n) a long narrow piece of fabric worn around the neck.
Your tie looks very nice with this shirt.
Model (n) a person whose job is to wear and show new styles of clothes.
She is a model.
Earring (n) a piece of jeweler that you fasten in or on your ear.
Her Earring is very nice.
Necklace (n) a piece of jeweler consisting of a chain, string etc. worn around the neck.
Can I see that necklace please?
Belt (n) a long narrow piece of leather, fabric, etc. that you wear around the waist.
I like leather Belt very much, what about you?
Tan (n) a yellowish-brown color
Dark (n) shady, shadow, lack of light in a place.
I am afraid of dark place.
Striped (n) marked with a pattern of stripes.
He does not like striped clothes.
Purple (adj.) having the colour of blue and red mixed together.
My girl friend likes purple color very much.
Denim (n) a strong cotton fabric that is usually blue and is used for making clothes.
Trousers/pants are made of denim.

Unit 25 (Going to the movies)
Wait for (v) to stay for sb/sth comes or sth happens.
Who are you waiting for?
Go in (v) to enter a room, house, etc
Please go in and see him.
Lie (v) recline, leaning, sleep, to be on horizontal position.
The baby lies down on the bed.
Shout (v) to cry, scream, to say sth in a loud voice, speaking loudly/angrily to sb.
Students! Don’t shout please.
Movie (n) film a series of moving and recorded pictures.
There is a good movie in the HBO channel.
Theater (n) dramas, play, show.
Would you like to go to the theater to night?
Step (n) pass, footstep, pace, a surface that you put your foot .on in order to walk.
Please put your step back.
Mustache (n) a line of hair that a man allows to grow on his upper lip.
The man had mustache and beard.
Scene (n) act, part, division, a part of a film/movie, play or book.
One scene of the film was very nice.
Track (n) Road, way, Path, Route, footpath, rails that a train moves along.
The rail track was broken.
Bend (n) twist, lean, a curve or turn, especially in a road or river.
Please bend your head to right side.

Unit 26 (What’s on TV tonight?)
Program (n) schedule, timetable, plan, agenda, list.
Is there any good program on TV to night?
Channel (n) a television station.
I always Geo News channel.
Ballet (n) a style of dancing that tells a dramatic story with music.
I like the ballet.
Team (n) group, company, set band, of people who play a particular game.
Our football team is very good.
Portable (adj.) light, compact, handy, that is easy to carry or to move.
I am going to buy a portable computer.
Election (n) to select and choosing sb as president or representative for a political position.
The election of Afghanistan was with full fraud.
Report (n) inform of a written or spoken account of an event.
There is a good report on TV.
Fun (n) enjoyment, pleasure; a thing that gives enjoyment or pleasure.
We had a lot of fun last week.
Police squad (n) a section of a police force. It is for especial crime.
My friend was in police squad last week.
Concert (n) a public performance of music.
Would you like to come with us to concert?
News (n) north, east, west, south, is called news. New information.
No news is good news.
After (prep.) later than sth.
Where will you go after class?
Special (adj.) particular, specific, private, not ordinary or usual.
There is a special program on TV.
Lots of (determiner) large number or amount of sb/sth.
I have lots of friends in the school.
Royal (adj.) kingly, connected with the king or queen of a country.
She belongs to a rich family.
Begin (v) to start doing sth; to do the first part of sth.
I begin with the name of Allah.
Lose (v) to have sth/sb taken away from you by accident, old age, death, etc.
Don’t lose your book please.
Animated (adj.) full of interest, a short film.
That was an animated film.
Favorite (adj.) liked more than others of the same kind.
Next week I will go to my favorite.
Important (adj.) valuable, significant, having a great effect on people or things.
He has done a very important work.

Unit 27 (In prison)

Leave (v) to abundant, to go away from a person or a place.
You may leave the class if you are sick.
Rent (v) to hire, to pay money for the house which you live.
I will pay the rent tomorrow.
Meet (v) to come together formally in order to discuss sth.
I have meeting with headmaster today.
Kid (n) a child or young person.
He is a lovely kid.
Rob (v) to steal money or property from a person or place.
They rob the bank.
Little (adj.) not big; small; smaller than others.
I have little money in my packet today.
Lucky (adj.) fortunate, happily, successful, having good luck.
You are very lucky.
Crazy (adj.) mad, foolish, not sensible; stupid.
He is crazy, don’t talk to him.
Yeah (adv.) yes, used in writing to show the way ‘yes’
Yeah, he will come here.
Girlfriend (n) a girl or a woman that sb having as friend.
She is his girlfriend.
Lobster (n) a sea creature with a hard shell, sued as food.
They like lobster.
Caviar (n) the eggs of some types of fish as food.
Caviar is good for our health.
Mother-in-law (n) the mother of your husband or wife.
I afraid my mother in law, she is very dangerous.
Diner (n) meal, the food of night, a small, usually cheap, restaurant.
Let’s eat diner, and then we will do our job.
Dishwasher (n) a person whose job is to wash plates, etc.
Please bring the dishwasher.
Dish (n) a tool which use for cooking food in it.
She bought a new dish yesterday.
Weak (adj.) feeble, not strong or intelligent.
I am very weak in English.
Prison (n) a building where criminal are kept in it.
They took him to the prison.

Unit 28 (A weeding)
Hold (v) to have sb/sth in your hand, arms, etc.
Please hold your book in your hands.
Smile (v) to laugh, to make a smile appear on your face.
When he got first position, he smiled.
Drive (v) to control a vehicle, to guide the car in a particular direction.
He drives very quickly; it is very dangerous for him.
Cut (v) to divide sth into two or more pieces with a knife, etc
What are you cutting with this knife?
Change (v) to put on different or clean clothes.
Why did you change your clothes?
Fly (v) to travel in an aircraft or a spacecraft.
I think you are going to fly this night?
Wedding (n) a marriage ceremony.
We will enjoy your wedding party.
Bride (n) a woman on her wedding day.
The bride is very beautiful.
Groom (n) a man on his wedding day.
The groom looks very happy today.
City hall (n) marriage hall, a building where people getting marry ceremony.
The program will be in city hall.
Gown (n) sleeping dress or night dress. A woman’s dress, for special occasions.
She was wearing a gown.
Bouquet (n) a bunch of flowers arranged in an attractive way.
He sent a bouquet for her yesterday.
Tuxedo (n) a trousers/pants, worn at formal occasions.
In the meeting, we should wear tuxedo.
Carnation (n) a white, pink or red flower.
She likes the carnation flowers very much.
Relative (n) a person who is in the same family.
Ali is our relative.
Reception (n) the type of welcome that is given to sb/sth.
The reception was not good to all.
Speech (n) a formal talk that a person gives to an audience.
He is going to deliver speech today.
Parent (n) a person’s father or mother.
My parents are very kind.
Honeymoon (n) a holiday/vacation taken by a couple who have just got married.
Do you know where they will go for honeymoon?
A few (determiner) a small number of people, things or places.
I have a few friends in this class.
Later on = at a time in the future.
First all, I will finish my job later on I will come to home.

Unit 29 (Computer dating)
Band (n) group, gang. Company, friends.
There is a bad band in the city.
Classical (adj.) written in a Western musical tradition.
I like classical music
Form (n) an official document containing questions and spaces for answers.
Before you fill the form, please read it carefully.
Occupation (n) job, profession, bossiness.
What is your occupation?
Marital status (n) the fact of whether you are single, married, etc.
What is your marital status?
Single (n) people who are not married.
He is 30 years old and he is still single.
Widowed (adj) if sb is widowed, their husband or wife has died.
She is a widowed woman.
Sadness (n) the feeling of being sad.
There was sadness all around the country.
Farmer (n) a person who owns or manages a farm.
My father is a farmer.
Hobby (n) activity that you do for pleasure.
What is your hobby?
Golf (n) a game played over a large area of ground.
He likes to play golf.
Cheese (n) a type of food made from milk.
I like cheese in breakfast.
Signature (n) your name or a small sign at the end of a letter or document.
He has a beautiful signature.
Homemaker (n) a person, or a woman, who works at home.
My mother is homemaker.
Folk (n) music in the traditional style of a country or community.
I like folk music.
Astrology (n) the study of the positions of the stars and planets.
He studies astrology in university.
New age (adj.) modern, new. Recent days or age, era.
In the new age, woman progressed more than the past.
Like (v) to prefer; to want, love.
What you like for launch.
Fill out (v) to complete a form, etc. by writing information on it:
Did you fill out the form?
Male (n) a male person, animal or plant.
The male teachers must take these classes.
Fish (n) a creature that lives in water.
We had fish last night.
Dislike (v) not like sb/sth .
She dislikes the school.
Foreign (adj.) out side, abroad, from a country that is not your own.
These days people go to foreign countries.
Personal (adj.) private, not public, your own.
That laptop is personal don’t touch it.
General (adj.) publicly, for all people.
Askari Park is a general park in Quetta.
Vegetarian (n) a person who does not eat meat or fish.
My father is a vegetarian, he eats just vegetables.

Unit 30 (A scene from a movie)
Marry (v) to become the husband or wife
When you will marry my friend?
Want (v) to have a desire or a wish for sth.
I want to buy a pen.
Need (v) to require demand want.
We need educated people in the society.
Love (v) to like, to have very strong feelings of affection for sb.
I love my mom too much.
Love (n) a strong feeling of deep affection for sb/sth.
Love is the best reason to live.
Another (pron.) one more; an extra thing or person.
I want another book please.
Engaged (adj.) having agreed to marry sb.
I think, you are engaged.
Why not?

Unit 31 (Asking for assistance)
Assistance (n) helper or supporter.
She is my assistance.
Quarter (n) one of four equal parts of sth.
It is quarter past two.
Coin (n) a small flat piece of metal used as money.
Please give me the coin.
Penny (-ies) (n) a small British coin and unit of money.
He does not have a penny, how he will buy that car?
Nickel (n) a coin of the US and Canada worth 5 cents.
I found a nickel from street.
Dime (n) a coin of the US and Canada worth ten cents.
I will give you one dime.
Bill (n) money, note.
Do you have a bill of Rs. 100?

Problem (n) issue, difficulty.
What is your problem sir?
Heel (n) the raised part on the bottom of a shoe, boot.
The shoe has very high heel.
Sole (n) the bottom part of a shoe.
This shoe has a very nice sole.
Noon (n) 12 o’clock in the middle of the day.
Bye, I will see you tomorrow noon.
Parking lot (n) an area where people can leave their cars.
I could not find parking lot to park my car.
Traffic light} (n) a signal that controls the traffic on a road.
When we passed, the traffic light was green.
Post office (n) a place where you can send letters or parcel.
When you called me, I was in the post office.
Bus stop (n) a place where buses stop for getting the passengers.
Is there a bus stop near the school?
Taxi stand (n) a place where taxis are waiting for passengers.
There is a taxi stand near my home.
Telephone booth (n) a public telephone.
Where is the public telephone booth?
Supermarket (n) a large shop, store that sells food and goods.
I bought this it from supermarket.
Repair (v) to mend sth that is broken, damaged or torn.
I am going to bazaar to repair my watch.
Turn (v) to change, course, round to move or make sth move around.
Turn your face; I want to talk to you.
Far (adj.) a long distance away.
Your home is too far from here.

Unit 32 (An interview)
Interview (n) a formal meeting at which sb is asked questions.
He went Islamabad for interview.
Reporter (n) journalist, correspondent, writer.
The reporter reported wrong information.
Viewer (n) Observer, a person watching television.
Tolo TV has many viewers.
Day (n) a period of 24 hours.
I always go to center during the day.
Breakfast (n) the first meal of the day.
What would you like for breakfast?
Answer (n) Respond, to react to a question or situation.
Who will answer the question?
Lunch (n) a meal eaten in the middle of the day.
What you want for launch?
Dinner (n) the main meal of the evening or night.
What will you cook for dinner?
Bath (n) washing your whole, shower.
Let me take bath then we will go.
Wake up (v) to stop sleeping; to make sb stop sleeping.
Wake up it is so late.
Get up (v) to get out of bed.
Get up once and then sit down.
Dictate (v) to say words aloud for sb else to write down.
I dictated the letter to her.
Rest (v) to relax, sleep or do nothing.
He wants to rest this semester.
Dressed (v) wearing clothes and not naked.
She dressed and went out of the room.
Real (adj.) actually truth,
The story is real.
Ordinary (adj.) usual, normal, simple, medium.
I have an ordinary car.
Alone (adj.) without any other people.
Are you alone at home?
Certainly (adv.) without doubt, definitely.
Certainly, I can speak English.

Unit 33 (Every day)
Truck driver (n) a person who drives a lorry.
His father is a truck driver.
Hamburger (n) meat, an especially food with chopped bread and beef in it.
We eat hamburger at work very day,
Architect (n) engineer, a person whose job is designing buildings, etc.
He is an architect.
Juice (n) the water of fruit. The liquid that comes from fruit or vegetables.
I like apple juice.
Coffee shop (n) a small restaurant, hotel where coffee, tea, other drinks are served.
We had cold drink in a coffee shop at airport.
Midnight (n) 12 o’clock at night.
The incident happened at midnight.
Cereal (n) the grains that can be eaten or are used to make flour or bread.
The flour and bread are made from cereal.
Cafeteria (n) a restaurant where people can eat food there.
There is a small cafeteria in our college.
Toast (n) toast slices of bread that have been made brown.
I like toast for breakfast.
Kiss (v) to touch sb with your lips as a greeting or as a sign of love.
Mom kissed me and cried loudly.

Unit 34 (What’s my job?)
Host (n) a person who invites guests to a meal, or party, etc.
The host welcomed all the guests.
Scientist (n) scholar, a person who studied more about nature and sciences.
Abu Ali Sina was a great scientist of Afghanistan.
Contestant (n) competitor, a person who takes part in a contest.
He is the best contestant.
Salary (n) money that employees receive for doing their job.
How much salary do they give?
Diploma (n) certificate, completed certification.
He has a diploma in English Language.
Weekend (n) holiday, vocation, Saturday and Sunday.
Where will you go on the next weekend?
Dentist (n) a person whose job is to take care of people’s teeth.
I have got an appointment with a dentist.
Electrician (n) a person whose job is to connect, repair, etc. electrical equipment
I want to call an electrician to repair it.
Artist (n) a professional singer, a dancer or an actor.
Micle Jackson was a great Artist in the world.
Ballet (n) a style of dancing that tells a dramatic story with music.
He loved the ballet too much.
Bank manager (n) director, a person who is in charge of running a bank.
The bank manager was very kind.
Travel (v) tripe, journey, to go from one place to another,
He always travels with his family to Europe.

Unit 35(Karaoke)
Worker (n) employee, a person who works.
Ali Reza is a very good worker.
Karaoke (n) Music, a machine which produces songs.
He plays the karaoke well.
Song (n) a short piece of music with words that you sing.
I always listen to songs.
Shower (n) the act of washing yourself with a shower.
I am going to take a shower then we will go.
Opera (n) a dramatic work in which all or most of the words are sung to music.
We will go to opera tonight.
Singer (n) a person who sings, or whose job is singing.
His sister is a singer.
Sales (n) the part of a company that deals with selling its products.
There is a great sale in the supermarket.
Division (n) part, unit or section of an organization.
Which division of the company is good?
Spaghetti (n) pasta in the shape of long thin sticks.
Do you like spaghetti for launch?
Tooth (n) any of the hard white objects in the mouth used for biting and chewing food.
Chew the food with your teeth.
Brush (v) to clean, polish or make smooth with a brush.
Before go to bed we must brush our teeth.

Unit 36(A questionnaire)
Questionnaire (n) a written list of questions that are answered by the answers.
If we want to take visa, we must fill the questionnaire.
Market research (n) the work of collecting information about what people buy and why.
Mr. Ahmad is a good Market researcher.
Horror movies (n) a movie about strange and frightening things.
I am afraid of horror movies.
Spare time (n) free time.
What do you do in your spare time?
Night club (n) dance club a place where people can go to dance and drink.
There is no night club in the Islamic countries.
Pretty (adj.) beautiful. Cute, nice fair.
She is very pretty.
Before (prep.) Earlier than sb/sth.
He came here before you went.

Unit 37 (What do they do every day?)
Airline (n) a company that takes passengers and goods to different places.
I came by PIA Airline from Karachi to Quetta.
Violinist (n) a person who plays the violin.
Beethoven was a great violinist in the world.
Violin (n) a kinds of music with strings.
She plays the violin very well.
Symphony (n) a long complicated piece of music.
Beethoven’s Symphony is the best symphony in the world.
Orchestra (n) a large group of people who play various musical instruments together.
There is a very good orchestra in the city hall to night.
Guest (n) a the person that you have invited to your house.
We have guest tonight.
Right now = at this moment
Let’s go right now.

{Unit 38 (Well or Badly}
Slow (adj.) lazy, not moving, acting or done quickly. Not fast.
The car is very slow, please drive fast.
Careful (adj.) giving attention or thought to what you are doing.
Be careful, the car is coming
Careless (adj.) not giving enough attention and thought to what you are doing.
He does not do it, because he is very careless.
Busy (adj.) having a lot to do or working on sth.
Hey! You look very busy.
Lazy (adj.) unwilling to work or be active.
Don’t be lazy, do your homework.
Noisy (adj.) making a lot of noise.
There is a very noisy street in bazaar.
Irregular (adj.) not proper not arranged in an even way.
Don’t give admission to him, he is irregular student.
Regular (adj.) frequent, normal common, usual proper.
He is regular student he will get position.
Fast (adv.) quickly, rapid, speedy.
He drives very fast.
Hard (adj.) solid, firm difficult to bend or break.
This is very hard, I can’t break it.
Accident (n) incident an unpleasant event.
He had an accident with car.
Employee (n) a person who is paid to work for sb.
The Company needs some employee.
Swimmer (n) a person who can swim.
She is not a good swimmer.
Learner (n) reader, a person who is finding out about a subject.
A good listener is a good learner.
Walker (n) a person who walks, usually for pleasure or exercise.
We will give prize the best walker.

Unit 39 (Leisure Time)
Leisure (n) time that is spent for enjoyment.
What do you do at your leisure?
Rock (n) a type of loud modern music.
I like rock music.
Concert (n) a public performance of music.
I enjoyed his concert a lot.
Live (v) to be alive, to have your home in a particular place.
Where does he live?
Maybe (adv.) possible perhaps, not certain that sth will happen.
Maybe, he is a good actor.

Unit 40 (Lost in Niagara Falls)
Falls (n) a place where a stream or river falls from a high place.
The Niagara Falls is the most famous falls in the world.
Boat (n) a small ship that travels on water.
We crossed the river by boat.
Trip (n) a journey, travel, to go to a place and back again,
How was the trip?
Tower (n) a tall narrow building especially of a church or castle.
There is a tower in the city.
Plaza (n) a small shopping centre, market.
They have a good plaza in bazaar.
Parkway (n) a wide road with trees and grass along the sides or middle.
There was an accident in the parkway.
Entrance (n) a door, gate, passage to a building or place.
Please give your mobile at the entrance.
Bridge (n) a structure that is built over a road, railway/railroad, and river.
I saw you on the Bridge yesterday.
Side (n) border, a position or an area to the left or right of sth.
One side of the river is full of tree.
Behind (prep.) at or towards the back of sb/sth.
I will hide behind the tree.
Across (prep.) from one side to the other side of sth.
We passed across the river by boat.
Straight ahead (n) direction in a straight line.
Please go straight ahead.
Correct (adj.) right, true okay, accurate or true, without any mistakes.
Your answer must be correct.
Go around (v) to spin or turn, round.
The Earth goes around the sun.
Repeat (n) again and again, to say or write sth again or more than once.
Please repeat your question again.

The End

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