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Top 10 English Courses in the USA

Studying English is significant for foreigners living in the United States of America. You can communicate with the people in the USA in two languages: English language or body language. If you don’t know English and living there, then life will be difficult for you. Moreover, English is an international language, wherever you go you can communicate easily with the people if you know English. Hence learning ESL is compulsory for you in order to increase the standard of living. Be sure to check out the top 10 English Courses in the USA.

Top 10 English Courses in the USA
Top 10 English Courses in the USA

Top 10 English Courses in the USA

  1. English Max Course

English Max Course is one of the best courses in the USA. They will give a placement test on your first day to determine your class level then they will arrange your class. They will teach all levels, from lover classes to advanced. The age range is from 12 years old or older.

The classrooms are decorated in a good manner which has the capacity for an average of 18 and maximum of 25 students. English Max offers you great classes and exciting materials delivered by knowledgeable, caring teachers.

They have complete course topics including listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and much more. And eventually, a certificate of completion will be issued the end of the course.

  1. Austin International Academy (Aston)

The language school Austin international Academy is located in Austin. Near to the University of Texas.

Austin International Academy is another great place to learn ESL. They have qualified teachers with the university degree and holding a recognized language teaching qualification.

In addition, all courses of Austin international Academy (Aston) can be reserved online with LanaguageCourse.Net.

Generally, course material has to be purchased by the student. The cost of course material will be approximately 200 US$ per course. Eventually, after passing the course you will be issued a free certificate of course attendance.

Language level placement test at first day of classes and a language level placement test before arrival. And they teach you with many kind of facilities, classrooms are fully equipped, facilities for disabled students.

They have the age restriction, the minimum age of student should be 17 and the average is 22 years.

  1. The ELS Language Centers

Since 1961, ELS has helped more than 1.2 million international students from 143 countries around the world learn English quickly and effectively. You will learn ESL at ELS Language Centers in a very exciting and fun way.

ELS Language Centers has over 61 USA Locations. You can absorb different cultures, traditions, and customs while you study English with ELS language centers.

ELS schools are approved to offer the following programs: Intensive Programs, Semi-Intensive Program, Complete Prep Program for the TOEFL iBT®, the American Explorer Program, Business English Programs, CELTA, TEFL and Special Programs. This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

ESL Programs offered by the ELS Language Centers:

  • English for Academic Purposes Program Highlights
  • General English Program Highlights
  • Semi-Intensive English Program Highlights

For more information: ELS Language Centers

  1. English School in Berkeley, San Francisco

English school in Berkeley is located downtown and just 20 minutes from San Francisco. The school offers a range of English courses that will help you enhance your English level in the way you want.

They will prepare you for TOFEL, GMAT, OR GRE exams to help your future career, and students at Berkeley also gain access to the Kaplan University placement service, which can help you get into graduate and undergraduate university courses around the country using their academic network.

Students registering at English School in Berkeley must have a minimum of 16 and the average age is 24 years old.

English Courses offered:

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  1. Talk English Schools

Talk English school offers an extensive range of English courses and provide an exciting calendar of activities for students to explore their new cities and practice their English language skills.

They teach students from all over the world. They provide the most effective teaching methodology and technology, and by integrating academic, cultural and social activities, moreover they believe that they can help you master on four modules: Listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Talk courses provide you with:

  • The ideal amount of class and home study to ensure maximum progress
  • Interactive classroom technology to enhance your learning experience
  • Exciting and relevant subjects to keep you interested
  • Appropriate levels to ensure you are challenged in class
  • Personal attention and average class size of 10-15 students, providing a nurturing environment to support your progress
  • Extracurricular language assignments and activities
  • Classes start every Monday
  • Placement test on the first day to evaluate your English level
  • Flexible course length from 2 weeks to 52 weeks
  • 10 levels, beginner to fluency
  • Each level = 10 weeks
  • 1 lesson = 50 minutes
  • Certificate of Completion to document your success

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  1. Bridge English Language Center

Bridge English Language Center is another great place for learning ESL. Whether you are a student, business executive or tourist they offer a variety of English courses you need to learn ESL.

Every year they host thousands of students from around the world, delivering top-notch language instruction teacher training, and translation services.

The teachers are experienced at Bridge English Language Center, they pioneered the use of video-laser discs in the language classroom as a teacher support system.

Their mission is to transform lives and organizations by delivering excellence in language and education abroad and their purpose is to be the innovative leader in fostering effective communication and understanding across cultures worldwide.

They have accreditations affiliations with many organizations that will ensure you that they continue to provide you with English instruction of highest caliber.

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  1. Rennert

Mr. Rennert who was a faculty member at New York University found Rennet International in 1973. His mission was to create a high-quality language school that offered small classes with a focus on conversational teaching methods.

Rennert started with one classroom, one teacher, and one language. Almost four decades later, César Rennert’s small enterprise has grown into a hub of international education and communication in New York City and South Beach, Miami.

Whether you want to improve your English communication skills for professional purposes, to attend an American university, for traveling or to chat with international friends, Rennert has a program and the expertise you need.

Teachers come from around the world for their TESOL teacher training courses to gain a competitive advantage in their country.

English Language courses offered by Rennert:

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  1. FLS Boston Commons

The language school FLS Boston Commons was founded in Boston, USA in 1986. The Boston school is ideally located in the heart of downtown.

They provide material free to the students and will stay in student property. And of their courses are available online with LangaugeCourse.Net.

FLS Boston Commons offers individual lessons of tuition reserved at 50 US$. The individual lessons will encourage you to actively speak the foreign language and will offer you the opportunity to discuss individual problems and weaknesses.

FLS Boston Commons is a fully equipped school with good classrooms, library, computer lab, garden and much more, where the qualified teacher holding a university degree and with the language teaching qualification will teach you to learn ESL.

Minimum age of students: 15 year and 10 years for specific junior courses.

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English Courses:

  • General English
  • Vacation English
  • Intensive English
  • Academic English
  • TOEFL Preparation
  • Business English
  • GMAT Preparation Program
  1. English School in Chicago

Chicago is full of the best technology for learning and studying, plus the school offers a full range of programs.

General English courses, you can also choose the right English preparation course for you if you need to achieve a score on the TOFEL, GMAT, GRE or Cambridge exam.

Every year many students from different nationalities attend this school to learn English. In addition, Chicago students can also use Kaplan’s University Placement Service to help them gain entry to graduate and undergraduate university courses through the use of our extensive academic network.

Minimum Age 16 years old and an average age of students is 26 years old.

English Courses:

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  1. TLA-The Language Academy, Fort Lauderdale, USA

The language school TLA-The Language Academy was founded in Fort Lauderdale, USA in 1997. TLA in a prestigious building, within the Museum of Art Plaza, on famous Las Ollas Boulevard, in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Generally, course material is distributed free to students and will stay in student property. Minimum age of students should be 16 years and 14 years for specific junior courses.

English Courses offered by TLA-The Language Academy

  • General Intensive English (GE B)
  • English 1 (GE A1)
  • General English 2 (GE A2)
  • 20 group + 5 individual (GEC)
  • Executive English (EX)
  • TOEFL Preparation (TP)
  • Cambridge First Certificate – FCE
  • Exam Preparation – Cambridge BEC

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Remember learning ESL can be challenging for some people, indeed it all depends on your interest and passion. If you give time and struggle you can be a good speaker and writer in English. Wish you all the best and I pray for your further success. Moreover, please feel free to ask your questions and write your feedback in the comment field below.

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